Jeannie Mai Tried To Defend T.I.’s Hymen-Checking Hijinks And Got Snowman Shredded On Twitter

Jeannie Mai Gets Dragged Over T.I. Virginity Comments

T.I. has been all over the news for the revelation that he forces his daughter to get her hymen checked every year. He’s been called everything from “abusive” to a “bad parent” to “possessive” over his daughter. Everyone has criticized his comments, especially the fact he put his daughter’s virginity all out for the world to talk about.

One person, though, has come to his defense. That would be Jeannie Mai, who spoke on it on The Real:

“I support what T.I. Is doing because I understand how hard it must be to communicate with an opposite gendered daughter, especially in this time,” Jeannie said on the show.

“Especially what he must have seen and known, you know? Of what boys are like. And for me, I was a very wild girl, I didn’t like rules, I rebelled a lot…Clearly he is super concerned about today’s world and everything, I would just say, ‘What is it that you are concerned about when it comes to the breaking of the hymen or the fact that she’s having sex? Is it the STDs?’ Is it that she doesn’t understand what love is? Does he need to know who the boys are? Why doesn’t he trust her? Whatever it is, he needs to speak it with her.”

The defense doesn’t really make sense and the world is ready to jump down her throat.

Peep the epic dragging.

Ooop! Loni Love Calls Out Blac Chyna For Shadily Skipping Out On ‘The Real’ & Costing Them THOUSANDS

Loni Love Blac Chyna

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Loni Love Calls Out Blac Chyna For Skipping “The Real”

Auntie Loni has absolutely zero time for someone’s shady shenanigans.

If you watched Monday’s episode of “The Real” you may have noticed that Blac Chyna was scheduled to be the big guest of the day to discuss her “The Real Blac Chyna” reality show.

As the show was airing with guest host Amanda Seales however, it became increasingly clear that there was trouble afoot and Blac Chyna was nowhere to be found. By the end of the show, cohost Loni Love tried to play off Chy’s absence by saying she “took too long to get dressed” and they had to end the show without her.

“The Real’s” social media team also made light of Chyna’s absence with a photo of their hosting couch completely empty.

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Today on #TheRealS6, Blac Chyna stops by!

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In the comments, however, Auntie Loni wasn’t in the mood for games and she swiftly told a fan what really happened; Chyna skipped out and wasted the talk show’s time AND money.

“What some folks don’t realize is that was two segments we could have given to someone that really need to promote something…,” wrote Loni in an Instagram comment.

“They not letting everyone in other talk shows especially people of color…we took a chance…then we had to fill the time…that [sic] thousands of dollars gone to waste”


Some fans speculated that Chyna’s absence was in part due to her allegiance to her “big sis” Wendy Williams…

but if that’s the case, then why accept “The Real’s” invite in the first place????

What do YOU think about Blac Chyna skipping out on “The Real”???

Tamar Vs. Loni Vol. 49: Twitter Is DRAGGING Tamar For THESE Comments About “The Real”

43rd Daytime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

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Tamar Vs. Loni Love

It’s been three years since Tamar Braxton‘s unceremonious exile from hit daytime TV show “The Real.” Since then, she’s been on quite a monster reality TV run, seemingly having moved on. The same could be said for The Real, as they’ve won daytime Emmy Awards and seem to be perfectly fine with their situation, too. Leave it up to Wendy Williams, though, to stir the pot.

On Wednesday’s show, she asked Tamar about her time on the show and she responded with this:

“Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be anybody’s marketing tool this season, no shade. I just wish everybody well and I feel like sometimes God has to move you out of situations before you become more toxic to yourself….What if I was in a situation where I’m doing ‘Braxton Family Values’ and very stressed and then I’m doing this other show where people are being catty behind my back. What kind of person would I be right now sitting on this couch? I wouldn’t be focused, I wouldn’t be ready for my transformation, I wouldn’t be ready for my elevation and that’s where I’ve gotta go. I’ve got to go up and up and up.”

This prompted a live response from Loni Love:

Tamar, then, took things to the next level by posting some hearsay about Loni being shady:

Loni chimed in with this comment:

“Who writes letters? Who sent this? …let’s talk it out…stop going on every other show. You know you want to…and bring ya man!”

This all seems pretty, pretty nasty and only getting worse by the day.

Oh Heeey Tamar: Loni Love Says She Wants Tamar Braxton On Season 6 Of ‘The Real’ As Guest

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Loni Love Says She Wants Tamar Braxton As Guest On Upcoming Season Of The Real

The Real is making a comeback for a season six run and already, the co-stars are gaging who their audience wants to see.

Loni Love recently tweeted out who she might want to see on the show and she slipped in a lil’ someone who’s had some beef with the cast in the past…Tamar Braxton.

“Who would you like to see as guests for Season 6,” Loni started off. “Just a few to start @KamalaHarris @ewarren @idriselba @TamarBraxtonHer.”

Oh reeeally?


As you might recall, Tamar used to be the fifth host of the show, but she made her exit surrounded by controversy, according to Madame Noire. She was fired from the show in 2016, then rumors started to swirl that there was tension between her and the other co-hosts, with Braxton accusing them of setting her up to be let go. The current hosts of the show, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry-Housley, and Jeannie Mai  have denied Braxton’s accusations and they say they were just as shocked as Braxton about the news that she was being let go.

Meanwhile, Loni alluded on The Breakfast Club that Braxton’s ex-husband and manager Vincent Herbert had something to do with Tamar’s termination.

“Something happened and he knows what happened. He’s trying to save face, I believe, because he knows something had happened, either some deal that messed up, I don’t know,” said Loni. “It wasn’t like they had a meeting, we tip toed to the office, we don’t have that type of power. We got no power.”

Braxton has since apologized to her former colleagues over all the hoopla, so it could be very likely that she appears on the show for season six.

Fingers crossed!

Oops: ‘The Real’ Co-Hosts Challenge The Game For Calling Tomi Lahren A “C*m Gargling, White Man Body Having Sl*t” [Video]

Politicon 2017 - Day 1

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The Game Talks Tomi Lahren Diss On “The Real”

The Game has some explaining to do with The Real co-hosts after they brought up that one time he obliterated Tomi Lahren on Instagram.

Back in February, The Game slammed Lahren after she made jokes about 21 Savage getting detained by I.C.E. He went on to call her a “c*m gargling, microwaved skinned, 90 year old white man body having slore.

The hosts of The Real thought this might’ve been too much, especially since he sexualized Lahren over an immigration issue.

They challenged him on the show, and this is what The Game had to say…


What do you think? An adequate explanation from Jayceon or nah?