People Are Guessing The ‘Nasty’ Tweet That Ruined Disney Buying Twitter & All Hell’s Breaking Loose

Disney CEO Bob Iger Lion King Premier

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Pure comedy!

Twitter Investigates What Tweet Ruined Disney Buying Twitter

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been on a weird press run for seemingly no reason at all this week, and throughout that journey, he’s revealed a lot of random information. Perhaps the most hilarious bit of intel he let go was the fact that Disney planned on buying social media platform Twitter, but had to pull the plug before the deal actually went through.

What could happen to make a huge conglomerate like Disney stop from buying a huge entity like Twitter? Apparently, the “rudeness, nastiness, and filth.”

While sitting down with Jim Cramer, Iger explained that after exploring the platform, “It doesn’t feel very Disney to me.”

Of course, Twitter quickly got ahold of this info and the question arose: what tweet could it have been to make a billion-dollar machine say, “Nope, we aren’t touching this.” That’s when all hell broke loose and the most outrageous tweets to ever be tweeted resurfaced.

After only a few tweets, we ALL understood why the Disney CEO backed out of purchasing Twitter.

Beyoncé Unleashed A Gazillion Unseen Snaps And Last Year’s Lisa Bonet Look Has The Interwebs Exploding

Lisa Bonet

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Beyoncé Channels Lisa Bonet In Newly-Shared Photos, Including Pic With Twins

Beyoncé shared a ton of photos to her website, two weeks after her birthday under the title “Your B At 37,” the most popular was a Halloween snap from 2018 of her holding twins Rumi and Sir while costumed as Lisa Bonet in her heyday.

The photos had Twitter in a full tizzy, with nearly 10,000 people weighing in about why Lisa Bonet was trending and with their thoughts on Bey’s tribute, while some joke they thought Tekashi had tried to snitch on Bonet too. Check out some of the tweets below:

FREE SMOKE: Twitter Shades Instagram By Claiming The Platform Is Mainly Tweet Screenshots

Twitter Instagram Photo


Twitter Shades Instagram Claiming ITs Mainly Tweet Screenshots

Since the start of social media, we’ve seen several networks come & go: Myspace, Vine, Path, Google+ and several others (not to mention the fact that Snapchat is still on life support).

Most current new apps don’t stand a chance due to Instagram quickly implementing each and every one of its new features. But on the flip side, one social media site that has seemed to withstand the test of time is Twitter. Twitter is still a lot of peoples’ main source of info information, second only to Google. Want to know the real tea on any subject? Just search it on Twitter. Want a good laugh? Search Twitter. Plus, if you actively use Instagram, you’ll notice that even on a separate platform, a lot the top posts on the popular page are screenshots of tweets.

That’s a trend that has been going on for a while, and Twitter itself has started to notice as well. The social media site decided to fire off a subliminal about the matter, and where else than on the official Instagram page?

Twitter posted a series of screenshotted tweets with one reading “instagram is literally just screenshots of tweets and i think @twitter should call them out”. They even chopped it up into 6 separate IG post to read as two rows incase anyone might not get the subliminal. Even more petty is the fact that its sits as their first post and they only have a handful of posts on the platform ever.

Since this initial shade, Twitter has posted nothing but screenshots of tweets on Instagram. Nothing like some playful shots to make everyone realize the majority–and what one could argue is the best part–of Instagram is Twitter.

Ironic, huh?

SMH, Damn: Lizzo Says “Bigoted” Security Guard “Slapped And Manhandled” Her Team At Summerfest

2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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Lizzo Accuses A “Bigoted Security Guard” Of Attacking Her Hair Stylist And Stylist

Lizzo‘s successful show at Summerfest in Milwaukee took a bad turn when her crew was confronted by a security guard, according to Lizzo.

According to a tweet she made, the guard “tackled and attacked” her team.



She later tweeted:

“FU**! That was the best show ever but I feel like I can’t even celebrate cuz RACISM don’t matter if you a headliner…. SMH please send footage.”



“Tonight was beautiful. You are beautiful. But the struggle ain’t over. Racism and bigotry don’t care if you’re a headliner. Thank you . We will be filing a complaint against that bigoted “security” guard and I hope you’ll be cooperative in seeking justice.”


According to the Journal Sentinel, Lizzo also posted a video that seems to have been deleted of the security guard standing backstage.

“They’re keeping me from going over there and having my way with him, but I’m filming this right now just in case I need some evidence and just in case I need to put this on the internet,” Lizzo said in the clip. “He needs to be in handcuffs.”

She even asked the man for his name, but he didn’t respond.

In a later tweet, Lizzo said Summerfest responded to her outrage and said they would be “investigating the guards who attacked my team!” Lizzo continued, “Thanks for the support and please send any footage you might have, it all helps!”

Summerfest issued a response of their own on Friday morning, saying:

“Lizzo gave an incredible performance which she now feels is tarnished by events which occurred during the performance. We do not tolerate racism in any form. We will conduct a thorough investigation.”


We’ll continue to keep you updated if more info surfaces.

Where’s Onika? Megan Thee Stallion Lists Her Top 5 Female Rappers & Some Barbz Are Baffled Their Queen Didn’t Make The List

2019 WKYS Women's Day Celebration

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Megan Thee Stallion Lists Her Top Five Female Rappers & It Doesn’t Include Nicki Minaj

So America’s favorite Hot Girl Megan Thee Stallion recently sat down with “The Cruz Show” on Real 92.3 and she did something everyone was probably waiting for…

She listed her top five women M.C.’s of all time. Her list was filled with greats including Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, and Eve. Then, to top it off, Meg threw in her latest M.C. fav…herself.


We not mad.

However, the group that was mad (and are eternally mad) were the Barbz.

Apparently, some of them were a little upset that Ms. Nicki Minaj wasn’t on Meg’s G.O.A.T. list.


Luckily, the Internet swiftly silenced any Meg slander with some pointed tweets.


Hit the flip for some more.