#ElPasoShooting: At Least 20 People Killed At Walmart After Gunman Opened Fire On Shoppers [Video]



Gunman Opens Fire Killing 20 At El Paso Walmart

According to CNN, twenty people were killed and more than two dozen were injured in a mass shooting at an El Paso shopping center on Saturday.

Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott confirmed Saturday evening that the mass-shooting had left 20 people dead and 26 injured.

“20 innocent people from El Paso have lost their lives and more than two dozen more are injured,” Abbott said during a press conference. “We as a state unite in support of the victims and their family members. We want to do all we can to assist them.”

The suspected gunman has been identified as Patrick Crusius, 21, of Allen, Texas. He was reportedly taken into custody without incident.


This shooting was the deadliest American mass shooting since November 2017, when a gunman killed 26 people in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. It also comes just days after a gunman opened fire at a garlic festival in California, killing three and wounding 12 others.

The gunman is believed to be a white supremacist and wrote a manifesto with “racist hatred” towards Hispanics.

A New Low: Woman Accused Of Peeing On Walmart Potatoes Turns Herself In 

New Potatoes. Fresh organic potatoes, farmer life.

Source: Viktoriya Dikareva / Getty

Women Caught On Camera Peeing On Walmart Potatoes

Some people just need to be barred from food items and be fed through a tube.

According to WKYT, a woman in Pennsylvania suspected of urinating on potatoes at Walmart has turned herself in.

Authorities say 20-year-old Grace Brown is facing multiple charges including open lewdness, criminal mischief and public drunkenness. Brown turned herself into officials on Tuesday when she learned folks were looking for her.

Authorities posted surveillance images of the incident on Twitter, but they didn’t disclose when the incident took place or why she allegedly let her waste fly on the potatoes.

“Obviously this is a regrettable situation for Miss Brown. She’s embarrassed, she’s a young woman that made a mistake but she’s going to address whatever issues she may or may not have and she’s going to move forward,” explained her attorney, Casey White.

A Walmart rep said an employee peeped what Brown was doing and the company “immediately disposed of the affected products and sanitized the area.”