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In White Folks News: Justin Bieber Says He Was Just Playing About Fighting Tom Cruise, “He’d Probably Whoop My A$$”

Justin Bieber Says His Challenge To Fight Tom Cruise Was A Joke

So you might remember on Sunday, Justin Bieber let his Twitter fingers fly when he challenged Tom Cruise — action hero, scientologer, plane jumper outerer — to a

In White Folks News: Principal Is Suspended For Plagiarizing Ashton Kutcher’s Whole A$$ Teen Choice Awards Speech [Video]

Principal Accused Of Plagiarizing Ashton Kutcher Speech Is Suspended

So one high school principal reeeally got inspiration from an Ashton Kutcher speech and now, he’s facing the consequences.

According to MetroNews, Principal Kenny DeMoss of Parkersburg High School in

Actress Spends $2K To Say ‘HELLURRRR’ To Tyler Perry, Mogul Madealy Offers Some Advice

Actress Racquel Bailey Spends $2,000 On Billboard For Tyler Perry

One actress tried to shoot her shot at Tyler Perry in the biggest most public way aaaand…it didn’t go all the way as planned.

Racquel Bailey told The A-Scene that

Jesus Take The Thugger Wheel: Young Thug’s Pint-Size Daughter Is Caught Cruising Behind Wheel Of Car, Sparking Social Media Outrage [Video]

Young Thug’s Young Daughter Is Caught On Video Driving Car, Sparking Social Media Outrage

Young Thug is facing some daddy heat after footage of his young daughter surfaced on social media of her driving on a public road.

The clip

Pop, Lock & Shoplift: Woman Allegedly Steals $300 Worth Of Clothing While Twerking On Store Cameras [Video]

Woman Is Caught Twerking On Camera While Shoplifting

While robbing a clothing store, one yam-tastic woman thought it would be a good idea to draw more attention to herself by twerking for the cameras.

According to CBS Miami, cops

DNA Delusion: Ancestry.com Apologizes For Ridiculously Romanticized Slavery Ad After Twitter Outs Their Ahistorical BS

Nice try!

Ancestry.com Apologizes For A Love Ad Involving A White Man And Black Slave


Ancestry.com tried to sugar coat, cherry-on-top slavery, and it didn’t go well at all with the people.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution,

#JusticeForLucca Teen Gets Brutally Pepper Sprayed & Beaten By Cop In Graphic Video

An Officer Beats And Bloodies A Teen After Responding To A McDonald’s Disturbance

The cops are once again completely out their minds with a horrific act against a TEENAGER.

According to 7News Miami, cellphone video footage captured an officer

F**k 12: White Cop Tells Black Middle Schoolers “Wait Until Your A$$es Turn 18, Then You’re Mine” [Video]

The Viral Video Causes Backlash & Demands From The Community

A Virginia police officer let his racist feelings fly when interacting with some Black middle schoolers.

According to New York Daily News, the unidentified White cop was slowly driving

Why? Jaguar-Scratched Woman Who Ignantly Climbed Barrier For A Selfie Thinks Zoo Should Try “Moving Their Fence Back” [Video]

The Zoo Clapped Back With A Message About Following Rules

The woman who thought she was above the rules at the zoo then ended up SCRATCHED has more to say.

CBS Evening News had a chat with Leanne, who asked

I’m Suing! Fiji Water Girl Is Trying To Finagle Funds From Fiji Water After They Forged Her Image For Profit

The Two Parties Seemingly Formed A Relationship That Is Now Being Disputed

It appears Fiji Water was getting extra comfortable with their new viral sensation Kelleth Cuthbert, a.k.a. Fiji Water Girl and now she’s suing them dry.

Cuthbert was catapulted

Tried It: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Conservatives Circulating “Fake Nude Photo” Of Her

Foot Fetishists Played A Part In Exposing The BS

It’s been less than a month since new officials have been sworn into Congress and already the sexist attacks have started against women trailblazers.

According to New York Post, a

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