Caught Red Panty Handed: New Jersey Thieves Caught Stealing $4,200 Worth Of Undies From Victoria Secret [Video]

Robbers Caught Stealing 400 Pairs Of Underwear From Victoria Secret

We’re use to seeing folks rob gas stations, or sneaker stores — but it’s been a while since folks were caught swiping undies from Victoria Secret. Evesham police are on the hunt for two men and one woman who stole about 400 pairs of underwear from a Victoria’s Secret store last week. According to authorities, one acted as a lookout, the other two loaded a large blue Xios shopping bag with $4,200 in undergarments.

NBC News reports:

The New Jersey theft happened around 7:32 p.m. on Sept. 25, the police department said. The woman repeatedly reaches into a drawer underneath one of the displays and dumps handfuls of underwear into the bag. Then, before leaving, she and the first man take the underwear from the display, too. Police believe the trio also shoplifted from Victoria’s Secret stores in Yonkers and Queens, New York.

SMH, wow. Evesham police is asking anyone with information to contact them.

Sorry To This Man: 7 Lucrative Examples Of Celebrity Merch Done Right 

Winterfest 2017

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Celebrity Merch Done Right

Let’s be honest — just because you’re a popular celebrity with hit song or social media influencer with a popular saying, doesn’t mean that merch is cool enough for fans to spend their hard earned coins on it. Besides, some of the stuff that famous folks pass off as merch is downright insulting, or just lame.

But for every wack piece of merch, there’s a fire one selling out like hot cakes. Seeing celebs and listening to their music is damn near free now, so it’s only right that we support their products — the good, relatable, funny stuff at least. Like Keke Palmer‘s “Sorry To This Man” T-Shirts! We could all use one of those.


There are very few examples of celebrities merch being just right. Something that’s dope, creative, archival and inspirational to the consumer in some way. Hit the flip for all the times celebs got it right when it comes to their merch.

Grown Little Man: ‘Child’ Caught On Camera Smoking Turns Out To Be A 36-Year Old Dad 


Source: tamara staples / Getty

Viral Child Smoker Turns Out To Be Someone’s Dad

Men lie, women lie and apparently video footage isn’t that truthful either. That was the case over the weekend after a shocking video of what appeared to be a young kid smoking a cigarette during a Turkish Futbol event made its rounds on social media. Fans who watched the Fenerbahçe S.K. and Bursaspor game in real time were appalled to see the alleged kid take a drag of his cig.

Come to find out, the kid in question is actually a fresh-faced 36-year old man named Cocuk who attended the event to support the Bursaspor soccer team. Another wild twist to the bizarre story is that the kid sitting next to Cocuk is actually his son whom he brought with him to watch the game at the Crocodile Arena.


Ironically enough, the futbol event was held to help raise money for organizations that fight cancer and foundations that support children with special needs. Also, smoking in public places in Turkey is against the law and carries a fine of 69 Turkish lira (11 USD).

No word on whether or not the “young” dad recieved a fine. But his is in fact a viral star now.