Shook Into Silence: ‘A Quiet Place II’ Lands In Theaters March 2020 [VIDEO]

A Quiet Place II

Source: Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place Sequel First Look

Great news for fans of ‘A Quiet Place’! Paramount Pictures just revealed a first look at the upcoming film which lands in theaters March 20, 2020.

Following the deadly events at home, the Abbott family (Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe) must now face the terrors of the outside world as they continue their fight survival in silence. Forced to venture into the unknown, they quickly realize that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path.

So… pretty much your standard post-apocalyptic family survival story! Are y’all excited for this?


We were huge fans of the first film, which kept us on the edge of our seats. Djimon Hounsou and Cillian Murphy are in the sequel as well so we’re looking forward to seeing what roles they play. While John Krasinski isn’t in this one, he did write and direct. We love that he and wife Emily Blunt are working together again.

Oh and less we forget… Here’s a first look photos from the film as well:

A Quiet Place II

Source: Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Paramount Pictures

It’s not going to be easy keeping that baby quiet. What kind of dangers do you think the Abbotts are going to face this time around? As far as suspense films go, how would you rank ‘A Quiet Place’? Who else is checking this one out this March?

Truth To Power: Unjustly Fired Orlando Jones Says He And Gabrielle Union In The Same Boat [Video]

2019 Comic-Con International - SYFY WIRE's "It Came From The 90s"

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Orlando Jones Voices Criticism Of Same Company As Gabrielle Union

Orlando Jones was recently fired from Starz show American Gods under extremely dubious circumstances. Jones’ character, Mr. Nancy, had become a fan favorite for the way he laid down scathing monologues about Black people and the way America has viewed us since the days of slavery.

Jones says things got very awkward on the set when Jones took issue with certain things that were happening and spoke up about. Namely, the way the other characters of color were portrayed. Jones says eventually he ended up writing not only his own parts, but also parts for other minority characters.

Orlando recently appeared on TMZ Live to explain the situation and call out the American God‘s production company, Fremantle Media, the same exact company that Gabrielle Union complained about during her time on America’s Got Talent. No shock that Black folks would have serious issues with “America”.

We proudly stand with Gabrielle Union and Orlando Jones in their fight against oppressive soup cookies.

Holy Heist: Joel Osteen Talks Linking Up With Kanye & Their Yankee Stadium Show

Joel Osteen

Source: (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM) / (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Joel Osteen Talks Linking Up With Kanye & Their Yankee Stadium Show

Recently two names we never thought would associate with each other were on stage praising the lord, those names would be Joel Osteen & Kanye West. The act of these two being around each other threw off everyone from fans of both to haters of both. One thing everyone saw was the potential for financial earnings and that the outcome would be more activities between the two regardless of their chemistry together. Recently Kanye brought his massive Sunday Service choir to Joel Osteen’s Houston Megachurch. Yes, the same church that was famously dragged to smithereens for rejecting hurricane victims but then invited them in and passed the collection plate around.

Ever since this holy finesse started we all wondered how in the world these two linked up and what are they really getting to. Joel Osteen was on “Good Morning America” to promote his book and broke down how the two crossed paths. It’s also worth mentioning the book is advertised as including Kanye West, so Joel is making sure to cash in on the whole experience. I

In the interview, Joel says Kanye texted him saying he was new to the “religious space” so Joel extended his hand. He also discusses their plans for 2020 and reportedly 2021, where the two will reportedly tour together and perform at massive arenas. Their first show will see the two headline Yankee Stadium and hope to fill 50k seats. We already know the shows will not be free so you can already see the jig from here.

Hopefully, both are doing it for the right reasons, because it doesn’t matter what we think they’ll have to answer one day and not to any of us.

You can watch the interview in its entirety below.

Stupid Criminals: Car Thief Flees Into House, House Catches Fire While He’s Still Inside


Source: (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images) / (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Car Thief Flees Into House, House Catches Fire While He’s Still Inside

Los Angeles criminals have a history of not being the brightest when LAPD is closing in on them. LAPD has several crime units with a specific task and several departments just to assist them and yesterday a car theft suspect learned this the hard way. According to ABC 7 News, the suspect has a lot of burns to go with his lesson.

A family in San Jose is now without a home, and a suspect is badly burned.

According to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, around 4 p.m. on Monday, members of the Santa Clara County Regional Auto Theft Taskforce (RATTF) team spotted a stolen vehicle near Lewis Road and Senter Road in San Jose.

The RATTF team attempted to stop the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Raul Anthony Rodriguez, as he left the vehicle and took off on foot. Taskforce members quickly set a perimeter around the area. After 20 minutes, task force members learned Rodriguez broke into a nearby home on Santee River Court and refused to come out.

San Jose Police Department (SJPD) then arrived to help with the barricaded suspect. The Sheriff’s Office reported the homeowner was able to run out of the house without injury.

So this is where the story gets very interesting. After he broke into the house it caught on fire. It sounds like an easy fix since police where already on the scene, but when you think of a possible armed suspect you can’t allow the fire department to come close for their own safety. Obviously, the suspect must have had another plan or some type of escape route in place but all he was stuck with was a house on fire and nowhere else to go but to jail.

As the fire raged on LAPD determined the scene was safe for the fire department and once the fire was almost contained they removed the suspect who had substantial burns and had to be taken to the hospital. With car jacking a routine thing in L.A .the police couldn’t figure out what would make anyone stay in a burning house to avoid a few hours or days in jail. They would later find out the main reason for the suspect staying in the house was a $25,000 warrant.

This has to be a contender for dumbest criminal of 2019.

Impeachment Vote: Donald Trump Set To Become 3rd U.S. President Deemed Unfit For Office By Congress [Live Stream]



House To Vote On Articles Of Impeachment Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump will be impeached today. The House is set to vote on articles of impeachment at 9am EST. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that the vote will land strictly along party lines. Early indicators are that each and every Democrat will vote FOR impeachment and each and every Republican will vote against it. Democrats being the current majority, it is likely that there will be Senate trial in January to the argue Trump’s potential removal.

Protester carrying signs and marching down Broadway. The...

Source: Erik McGregor / Getty

Just so we’re clear, impeachment is NOT removal. Impeachment happens when the House draws and votes successfully to send the articles to the Senate. The only Presidents to ever be impeached are Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Richard Nixon was neither impeached or removed, he resigned the office to avoid the stain of being formally impeached by Congress.

Trump is so shook of impeachment that “he” wrote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a SIX PAGE letter whining and b!tch!ng and playing victim.

It is a historic day in America and you can watch the coverage of the House vote in the live stream video below.

We’d be shocked if the Senate voted to remove their lord and savior Donald Trump, but there’s a lot of time between now and January, s#!t happens. We won’t hold our breath though.

Eat MOR Chikin?! San Diego Man Sets A Record By Eating Chick-fil-A For 114 Days Straight


Source: (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images) / (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Eat MOR Chikin?! San Diego Man Sets A Record By Eating Chick-fil-A For 114 Days Straight

Mark Mendenhall, a native of San Diego, just reached an interesting milestone in life when he set a new record for eating Chick-fil-A for 114 straight days.

According to a report from The New York Post, Mendenhall has become known as “Mayor of Chick-fil-A” by several employees at his local restaurant because of his frequent visits. He set out to accomplish this feat after hearing about a man in Georgia who ate Chick-fil-A for 100 consecutive days, which is when he thought about pushing it further. He originally only planned on reaching 105 days in a row “just to be different,” but actually ended up pushing himself and going a whole 114 days.

Unsurprisingly, Mark was already a fan of Chick-fil-A before he decided to take on this task. He spoke on his love for the restaurant chain, saying, “this habit started about five to six years ago. I loved the atmosphere, I loved how polite the team members were.”

The streak– which, if you’re wondering, obviously excludes Sundays, since the fast-food chain is closed on that day–came along with some interesting challenges, especially when he and his family took a trip to Disneyland. Because he was so dedicated to his craft, Mendenhall made a quick getaway to Chick-fil-A at one point during the day to order and eat his food, later returning to the park when he was finished.

Mark’s wife wasn’t happy with his interruption to the family vacation, which made Mendenhall promise that his streak would come to an end before their next family trip.

“So, my wife promptly planned a vacation to Palm Springs,” he explained. “Far enough away that I wouldn’t drive back but close enough so we didn’t have to fly anywhere.”

During his impressive run of back-to-back Chick-fil-A meals, Mendenhall made sure to include some charitable efforts, like raising $1,000 for the Poway Unified School District Adopt-a-Family program.

As for Mark’s favorite meal? He prefers the original chicken sandwich, fries, and a large Diet Coke.

The Late Late Show: Lil Nas X Talks To Chance The Rapper About His Breakthrough Year [Video]

Rapper Lil Nas X arrives at the 2019 GQ Men Of The Year Party held at The West Hollywood EDITION Hotel on December 5, 2019 in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

Lil Nas X Reflects On His Success In 2019

It’s hard to think of anyone who had a better year than Lil Nas X.

At the top of the year, his song “Old Town Road” began its journey of becoming the biggest song of 2019, and now, the star is still doing big things with his newfound fame. This week, the rapper stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden–but that night, it was being guest-hosted by Chance The Rapper.

On the couch, Lil Nas X gets into how huge of a year he’s had, what’s coming up next for him in 2020, and more. Check out the interview down below to see what the young star has to say:


Celebrity Cribs: Chelsea Handler Shows Off The Design Choices, Upgrades, And Art In Her Los Angeles Abode [Video]

FIJI Water at The Hollywood Reporter's 28th Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast

Source: Erik Voake / Getty

Chelsea Handler Gives Architectural Digest A Tour Of Her L.A. Home

Chelsea Handler isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’re interested in where Chelsea Handler drinks her tea then you’ve clicked on the right post and will be rewarded handsomely.

The folks at Architectural Digest got an exclusive virtual tour of Chelsea’s crib in Los Angeles and the comedienne-turned-activist walked them through just about every inch of her personal space. You’ll get a chance to hear about some of Chelsea’s design choices, her art collection, and the upgrades she’s done to the property.

Press play below to have a look-see.

Must be nice.

Performance GOAT: DaBaby SHOCKS Fans At Rolling Loud Dressed As One Of The Jabbawockeez [Video]

2019 Rolling Loud LA

Source: Scott Dudelson / Getty

DaBaby And Jabbawockeez At Rolling Loud Los Angeles

DaBaby took his talents to Rolling Loud Los Angeles this past weekend and continued his streak of incredible performances.

BOP” just might be the best rap music video of the year and the synergy between DaBaby and the Jabbawockeez is a big reason why.

The Rolling Loud attendees got a first-hand look at that synergy with a surprise performance that none of them saw coming…

He’s really good at this.

Headline Heat: Kenya Moore Talks THAT Messy #WWHL Shade Trade With Quad & ‘Boring’ Marlo Hampton

Kenya Moore Talks THAT Messy #WWHL Shade Trade With Quad & ‘Boring’ Marlo Hampton

Kenya Moore is breaking down what really went down on that episode of “Watch What Happens Live” when she and Miss Quad got into it. As previously reported a shade trade happened between the RHOA star and the “Married to Medicine” star that left viewers befuddled.

It was later revealed that Kenya didn’t appreciate comments Quad made alongside Sheree Whitfield and Quad received Kenya’s comments and apologized for the alleged shade.

Yesterday Kenya further broke down the issue to BOSSIP and confirmed that it was the Sheree assisted moment that upset her.

“She’s agreeing with all this shade, she’s saying not nice things about me, in particular, she agreed with a situation about my mom not wanting me growing up. That’s not something you agree with if you like someone,” said Kenya.

Kenya also reaffirmed to BOSSIP that NeNe is a bully and dished on her split from Marc Daly. She also reaffirmed that she’s “bored” with Marlo Hampton and talked pettily pulling up to Marlo’s wig launch with a marching band and her line of beauty products.

“Yes I was petty, it was very shady and petty but do NOT come for me unless I send for you,” said Kenya.

She also dished on her Moore Haircare line that’s in 2200 Sally Beauty stores.

Watch Kenya speak on BOSSIP’s hottest headlines above.

‘You Publicly Humiliated Me’: Eniko Opens Up About Kevin Hart’s Cheating Scandal In New Netflix Trailer [Video]

Actor Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish arrive at the World Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' 'Jumanji: The Next Level' held at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on December 9, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

Netflix Drops A Trailer For Kevin Hart’s Don’t F**k This Up Documentary

In his upcoming 6-part documentary-series Don’t F**k This Up, Kevin Hart is giving fans unprecedented access to his personal life over the past year. As evidenced in a brand new trailer dropped by Netflix, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the comedian’s day-to-day life as he deals with the fallout from the Oscar controversy, his marriage, and his career.

In one clip from this preview, we see Kev’s wife Eniko in tears talking about what we all assume to be his latest cheating scandal. “You publicly humiliated me,” she says in the trailer. “I just kept saying, “How the f*** did you let that happen?”

Peep the trailer down below to get a glimpse at what you can expect from Kevin Hart’s upcoming documentary series.

Michael B. Jordan Praises Jamie Foxx For Lightening The Mood Between Dramatic ‘Just Mercy’ Scenes [Video]

Michael B. Jordan attends a photo call and screen talk for 'Just Mercy' at The 63rd BFI London Film Festival at Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square, London, England, UK on Sunday 6 October 2019. Picture by Justin Ng/Retna/Avalon.

Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

Michael B. Jordan Talks About His Upcoming Film, Just Mercy

Michael B. Jordan stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday night to chop it up with Jimmy Fallon, and while he was there, he gave the host a cupcake made with love by his own mother. That’s when he revealed that he teamed up with Sprinkles cupcakes to feature his mom’s famous rum cake recipe on their holiday menu, in which a portion of the proceeds will go to helping fight Lupus.

Later on in the interview, Jordan talks about his upcoming film, Just Mercy, praising his co-star Jamie Foxx for his ability to lighten the mood in between takes of a seriously draining film. Check out the clip down below to see for yourself: