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Hard To Watch: Sandy Hook Promise Releases Horrifying And Hyper-Violent #BackToSchool PSA [Video]

Sandy Hook Promise Releases #BackToSchool

School’s back and that means that children and parents all across America have to worry about whether or not their local will become the latest target of a mass shooting.

The Sandy Hook Promise organization

F**k 12: Embarrassed Black Homeowner Arrested At Gunpoint In Draws After Burglar Alarm Goes Off

Black Homeowner Arrested In Underwear When Police Think He’s A Burglar

The police could EASILY find ways to de-escalate situations like these, but we’re pretty sure they just get a kick out of embarrassing people.

According to ABCNews, Black

Animal Behavior: Big A$$ Bison Flips 9-Year-Old Girl Like Dominique Dawes At Yellowstone National Park [Video]

Bison Flips Girl At Yellowstone National Park

Let this be a lesson to you nosy white folks who think you can just invade an animal’s personal space without consequences and repercussions.

S#!t can get real faster than you know.


Shook Ones: Watch The First 5 Minutes Of VH1’s Horrifying Rebirth Of #Scream Starring Paris Jackson [Video]

First 5 Minutes Of VH1’s ‘Scream’

VH1 is bringing the iconic horror flick Scream back tonight!

The rebirthed version of the 90s slasher stars a very diverse cast including Keke Palmer, Terrence J, Tyga and more.

To garner some hype

#Scream: Keke Palmer, Terrence J, Tyga And More Talk How To Avoid Being A Victim Of A Serial Killer [Video]

VH1’s Scream Stars Share Their “Death Face” And Talk Serial Killers

Keke Palmer, Terrence J, Tyga, Jessica Sula and several others are starring in VH1’s 3-night feature of #Scream.

The remake of the classic 90s horror flick is likely to

Shook Ones: 6.4 California Earthquake Leaves Colin Cowherd Scared S#!tless On Live TV [Video]

Colin Cowherd Reacts To California Earthquake On Live TV

Things got a lil’ shaky in southern California yesterday as residents experienced the biggest earthquake in 20 years as a 6.4 tremor stuck several areas including Los Angeles proper.

The incident

A Mad Ting: 2 People Shot During Toronto Raptors Championship Celebration, Thousands Run For Their Lives

1 Shot And Injured At Raptors Championship Celebration

The Raptors championship celebration in Nathan Phillips Square has been marred by violence.

There aren’t very many details available as of yet, but a Toronto news station is reporting that a woman

Florida Crazies: ALL Denver Public Schools Closed As FBI And Police Search For “Extremely Dangerous” Armed Teen Girl Obsessed With Columbine

Denver Schools Closed As Manhunt For Columbine-Obsessed Girl Continues

The 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre is this Saturday and the people in Denver who lived through the 1999 tragedy are now reliving another potentially violent nightmare as the infamous

DC Young Fly, Terri Vaughn, & David Banner Presents #DigitalLivesMatter

DC Young Fly, Terri Vaughn, and David Banner Presents #DigitalLivesMatter

Produced by Terri Vaughn and written by Cas Sigers-Beedles, the film follows D.C. Young Fly as he’s on top of the world with his over 3 million followers. However, when

Taraji P. Henson Channels Ku Klux Klan Battling Activist Ann Atwater In ‘Best Of Enemies’ [VIDEO]

Taraji P. Henson Talks About The Impact Of Ann Atwater

Last week BOSSIP screened Taraji P. Henson’s latest film ‘Best Of Enemies’ and had the opportunity to interview the actress about portraying the role of Ann Atwater, who took on

Shook Ones: Family Driven From “Haunted” Home When Ghostly Figure Appears On Camera, Baby Wakes Up With Face Scratches

Ghostly Figure Appears On Babies Monitor

A lot of people have expressed nervousness about seeing Jordan Peele‘s new nightmare Us, but the truth is that reality is often far more terrifying than fiction.

According to DailyMail, a

Go Best Friend! Chucky Is Back, He’s More Futuristic, But He’s Still Scary As Hell In First ‘Child’s Play’ Trailer [Video]

‘Child’s Play’ Remake First Trailer Released

It’s been a minute since the ginger spawn of Satan terrorized us, but that’s about to change.

Today we get the first trailer from the 2019 remake of the 1988 horror flick that put

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