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Hard To Watch: Sandy Hook Promise Releases Horrifying And Hyper-Violent #BackToSchool PSA [Video]

Sandy Hook Promise Releases #BackToSchool

School’s back and that means that children and parents all across America have to worry about whether or not their local will become the latest target of a mass shooting.

The Sandy Hook Promise organization

F**k 12: Embarrassed Black Homeowner Arrested At Gunpoint In Draws After Burglar Alarm Goes Off

Black Homeowner Arrested In Underwear When Police Think He’s A Burglar

The police could EASILY find ways to de-escalate situations like these, but we’re pretty sure they just get a kick out of embarrassing people.

According to ABCNews, Black

Animal Behavior: Big A$$ Bison Flips 9-Year-Old Girl Like Dominique Dawes At Yellowstone National Park [Video]

Bison Flips Girl At Yellowstone National Park

Let this be a lesson to you nosy white folks who think you can just invade an animal’s personal space without consequences and repercussions.

S#!t can get real faster than you know.


#Scream: Keke Palmer, Terrence J, Tyga And More Talk How To Avoid Being A Victim Of A Serial Killer [Video]

VH1’s Scream Stars Share Their “Death Face” And Talk Serial Killers

Keke Palmer, Terrence J, Tyga, Jessica Sula and several others are starring in VH1’s 3-night feature of #Scream.

The remake of the classic 90s horror flick is likely to

Shook Ones: 6.4 California Earthquake Leaves Colin Cowherd Scared S#!tless On Live TV [Video]

Colin Cowherd Reacts To California Earthquake On Live TV

Things got a lil’ shaky in southern California yesterday as residents experienced the biggest earthquake in 20 years as a 6.4 tremor stuck several areas including Los Angeles proper.

The incident

A Mad Ting: 2 People Shot During Toronto Raptors Championship Celebration, Thousands Run For Their Lives

1 Shot And Injured At Raptors Championship Celebration

The Raptors championship celebration in Nathan Phillips Square has been marred by violence.

There aren’t very many details available as of yet, but a Toronto news station is reporting that a woman

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