“Beyond The Pole” Exclusive: Ling Ling Hits Rock Bottom [VIDEO]

“Beyond The Pole” Dancer Ling Ling Threatens To Quit Show After Dealing With Eviction

Life as a dancer shouldn’t be so rough! A brand new episode of “Beyond The Pole” airs on WeTV Thursday and we’ve got an exclusive clip

“Growing Up Hip-Hop: ATL” Exclusive: Brat Talks Bankruptcy And $6Milli Judgement Against Her [VIDEO]

Da Brat Talks Financial Issues With T-Boz

It’s Thursday and a brand new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop: ATL” airs tonight! We’ve got an exclusive clip for you NOW. Check it out below:

Here’s what else you can expect

Urologist Sues Lil Kim For Insurance Fraud & Claims She Skipped Out On $15K In Medical Bills (Exclusive)

Dr. Gregory Lovallo Demands $15K From Rapper & Claims She Was “Unjustly Enriched” By False Insurance Claim

A Northern New Jersey urologist has accused Lil Kim of cashing in on an insurance scam all the while failing to pay $15,000

Exclusive: Baby Mama Says 112’s Q Parker Owes $260K In Back Child Support; Wants Crooner Punished

Singer Accused Of Not Supporting Tween Son

This 90s crooner recently filed for bankruptcy, claiming that his home was in foreclosure and had just $1,000 in the bank.

But it looks like 112 singer Q Parker’s money troubles are no

When The Checks Stop Coming In Exclusive: State Of Maryland Says Ex-NBA Star Delonte West Owes Nearly $100K In Back Taxes

Former NBA Star In Hot Water Over Back Taxes Following 2016 Mental Health Crisis

Former pro baller Delonte West is once again back in the news – and it’s not for his on the court successes.

The former Cleveland Cavaliers

Witcha Broke A$$: R. Kelly’s Starving Bank Account Sittin’ On -$13 After $150,000 Seized For Debts

R. Kelly Is Broke As Hell

Robert Kelly is broker than a muthaf***a. At least as far as one of his bank accounts goes.

The Blast obtained some statements from Wintrust Bank showing that they notified Kelly’s landlord that his

Dog Lives Matter: Cop Canned After Being Caught On Camera Shooting Pooch [VIDEO]

A @CountyFaulkner sheriff’s deputy shot a dog in the face for fun. The sheriff’s office responded by saying the dog—a chihuahua—was “aggressive” and that the incident is being reviewed. https://t.co/VseXp0roMq

— Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) January 6, 2019

Cop Fired By

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