A Lil Positivity: Morehouse Professor Holds Student’s Baby During Class Since He Couldn’t Get A Sitter

Atlanta Cityscapes And City Views
Atlanta Cityscapes And City Views

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Professor Praised For Holding A Student’s Baby While Teaching Class

Nathan Alexander, a visiting professor at Morehouse College, said he was just trying to help when he allowed a student to bring his infant daughter to his class on Friday, also volunteering to hold the child as he taught.

Pictures of the unconventional classroom dynamic have garnered a lot of positive attention on social media, with a lot of people praising Alexander’s efforts to assist the student, Wayne Hayer, when he came to class while unable to find childcare.

“I’m not an exception,” Alexander said in a telephone interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We have teachers who (assist students in similar ways) every day.”

Alexander said that he initially discussed the idea of the same student bringing his child to class a few weeks back, when Hayer said he couldn’t stay for office hours because he needed to go pick her up. Much to the surprise of the professor’s, his student took him up on his offer and Hayer arrived to algebra class with his adorable baby girl dressed in a pink outfit. 

In the beginning of the class, Alexander noticed that Hayer was distracted with watching his child, which is when he offered to hold her, saying, “Hey, I’ll take her so you can take some good notes.”

Alexander joined the Morehouse faculty in 2017 and said this was not his first experience allowing a student to bring a child to class. He recalled a student once bringing an 8 or 9-year-old to his class in the past. Nathan explained that these allowances are part of the mission of colleges such as Morehouse, the nation’s lone college for African-American men  — men finding ways to help other men.

The professor does not have any children himself, but said he believes it’s important to make such accommodations, when necessary, and knows many educators make similar decisions. “Teachers do this in their own way every day,” he said of those in his profession around the country. “This is what they do.”

Check out some reactions below from everyone who has been touched by this precious story.

Cowgirl Cardi Rocks The Rodeo For Record Breaking Crowd

Cardi B Performs for Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo
Cardi B Performs for Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo

Source: F. Carter Smith / Splash News

Cardi B Wows Texas Crowd At Houston Rodeo

Saturday you may have noticed that Cardi was wearing a very Western inspired costume to promote her new “Please Me” video featuring Bruno Mars.

Cardi’s costume was appropriate for her performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, where she broke an all-time paid attendance record by showing out in front of an audience of 75,580… Cardi broke records previously held by Garth Brooks and Selena. Pretty dope right?

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I was so sick yesterday ya don’t even know ! I had such a bad migraine I had to get a doctor backstage to give me two shots and ain’t rehearsed cause I been working all week and ain’t really know what I was getting myself into until I got in the venue .Im OD honored for all the love Houston gave me! I remember the first time I came to Houston I came out here to strip and people showed me maaaaaa love and Houston was the first place me and set when on a date


The love have really grown .I was maaaaa hype to see this picture before I got in my dressing room cause out of all her outfits there’s a picture hanging on the wall of the outfit I got my inspiration from for Please Me music video.It was like a lucky sign to me .

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Cardi gave props to the late great Selena from inside the arena, while also revealing how one of her outfits inspired the “Please Me” video. Pretty dope right?

Hit the flip for more photos and videos from Cardi’s performance.

La La Anthony Savagely Slaughters Scary Spice Mel B Who Maliciously Mocked Melo On ‘Drop The Mic’ [Video]

La La Anthony Vs. Mel B On ‘Drop The Mic’

Who knew that La La Anthony and Mel B had bars though? The actress and the America’s Got Talent judge battled it out to see who’s the dopest emcee on the latest episode of TNT’s ‘Drop The Mic’ as host Method Man played referee for the fire match-up.

La La shaded the hell out of Scary Spice’s style, while the singer went for the jugular, pointing out that the Power star’s husband, Carmelo Anthony, still doesn’t have a championship ring. The battle was all in fun, but who do you think won?

KKKan’t Be Serious: Virginia Principal Apologizes For Black History Month ‘Runaway’ Slave Game


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Virginia Elementary School Apologizes For Runaway Slave Game

Virginia just KKKan’t get right. After the commonwealth’s Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mike Herring were both involved in blackface scandals, a racist incident at an elementary school is garnering national attention.

School officials at Madison’s Trust Elementary School in Ashburn, Virginia, are apologizing after third, fourth and fifth graders at the school were asked during P.E. class to play a game where students pretended to be runaway slaves. During the exercise, students went through an obstacle course representing the Underground Railroad and at least one black child, in particular, was made to act like a runaway.

The Loudoun Times-Mirror broke the story and spoke with Loudoun NAACP Chapter President Michelle Thomas, who said she received complaints from parents about the Black History Month incident.

“Loudoun County has a history of miseducating kids, number one, and perpetrating racist things amongst our students. This is not the first one. This is the first one of many. This is the most egregious, and the timing is incredible,” said Thomas said.

She also noted that Attorney General Herring is a product of Loudoun County Public Schools.

“[Herring] graduated from Loudoun Valley, so of course he wouldn’t know what he was doing, going up, dressing as blackface, because blackface is never discussed in the curriculum. When we discuss Jim Crow, it doesn’t come up,” she said. “ … The insensitivity is astronomical. We are in a racism crisis in Virginia, and the school is where it starts.”

The school’s principal David Stewart sent a letter out following the incident and apologized. Stewart is promising that the content will be retaught in a “respectful manner.”

“The lesson was culturally insensitive to our students and families. I extend my sincerest apology to our students and school community,” Stewart said in the letter.

SIGHHHHHH, do these racist school incidents even surprise you anymore???

Art Imitates Life? Jussie Smollett Used Homophobic Attack Against Lee Daniels’ Cousin As Alleged Hate Hoax Inspiration Says ‘Empire’ Cast

Jussie Smollett’s ‘Empire’ Cast Mates Believe He Used Lee Daniels’ Cousin To Concoct Hate Crime

Jussie Smollett‘s castmates on Empire appear to have some theories about how he came up with his Razzie award worthy plot to stage a hate crime.

According to TMZ, people on the Empire set believe that Jussie used a hate crime attack on Lee Daniels’ cousin as source material for his alleged attack. Last month Lee posted the following video to his Instagram account explaining what happened:

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This past week my cousin was beat up for being gay and I am sick of hearing these stories. It’s the beginning of a new year and we need to do better. We need to continue to remember to love and to turn against the hate that we’re seeing out there. But we all need to fight that fight together. For all the people who are hurting, who are struggling, and who are trying to find some meaning in this life, I am here to say if you need a safe place or a ear to listen, then I’m here. I’m listening to what you’re saying and what you’re going through. I am standing up for you and will continue to fight for you. This is my mission and message to you for the beginning of 2019. If you are struggling check out the link in my bio and please go to @glaad @humanrightscampaign @trevorproject


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Production sources tell TMZ that soon after the video went up, Lee came to set and explained the situation in more detail to the horrified cast and crew. The theory is that some Empire employees believe that this is where the wheels in Jussie’s head started to turn. That maybe he could be come what is described as an “LGBT hero”.

This story is bad enough as it is. We really hope Jussie didn’t stage a hate crime based on a real hate crime.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was A Whole A$$ Disaster And Travis Scott And Maroon 5 Got Clowned All Night

NFL: FEB 03 Super Bowl LIII - Pepsi Halftime Show

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Atlanta Halftime show seemed to hit a flat note in the rowdy city of Atlanta.

As a Atlanta Native , I was a little skeptical about the combination of Adam Levine  & Big Boi. After months of speculation about who would and wouldn’t be performing we finally got a Super Bowl halftime show that looked like an absolute disaster. Big Boi only had two minutes. Travis Scott performed for half a second. Adam Levine looked like a whole fool. It was all trash. The perfect way to cap off a weak as hell Super Bowl. People were ready for it to suck and they got what they expected. The dragging was epic as hell.

Take a look.

Y’all didnt do Atlanta right, We a city of Head Bussa’s and Tyrants. You can’t send a dark haired white guy out here. This is the Black Mecca.

Demi Lovato (And Tomi Lahren) Mocked 21 ’s Deportation Twitter Gets “SAVAGE”

Demi Lovato marks 90 days sober, mom says
Demi Lovato marks 90 days sober, mom says

Source: Sun Sentinel / Getty

Demi Lovato Dragged To Hell

When news first broke that 21 Savage had been deported, the internet was full of jokes about the notion that he was supposedly “British.” Spoiler: those jokes were dumb as hell. Getting deported isn’t funny. Getting separated from three kids isn’t funny. ICE is horrible and they shouldn’t be aided by jokes. Wretched of the earth Tomi Lahren thought it was funny and had a tweet making fun of 21 Savage.

Then, late as hell in the festivities Demi Lovato hopped on Twitter to talk about how the memes were funny and baybeeeee she got dragged. It was so bad that she deleted her whole entire account. Again. Welp. Sorry not sorry.

Twitter came for both of their a$$es with a dragging of the century. Take a look…

Zone Defense: 33 People Arrested In Atlanta During Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking Sting 

Atlanta Police Department
Atlanta Police Department

Source: Ann Hermes / Getty Images

Dozens Arrested In Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Sting

The Superbowl is a whistle away and Atlanta is already Headlining the news with some Foul Play. Apparently a sex ring is gonna be missing out on that Holiday money . Thank fully the Panties were dropped on the Sex-trafficking Ring  , and four innocent victums were released.

Just in time for the madness that is Super Bowl weekend, federal law officials have arrested 33 people and rescued four victims who were involved in a sex trafficking operation in Atlanta. Police say that sex crimes occur at an all time high when sporting events of this magnitude occur in one concentrated area.

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced the arrest on Wednesday while addressing Super Bowl LIII safety measures:

“Various state, local and federal law enforcement agencies are conducting proactive human trafficking enforcement operations as we speak. [We’re] ensuring that criminals don’t use these events to exploit the most vulnerable among us… [we] have trained businesses and state and local entities to spot the signs of trafficking.”

Reports also say that officers and security members have been visible throughout downtown Atlanta where events have been held, and those efforts will continue until hours after the big game. Stay safe, yall.

Wakanda Forever! Black Panther Makes SAG Awards History With ‘Outstanding Performance By A Cast’ Win

Black Panther Cast SAG Awards
Black Panther Cast SAG Awards

Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images) / Getty

Black Panther Wins Outstanding Performance By A Cast At The 2019 SAG Awards

Black Panther made history at last night’s 2019 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.

The Marvel film became the first superhero movie to take home the night’s biggest honor; Outstanding Performance By A Cast In A Motion Picture’ beating out A Star Is Born, BlacKKKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Crazy Rich Asians.

T’Challa himself Chadwick Boseman accepted the award and gave a beautiful speech on the beauty of making the film with a mostly black cast.

“To be young, gifted & Black,” said Boseman.  We all know what it’s like to be told there’s not a screen for you to be featured on, there’s not a stage for you to be featured on,” Boseman said. “We know what it’s like to be the tail and not the head. We know what it’s like to be beneath and not above.”

“And that is what we went to work with every day because we knew, not that we would be around during awards season and that it would make a billion dollars, but we knew we had something special that we wanted to give the world.”

“We knew we could create a world that exemplified a world that we knew we wanted to see. We knew we had something that we wanted to give.”

The Wakandans also posed for a super dope video backstage.

The win is sparking buzz that Black Panther really might just take home the coveted Best Picture win at the Academy Awards.

Black Panther Cast SAG Awards
Black Panther Cast SAG Awards

Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images) / Getty

Do YOU think Black Panther will win an Oscar???

#RHOA: Eva DESTROYED Marlo And Twitter Joined In On The Dragging

Marlo and Eva Marcille

Source: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) / Getty

Eva Drags Marlo To Hell

Marlo and Eva have had a pretty rough season so far as they’ve taken turns getting called out and dragged for their perceived shadiness. It’s like they are out here getting hazed or something. That all came to a head this weekend as Eva decided to be the one to come at Marlo and drag the hell out of her for what she calls weeks of “jabs.”

First Marlo tried to go at Nene

“I know you ain’t talking, Eva! Your Birkenstock-wearing a$$”…

Eva came to Nene’s defense:

“She been doing this. I went from on the runway to off the runway every minute of 5’7″. Been doing it since 18, and I’m every minute of 33.”

But she wouldn’t stop:

“And you fit it in when? Never! January of never! The way your a$$ is set up, you could never model… You wanna work for plus size? Stop. I don’t know where you’re getting these plus-size fashions from.” Then later: “And you have what? You have nothing. You have what’s on your wrist and that ill-fitting wig you wearing. That’s about what we got, so sit it back.”

DAMNNNNN. Twitter got so excited they joined in and it got out of hand quick. Take a look at the fire

R. Kelly A Victim of Child Molestation, The Trauma That Marked The Beast

Amora Thursday Nights

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R. Kelly Allegedly Became Violent With Teen Girl For Looking At Men

R.Kelly is sure enough a monster, but after a interviewed surfaced on Youtube with his brother Carey Kelly detailing this traumatic molestation, we should start asking ourselves how we can help R. Kelley. Black society pretends that this type of abuse isn’t our “brand” of evil, but it happens more often than you think. 

What then happens to the children who suffer silently? They over sexualize people, suffer self-esteem issues, sexual identity issues and then some  become predators themselves. 

This is a sick Black Man, who doesn’t need be criticiszed, but needs a healing from his childhood wounds.

Amora Thursday Nights

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Soucre Bossip

Remember young girl Halle Calhoun? We reported on the singer’s dalliances with her back in 2016 when he brought the teenager with him to party at an Atlanta nightclub. Well friends of Halle say that Kelly grabbed her around the neck and threw her into a wall for allegedly looking at another man at his concert. This incident was said to be witnessed by both Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary.

Two other violent incidents are also said to have taken place after Halle allegedly looked at a group of men leaving a hotel. It’s reported that Kelly slapped Halle for this.

Folks near R. Kelly refute these allegations with the worst defense ever. Let his cronies tell it, Robert is non-violent and if he DID slap Halle then someone would have recorded it and sold the video. Like we said worst defense ever.

Halle is no longer with Kelly, she is home and dating rapper Rocko.