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Damn: Lady Falls 80 Feet From Balcony When Practicing Extreme Yoga Poses

A group performs aerial yoga.

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Woman Plummets 80 Feet From Her Apartment Balcony While Practicing Extreme Yoga Poses

All our yoga people…

Be safe out here!

According to Yahoo News, one woman found herself falling 80 feet from her balcony railing after performing yoga.

Alexa Terrazas Lopez, fell from the side of her Torres Mizza apartment building in northeast Mexico on August 17, according to local newspapers. The 23-year-old suffered severe fractures in her arms, legs, hips and nose after losing her balance. She had to have her legs completely reconstructed after an 11-hour surgery and she may not be able to walk for another three years.


According to Argentinean news site Infobae, Lopez experienced more than 100 fractures and will remain in a coma for two weeks.

Authorities said Ms. Lopez often practices yoga on her balcony and a photo started surfacing on social media showing Lopez hanging from a balcony by her legs. It’s not certain if the photo was taken moments before she fell.



Be safe out here people!

Walking Stick Wreckage: Two Bus-Riders Beat Up Audacious Cane-Wielding Elderly Woman [Video]


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Two Bronx Bus-Riders Fight Cane-Wielding Older Woman

One above-60 lady found herself getting jumped, after an alleged fight over a baby stroller.

According to New York Post, two passengers in the Bronx gave hands to the 67-year-old woman after she threatening them with her walking cane.

One of the two woman was pushing a stroller with her infant child inside. They boarded the Bx1 bus at Grand Concourse and 161st Street around 1 p.m. on Monday, according to police and video of the brawl.

After the stroller bumped into the 67-year-old woman, she got into a heated argument with the two younger women. The ladies curse each other out with one of the younger ladies telling the 67-year-old to “shut the fu** up.”

Eventually, things escalated with the older woman challenging one of the woman to a fight.

“Come the fu** on,” she yells, slamming her cane on the floor of the bus. “I train for people like you.”

That’s when one of the ladies seems to confront her while still on the bus, and the other younger one yells outside “step off the bus.”

“It ain’t gon’ be both of y’all,” the older woman replies.

Then, when the older lady tries to fight her way off the bus, that’s when the second younger woman comes from behind and repeatedly hits her in the head.

Footage below.



The older lady could’ve taken one of them, naw?

Cops came to the scene and she refused medical attention. Now authorities are searching for the two younger attackers.