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MORE DRAMA: The Patriots’ New Star Antoino Brown Accused Of Raping His Former Trainer

Patriots New Star Antoino Brown Accused Of Raping Former Trainer

The news cycle of Antonio Brown calmed for all of three days–but things are picking up right where they left off. After receiving several fines, losing $30 million showing

Avengers Assemble: LeSean McCoy Spoils #Endgame For Thousands, Twitter Soul Stone Snaps His Simple A$$ Back To Vormir

LeSean McCoy Spoiled Avengers Endgame On Twitter

Literally millions of people have spent a good portion of the last week dodging the nefariously-shared spoilers to Avengers Endgame that have been proliferated online.

Those efforts to remain untainted by internet joy

Bigot King: New Burger King Mocks Asian Community With Obviously Offensive Chopsticks Ad

Burger King Ad With Chopsticks Sparks Anger In Asian Community

At this point, in 2019, we have to assume that any company who produces a racist ad or product is doing it on purpose specifically to cause outrage.

After ALL

Jesus Take The Wheel: Lyft Driver Accused Of Forcibly Removing College Student From His Car For Cursing

Lyft Driver Seen Physically Removing A Girl From His Car

A University of Albany student had an extremely unfortunate experience recently after her Lyft driver allegedly attempted to physically remove her from his vehicle after he overheard her curse on

Storm Brewing: Alexandra Shipp Blames ‘Black Twitter’ For ‘X-Men’ Pitting Kiki Layne Against Her


Alexandra Shipp Responds To Kiki Layne Wanting To Play Storm, Blames Black Twitter

Alexandra Shipp was recently BIG bothered—and it was all “Black Twitter’s fault—HMPH!

Actress Kiki Layne who’s seeing stellar acclaim for her breakout role in “If Beale

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