Protect & Twerk: Denver Police Officer Suspended After Leaving Work Early To Hit The Strip Club [Video]

The strip club isn’t only for big ballers and rappers, police officers like to make it rain too — even if that means playing hooky from work. Denver Police Officer Shederick Dobbin was suspended earlier this week for 10 days after he left work early to go to a strip club.

According to DPD:

Dobbin went to a strip club at 2:25 p.m. in November 2018. He was scheduled to be on duty until 3 p.m. Video shows Dobbin entering PT’s Showclub on West Evans Avenue near Ruby Hill Park. DPD said Dobbin also misused a police database to look up the criminal history of a dancer and two of her associates at the club. The dancer was found dead in Lakewood in November.

Lakewood Police are still investigating the dancer’s death, however, Dobbin is not a suspect. Wow.