Pretty, Practical & Poppin’: These Famous Virgo Women Are Totally True To Their Sign 

Famous Virgo Women

Tis’ the season to celebrate the perfect earthly goddesses that are Virgo women. When it comes to the popular astrological sign, the men usually get a bad rep.

Virgo men don’t get slandered enough.

— Ari LaBeija

Black Girl Magic: Zendaya Hosts AT&T’s “Dream In Black” Brunch At Essence Fest

Zendaya Hosts AT&T’s “Dream In Black” Brunch At Essence Fest


During Zendaya’s first time attending Essence Festival, she hosted the “Dream In Black” brunch which brought together entertainers, influencers, and AT&T executives for a lively conversation about the “Dream

Bye Gibberish! Lindsay Lohan Fixed Her Rashy Lips To Slander Zendaya And Got Tossed Back Into Has-Been Hell

Bye, Rash.

Lindsay Lohan Shades Zendaya’s Met Gala Moment And Dragging Ensues

Zendaya took Cinderella to camp with her Met Gala look and caused a splash…until rejected Ariel actress Lindsay Lohan started hating. Lohan commented under a photo of Zendaya

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