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Knifed Up Or Nah: People Think THESE Pics Prove Kimmy Cakes Surgically Snipped Her Famed Face

Kim Kardashian Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kim Kardashian is being (once again) hit by plastic surgery rumors. Most recently the reality superstar sparked gossip that she knifed up her face during that trip to Armenia where she got baptized alongside

Ooop! OG Alleges Blatant Bias During The #BBWLA Reunion—Guess Who’s On Her Side

OG Asked To Sit On Different Stage During “Basketball Wives” Reunion

“Basketball Wives” fans got to see alllll the drama unfold last night during the “Basketball Wives” reunion. During the Marc Lamont Hill hosted show alleged “troublemaker”/Evelyn

Things Get Very Spooky, Very Fast In Creepy New “Eli” Trailer

“Eli” Trailer

“Eli” will probably give you nightmares or make you sleep with every light on based on this very spooky and very stressful trailer that you should absolutely watch at your own risk..

“Eli” streams globally on Netflix on

Amber Guyger Murder Trial: Black Juror Speaks On Light 10 Year Sentence, “I Can’t Give Her 28 Years…I Know People Aren’t Happy”

Jurors In Amber Guyger Murder Trial Explain Sentencing

Amber Guyger was only sentenced to ten years in prison for MURDERING Botham Jean and she likely won’t even serve that much.

The jurors who chose to give racist-a$$ Ambs a light

Nope, Naw, HELL NO: Black Judge And Bailiff Get Touchy-Feely With Racist Murderer Amber Guyger At Sentencing

Judge And Bailiff Dote On Amber Guyger At Sentencing

Amber Guyger‘s sentencing brought up some VERY raw emotions yesterday in regard to forgiveness and the way white people are treated when they do heinous and violent acts against Black

Alfre Woodard Delivers Chilling Performance In Smoldering “Clemency” Trailer

“Clemency” Trailer

The always amazing Alfre Woodard delivers a chilling performance as a stoic prison warden dealing with back-to-back executions that put a strain on her marriage, career and convictions.

Whew, it’s heavy and already stirring up Oscar buzz with

National F-Boy League: Antonio Brown’s Agent Says “Few Teams” Are Still Interested In Signing Him [Audio]

Antonio Brown’s Agent Drew Rosenhaus Says NFL Teams Want To Sign Him

Antonio Brown took to Twitter to announce that he will no longer play in the NFL after he was cut by the New England Patriots in the wake

Michelle Williams Snaps On Angry Trolls Confusing Her For The Other Michelle Williams

*whispers* they look nothing alike…

Michelle Williams Claps Back At Angry Trolls

Saved and sanctified Destiny’s Child alum Michelle Williams is SICK and TIRED of being confused with award-winning actress Michelle Williams who delivered a beautiful message to sexist Hollywood

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