Super Bowl

Zone Defense: 33 People Arrested In Atlanta During Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking Sting 

Dozens Arrested In Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Sting

Just in time for the madness that is Super Bowl weekend, federal law officials have arrested 33 people and rescued four victims who were involved in a sex trafficking operation in Atlanta.

Oops: Nick Cannon Says Travis Scott Isn’t “For The Culture” Due To Superbowl & His Kylie-Copulating Proclivities

He Breaks Down His Argument In Interview

Nick Cannon is coming for Tavis Scott‘s thinly braided head in a new episode of BET’s Raq Rants. 

According to TMZ, Cannon said he had an issue with Scott performing at

Midnight Train Cancellation: Gladys Knight Is Getting DRAGGED For Agreeing To Sing The National Anthem At The Super Bowl

Gladys Knight’s Fans Aren’t Happy That She’s Agreeing To Perform At The Super Bowl

According to TMZ, Gladys Knight is hoping her performance at the Super Bowl can “unite the country” and her fans are NOT happy. The legendary

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