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Reginae’s Cucumber Sexploit Explanation Only Made Things Worse As ZERO People Believe Her And The Dragging Is Worse Now

It’s been a rough 48 hours for one Reginae Carter. First she was spotted at some raunchy cucumber party after she had gone in on women who had participated in such produce-pounding shenanigans in the past. Then she tried to

Think Like A (Creepy, Old) Man: Diddy Took Lori Harvey On What LOOKS LIKE A Double Date With Steve Harvey And Twitter Is FED UP

The rumors have been around for weeks now and it seems as though the internet has found what it believes to be confirmation that Diddy and Lori Harvey are a full-blown actual couple. The Shade Room uncovered photos of Diddy

Bossip Be Trippin’: Our Fun-Filled Foray Into ComplexCon Chicago’s Celeb-Stuffed Clout Buffet

Bossip Be Trippin’: ComplexCon Chicago 2019

Beautiful people, it’s your fave airport-hopping adventurer Alejandro back with an essential recap of delicious clout buffet–the internet in real life–ComplexCon Chicago where I met wavy somebodies, vibed with transcendent tastemakers (shouts to my

Bossip Be Trippin’: Journey To Boston’s Harbor Islands, JFK’s Birthplace & Longfellow’s Plush Garden


Here’s How You Can Explore Boston’s Harbor Islands

You don’t have to book an international getaway to enjoy a relaxing day of exploration, in fact, everything you need could be right in your backyard.

After BOSSIP’s Deputy Editor Dani

#BasketballWives: Malaysia And Jackie Christie Looking Like They’re Going To Scrap In The Trailer Has Twitter In SHAMBLES

The Basketball Wives midseason trailer hit and the rest of the episodes look like they are going to be absolutely insane from jump. We saw Evelyn slapping her…uh…lips or something during a fight with OG and we also saw what

Retro Thirst Alert! Here’s What The Baddest ’90s RomCom Baddies Look Like Now

’90s RomCom Baddies In 2019

We’re baaaack with more delicious ’90s nostalgia. This time, bringing you the baddest ’90s RomCom baddies for you to re-swoon over years after starring in our fave heart-melting movies that flooded the greatest cinema

#BossipMukbang 26-Inch Pancakes And A Pissy Bedding Blunder

#BossipMukbang: 26-Inch Pancakes & An Embarassing Post-Sex Story

Welcome to BOSSIP’s Mukbang! In this original series, we’re bringing you episodes infused with messy stories all mashed up with deliciously (messy) food.
We all know that the best stories from your

Sure, Jan: Tristan Thompson Kills Jordy Craig Rumor And Says THIS About Alleged Cheating…Gets DESTROYED By Twitter Anyway

Tristan Thompson has spent the last few months trying to mind his business and his NBA offseason, but that hasn’t stopped him from being in the midst of all sorts of rumors and mess. Earlier this week, the internet was

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