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Damn: Lady Falls 80 Feet From Balcony When Practicing Extreme Yoga Poses

Woman Plummets 80 Feet From Her Apartment Balcony While Practicing Extreme Yoga Poses

All our yoga people…

Be safe out here!

According to Yahoo News, one woman found herself falling 80 feet from her balcony railing after performing yoga.

Walking Stick Wreckage: Two Bus-Riders Beat Up Audacious Cane-Wielding Elderly Woman [Video]

Two Bronx Bus-Riders Fight Cane-Wielding Older Woman

One above-60 lady found herself getting jumped, after an alleged fight over a baby stroller.

According to New York Post, two passengers in the Bronx gave hands to the 67-year-old woman after

Liz Coming For Them COINS: Elizabeth Warren’s Priceless Hand Rub During Debates Sparks Hilarious GIFs

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Gives Viral Hand Rub At Presidential Primary Debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will take your rich dollars now.

The senator made a big splash at the presidential primary debate on Tuesday, pushing her far-left policies and not backing

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