People Are Guessing The ‘Nasty’ Tweet That Ruined Disney Buying Twitter & All Hell’s Breaking Loose

Pure comedy!

Twitter Investigates What Tweet Ruined Disney Buying Twitter

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been on a weird press run for seemingly no reason at all this week, and throughout that journey, he’s revealed a lot of random information.

Beyoncé Unleashed A Gazillion Unseen Snaps And Last Year’s Lisa Bonet Look Has The Interwebs Exploding

Beyoncé Channels Lisa Bonet In Newly-Shared Photos, Including Pic With Twins

Beyoncé shared a ton of photos to her website, two weeks after her birthday under the title “Your B At 37,” the most popular was a Halloween snap from

FREE SMOKE: Twitter Shades Instagram By Claiming The Platform Is Mainly Tweet Screenshots

Twitter Shades Instagram Claiming ITs Mainly Tweet Screenshots

Since the start of social media, we’ve seen several networks come & go: Myspace, Vine, Path, Google+ and several others (not to mention the fact that Snapchat is still on

SMH, Damn: Lizzo Says “Bigoted” Security Guard “Slapped And Manhandled” Her Team At Summerfest

Lizzo Accuses A “Bigoted Security Guard” Of Attacking Her Hair Stylist And Stylist

Lizzo‘s successful show at Summerfest in Milwaukee took a bad turn when her crew was confronted by a security guard, according to Lizzo.

According to a

Where’s Onika? Megan Thee Stallion Lists Her Top 5 Female Rappers & Some Barbz Are Baffled Their Queen Didn’t Make The List

Megan Thee Stallion Lists Her Top Five Female Rappers & It Doesn’t Include Nicki Minaj

So America’s favorite Hot Girl Megan Thee Stallion recently sat down with “The Cruz Show” on Real 92.3 and she did something everyone was probably

Hasta La Vista: Arnold Schwarzenegger Drop-Kicked By An Attacker In South Africa [Video]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked By Fan In South Africa

According to Variety, Arnold Schwarzenneger, the action star and former California governor, was blindsided during an event in Johannesburg, South Africa early Saturday.

In a video that has since gone

Comic Caucasity: Gary Owen Tweets N-Word Joke, Twitter Excommunicates Alleged “Cookout Privileges”

Comedian Gary Owen Gets Slammed For Making N-Word Joke

Gary Owen got REAL comfortable with his perceived Black card and the Twitter-verse is now coming for his head.

In what seemed to be a response to Damian Lillard‘s mind-melting

DNA Delusion: Ancestry.com Apologizes For Ridiculously Romanticized Slavery Ad After Twitter Outs Their Ahistorical BS

Nice try!

Ancestry.com Apologizes For A Love Ad Involving A White Man And Black Slave


Ancestry.com tried to sugar coat, cherry-on-top slavery, and it didn’t go well at all with the people.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution,

Yuuule: Soulja Boy Blatantly Calls Ariana Grande A Pint Sized Pilferer For ‘Stealing’ Her Trap Track

Soulja Boy Presses Ariana Grande On Social Media; Demands She Pay Homage

Soulja Boy just added Ariana Grande to list of people that owe him credit. The self-appointed “Comeback King” is applying pressure to Grande following the release of her

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