Gender FluWHET? OG Panty Sizzler Billy Dee Williams Warp-Speeds Away From “Gender Fluid” Label, Sparks Twitter Chaos

Billy Dee Williams Clarifies “Gender Fluid” Comments, Sparks Chaos

Legendary panty sizzler/space crusader Billy Dee Williams just wanted to promote his upcoming blockbuster “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”–the final chapter of the iconic saga–but found himself caught up

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Mushu: The Long-Awaited “Mulan” Trailer Is FINALLY Here & Looks FIRE

“Mulan” Trailer

This isn’t the plucky classic with the funny talking dragon that we remember. In fact, there’s no talking dragon at all (RIP Mushu) in Disney‘s next-level remake that, once again, follows Hua Mulan who masquerades as a

OVO Opulence: Drake Gives A Tour Of His Lavish 6 God Palace, Makes Everyone Feel Poor & Ashy

Drake’s house is insane, I only wish I could ever afford something like this😭 pic.twitter.com/Fiwa4gdfPa

— bryan. (@bryanmychael_) December 4, 2019

Drake’s Magnificent Mansion Shatters Social Media

It’s safe to say Rap megastar Drake is RICH rich after seeing the

Meet The Beautiful Actress Who Had Justin Timberlake Stepping Out On His Marriage And Apologizing For

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A post shared by Alisha Wainwright (@alishawainwright) on Mar 5, 2019 at 4:21pm PST

Who Is Alisha Wainright?

If you have been watching the incredible Netflix show Raising Dion then you are familiar with

Can We Cancel SOMEbody? Bhad Bhabie Is Getting Dragged By Her Mayo-Tipped Box Braids For Insulting Black Women

Get Bhad Bhabie Out Of Here

Bhad Bhabie is the patron saint of culture vultures. She was born out of a desire to pretend she is a black girl and get all kinds of money and fame from it. We

Here’s What Happened When Kamala Harris Shut Down Her Presidential Campaign

Kamala Harris was filmed dancing with staff at her Baltimore campaign headquarters, hours after she dropped out of the 2020 race pic.twitter.com/vHi6QlkkON

— QuickTake by Bloomberg (@QuickTake) December 4, 2019

Kamala Harris Ends Presidential Campaign, Sparks Chaos

And just like

Bae Of The Day: Mary J. Blige Is Getting Finer With Age And We Must Appreciate Her

Mary J. Blige Stays Fine

Did you see Mary J. Blige pulling up to the Knicks game in her auntie final boss uniform? Did you see the crispiness of her hat? Whatever the case, her recent vitality has the whole

“I Should Get Paid For This”: Twitter Clowned Fabolous When Shiggy Refused To Do A Dance To Make His Song Relevant

Shiggy Won’t Work For Free

Remember how Shiggy got famous? He created a dance challenge for Drake’s hit and simultaneously helped Drizzy top the charts while making himself damn near a household name. The craze was mutually beneficial. That’s where

Black Bond Energy: Lashana Lynch Drips Double-O Deliciousness In New Trailer, Shatters Twitter

Lashana Lynch Shines In “No Time To Die” Trailer

Everyone’s buzzing over stunning sensation Lashana Lynch who shoots very big guns, snatches James Bond bald and blows up things as the new 007 in Universal’s explosive new “No Time To

Skrrting Around The Truth: Exactly Zero People Believe Offset’s Dirty Dog Messages Came From Being Hacked And It’s Hilarious

Offset Hacking Scandal

Here we go again, everyone. It’s been some months since Offset has been involved in some sort of infidelity claim in his marriage with Cardi B. The scandals and accusations have threatened to doom their marriage in

Queen Of The Decade: Here’s A Pic Of Beyonce From Every Year In The 2010s

The Decade Of Beyonce

Let’s not get it twisted: the 2010s were Beyonce’s decade. She went from superstar singer to the biggest icon we have going. She dropped albums that redefined the culture. She had babies. She gave us

MORE Hilarious #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade Tweets

Sweet Brown is a hall of famer 😂#TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade pic.twitter.com/WtiPcxZ7Ja

— Mwiinga Gregory 🇵🇸 (@Thearchct) November 30, 2019

Hilarious #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade Tweets

There were so many classic, iconic and HILARIOUS Black Twitter moments over the past decade that we absolutely had

Icons Only: Here’s What Happened When Janet Honored Rihanna At The Fashion Awards

We see you, Rih!

Rihanna Posed With Janet & Blew Up Twitter

2019 is going out with a wig-snatching BANG thanks to Queen Rih who was honored (in the most legendary way ever) by OG Pop Goddess Janet Jackson at

Marvel’s Action-Packed “Black Widow” Teaser Will Punch You In The Face

“Black Widow” Teaser Trailer

Scarlett Johannson returns as Russian super spy-turned-world-saving Avenger confronting her past while battling threats to her future in this action-packed teaser trailer for the MCU’s long-awaited Phase 4 opener.

“Black Widow” hits theaters May 1, 2020.

A Pattern? The Internet Is Checking Drake For Texting Yet ANOTHER Underage Celebrity

Drake Texts Billie Eilish

Sometimes we have to have difficult conversations with our faves, no matter how uncomfortable they are. Drake is one of the most beloved artists in the game but we have to address his penchant for texting

#LHHH: Apryl And Fizz Talk Marriage While Moniece Gets Disrespected (AGAIN) And Twitter DRAGS Them To Hell (AGAIN)

Fizz And Apryl Get Dragged Again

Fizz and Apryl just don’t get it, do they? The couple is once again on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood canoodling and acting like they have some relationship that is anyway desirable or a relationship

Watch The Heart-Shattering New Trailer For “Just Mercy” Starring Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Foxx

New “Just Mercy” Trailer

Michael B. Jordan plays a steely lawyer determined to free wrongly imprisoned death row inmate Jamie Foxx in this heart-shattering new trailer that will have you deep in your feels.

“Just Mercy” hits select theaters

You Should Blow Your Rent Money On These Amazing Cyber Monday Deals

Best (And Blackest) Cyber Monday Deals


Trust God: “Queen & Slim” Shatters Expectations With $15.8 Million Opening Weekend

“Queen & Slim” Exceeds Box Office Expectations

Everyone’s buzzing over devastatingly beautiful movie-of-the-moment “Queen & Slim” about well-moisturized lovers on the run after killing a cop in self-defense that shattered expectations with a $15.8 million opening weekend while fueling mostly

We Love Us: #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade Is The Blackest, Most Hilarious Hashtag Going

#TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade Is Black Greatness

The decade is winding down and it has been one of the most insane in terms of the explosion of social media and the calamities it has brought with it. We’ve seen some pretty wild social

#RHOA: Eva Is STILL Trying To Shade Kenya And Is Getting BRUTALLy Dragged For Her Pettiness

Eva Marcille Is RHOA’s Villain

With Nene out of the picture, Real Housewives Of Atlanta had to scramble to find a new villain and pot-stirrer and it looks like they found the one. Eva Marcille is becoming the most hated

Funniest Tweets & Memes From Thanksgiving 2019

Me leaving with leftovers today even though I didn’t cook or bring nothing pic.twitter.com/A6YVmIA8fr

— jerry bradshaw (@Phour_Loko) November 28, 2019

Hilarious Tweets From Thanksgiving 2019

Big mama, we made it through another unforgettable Thanksgiving featuring hilarious Black Twitter shenanigans

May These Melaniny ‘Rise Of Skywalker’ Posters Be With You

“Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” Character Posters

We’re only 22 days away from the final chapter of the iconic Star Wars saga that (finally) features a diverse crop of characters from Billy Dee Williams (returning as ‘Lando Calrissian”) to

#ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies Is BACK & BOOMIN’

Hilarious #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies Tweets

It’s not officially Thanksgiving until #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies pops off on Twitter and stirs up a hearty helping of hilarious hysteria across the whole entire gravy-slathered internet.

Sure, Jan: Angela Simmons Reveals She Lost Her Virginity At 28, Sparks More Hymen Hysteria

So bow wow said he smashed Angela Simmons but she claimed she lost her virginity at 28, so somebody is lying pic.twitter.com/eLb4cqEhd1

— TMONEY$$ (@darealdroboy) November 27, 2019

Angela Simmons Dishes On Her Virginity, Shatters Twitter

We have no idea

Mmm Delicioso: Funniest Thanksgiving Tweets & Memes (So Far)

The turkeys that don’t get slaughtered for Thanksgiving be like pic.twitter.com/SZyL2PzkVO

— The Tesla of Trash™️ (@trillificent) November 23, 2019

Hilarious Thanksgiving Tweets

It’s that magical (and hilarious) time of year where we stuff our faces with family we

Pettiest Reactions To Omarion Jazzy Jeffing B2K Off The 2020 Millennium Tour

Omarion to Fizz: pic.twitter.com/QMZ8A6WFbO

— Glen CoCo (@chrissy_kreme10) November 26, 2019

Omarion Fires B2K From Millennium Tour, Shatters Twitter

After weeks of loud silence while his B2K bandmate Fizz canoodled with his baby mama Apryl, Omarion announced the B2K-less

Friend-less Fury: Mouth-Breathing Miserables Are Dragging Friendsgiving & It’s The Ashiest Thing Ever

WOW people are actually hating on Friendsgiving….y’all really are miserable.

I’m sorry you’ve never been invited to one lol pic.twitter.com/BQ8EDm8YtQ

— #cinema (@chi_socialite) November 25, 2019

Miserable Twitter Vs. Friendsgiving

Twitter can be addictive and often hilarious when it’s not

Lauryn Taught Me: Summer Walker Allegedly Shows Up Hours Late To Show After Frolicking Through The 6 With Drake

The fact that summer walker had the audacity to post too is what’s sending me 😭😭😭😭😭 talkin bout “I love Toronto” pic.twitter.com/F2DPDob8Jk

— Alaa™️ (@ga1aaxy) November 26, 2019

Summer Walker Shows Up Late To Show, Gets Dragged (AGAIN)

It’s getting

Cat Hair Cuisine: Funniest Office Potluck Tweets (2019 Edition)

My Boss: You didn’t sign up for the office potluck on Tuesday. What do you plan on bringing?

Literally Me: pic.twitter.com/lHfqkVH7KI

— Duke E.B. DuBois (@DukeOfShade) November 25, 2019

Hilarious Office Potluck Tweets

Ah yes, our fave pre-Thanksgiving tradition is

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