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#LHHH: Apryl And Fizz FINALLY Smashed Each Other’s Cakes To Smithereens And Got DRAGGED For Their Fakery

Apryl And Fizz Are Coupled Up

You knew this was coming. Apryl and Fizz have been pretending to have some sort of platonic relationship for the entire season of Love & Hip-Hop, dragging out the “will they, won’t they”

Uterus Almighty: Keke Wyatt Is Pregnant With Baby Number 10 And Everyone Is Going CRAZY

Keke Wyatt Is Pregnant Again

Keke Wyatt is pregnant. Again. That’s right. The songbird is gearing up to plop out baby number 10. Ten! A full second-hand’s worth of babies. That’s a whole Wu-Tang Clan AND Cappadonna.

Budden Wept: Cyn Santana Posted THIS Epic Thirst Trap And Reminded Everyone Her Bawdy Is Insane

Cyn Santana Is Still Fine

Cyn Santana has been living her absolute best life since breaking up with Joe Budden. Not only that, she’s been constantly glowing up in her post-pregnancy. There’s nothing more fly than someone showing the world

Unseasoned And Sexy: Draya Michele Tried Making Fried Chicken Again And Still Got Clowned

Draya’s Fried Chicken Returns

Remember a couple of years ago when Draya Michele dropped an IG video of her fried chicken and it was an absolute disaster. Babies were crying. A national emergency was declared. Nobody was safe from the

Ooh This Looks Good: Octavia Spencer & Aaron Paul Face Off In Gripping “Truth Be Told” Trailer

“Truth Be Told” First-Look Trailer

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, Emmy-winner Aaron Paul and Emmy-nominated Lizzy Caplan deliver the goods in this gripping first-look trailer for Apple’s upcoming Apple TV+ limited series “Truth Be Told” that looks absolutely amazing (and stressful).

Creepy Orphans, Spooky Spirits & A Questionable Wig Pop Up In “The Turning” Trailer

“The Turning” Trailer

If you love creepy orphans in big scary houses, spooky ghosts with sinister intentions and very, very questionable wigs in your scary movies, “The Turning” is for you and actually looks intriguing at a time when 99%

Rihanna’s Comments About Not Being A “Sellout” Has Everyone Giving Jay-Z Even MORE Side-Eyes

Did Rihanna Diss Jay-Z?

Rihanna definitely knows how to speak her mind and make the news cycle explode. On the latest Vogue cover (her 6th), Rihanna had this to say about the Super Bowl:

“I couldn’t dare do that. For

Not Just Evelyn: Shaunie O’Neal Is Getting DRAGGED Across The Internet For Taking Evelyn’s Side And Bullying OG

Shaunie Getting Dragged

If you’ve been watching Basketball Wives all season then you know that it’s been the season of dragging Evelyn for her foolery. She’s been feuding with everyone and coming up on the short end of every beef.

#BasketballWivesReunion: Evelyn’s Crocodile Tears And OG Restraining Order Are Getting Her DRAGGED

Evelyn Lozada’s Basketball Wives Antics

For better or worse, this has been the season of Evelyn Lozada. She has been the straw that stirs the drink on Basketball Wives and has been since the season premier a few weeks

We Were Rooting For You: Twitter DRAGS Malika Haqq For Almost Getting Chokeslammed By “Bestie” Khloe Kardashian

Khloe And Malika’s Drunken Fight

If you’ve been following Keeping Up With The Kardashians or any Jennerdashian shenanigans then you know that Khloe has a Blaccessory that she’s been attached to for a couple of years. That accessory is none

THE RESIDENT: Cain Asks Nic To Run Pre-Op & She’s Shocked [Exclusive Clip]

Fox’s “THE RESIDENT” Exclusive Clip

Morris Chestnut’s “THE RESIDENT” is continuing to bring high drama to Fox and things are about to get even more shocking. On the latest episode, the Chastain staff is facing a dilemma and someone’s getting

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