Bout Damn Time, Lady! Nancy Pelosi Announces Full Support Of Donald Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

Nancy Pelosi Supports Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Nancy Pelosi has finally decided to stop being a chicken s#!t Congresswoman and will support her colleagues’ desire to formally impeach 53% of white women’s President, Donald Trump.

According to NBCWashington, Pelosi is

A Bashful Nicole Murphy Confesses She Was Wrong For Fuqua French Kiss On Wendy Show, Tells Lela: “Darling, It Was A Mistake” [Video]

Nicole Murphy Talks To Wendy Williams About Antion Fuqua Scandal

51-year-old Nicole Murphy appeared on The Wendy Williams Show today to tell her story behind the smooch that ran Lela Rochon off the internet temporarily. As far as her having

Will & Jada Had To Stage An Intervention After Jaden Smith’s Vegan Diet Had Him ‘Wasting Away’

Will & Jada Were Worried Jaden Smith Was Wasting Away On His Vegan Diet

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith became really worried about their son Jaden’s diet when he tried going vegan at one point.

The couple

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