Truth To Power: Unjustly Fired Orlando Jones Says He And Gabrielle Union In The Same Boat [Video]

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Orlando Jones Voices Criticism Of Same Company As Gabrielle Union

Orlando Jones was recently fired from Starz show American Gods under extremely dubious circumstances. Jones’ character, Mr. Nancy, had become a fan favorite for the way he laid down scathing monologues about Black people and the way America has viewed us since the days of slavery.

Jones says things got very awkward on the set when Jones took issue with certain things that were happening and spoke up about. Namely, the way the other characters of color were portrayed. Jones says eventually he ended up writing not only his own parts, but also parts for other minority characters.

Orlando recently appeared on TMZ Live to explain the situation and call out the American God‘s production company, Fremantle Media, the same exact company that Gabrielle Union complained about during her time on America’s Got Talent. No shock that Black folks would have serious issues with “America”.

We proudly stand with Gabrielle Union and Orlando Jones in their fight against oppressive soup cookies.

Here’s What Happened When Saweetie Met Beyoncé At #Diddy50

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I will survive being bootylicious!!! ♥😛♥

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Saweetie Met Beyoncé & Shattered Twitter

Everyone should know Queen Bey is the celebrity of celebrities who posed for stunning pics with a GEEKED Saweetie and Kelly Rowland at Diddy’s extravagant birthday bash in a super cute moment that sent Twitter into a starry-eyed frenzy.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Saweetie meeting Beyonce on the flip.

MESS ALERT: Funniest, Wildest & Pettiest Reactions To The #LHHNY Season 10 Premiere

Hilarious Tweets From #LHHNY Premiere

Ah yes, the OG Love & Hip-Hop originator returned with some familiar faces and a fresh batch of MESS that made the star-studded SEASON 10 premiere MUST-SEE Monday night TV across social media.

Everyone’s faves (Cyn, Budden, Tahiry, Erica Mena & Safaree, Jim & Chrissy and Yandy) were back at it again with updated shenanigans ranging from bitter breakups, marriage squabbles, foreclosure, ex on ex crime and much (MUCH) more that fueled hilarious chaos across Reality Twitter.

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#WWHL: Bravo Baddies Kenya Moore & Miss Quad Trade Shade—But What Was The REAL Issue?

Quad and Kenya

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Kenya Moore & Miss Quad Trade Shade On “Watch What Happens Live”—But What Was The REAL Issue?

Two Bravo stars seemed to be trading shade on live television and social media went CRAZY with speculation. #RHOA’s Kenya Moore and “Married To Medicine’s” Miss Quad were guests on “Watch What Happens Live” last night to dish on their shows.

And during the interview, there seemed to be some awkwardness and animosity coming from Kenya Moore’s way in particular. At one point a clip was shown from the next #RHOA featuring Kenya’s estranged hubby Marc Daly. Quad then put her “Sister Circle” hosting skills to work to ask Kenya about the situation.

“So Kenya, how does that make you feel when you see that your husband doesn’t have your back? And actually, you guys are one, you’re a unit,” Webb addressed Moore.

“Well, I’m going to let Andy ask the questions,” said Kenya. Even though Andy jumped in saying he was going to ask the same thing Webb asked.


Later on, Andy noted that viewers were asking why Kenya was “being so shady” to Quad and Kenya noted that there’s a “history” of shade.

Kenya: “That’s going to take too long for me to answer.”

Quad: “You’re very smary, let’s just sum it up real quick. Let’s give the people two words, it doesn’t matter what it is. Give it to them.”

Kenya: “History. She has a little bit of shady history towards me…

Quad: I thought you were saying something in favor of my ex-husband once before…

Kenya: “Oh I love him. Is that a bad thing?”
Kenya claimed that Quad allegedly made a shady comment on WWHL while on the show alongside Sheree Whitfield.

Quad: “If you remember so much, then go ahead and refresh our memory. Well, you’re still holding onto it many years later. I don’t recall. [I’ve] always liked you. So tell me exactly what was said. I’d love to get into it live–the viewers are asking.

Kenya: “We’ve answered!”


During the after-show, Andy said producers watched a clip of Quad and Sheree commenting on Kenya’s estranged mother. After the footage wasn’t played Quad then apologized.

Andy Cohen: “It was the episode where Sheree said something, really kind of, that you took great offense to about your mom. Was what you were upset about that Quad was there and laughing along with Sheree?”

Kenya: “I think it was about my mom not answering the door.”

Quad: “To this day I still do not like that she didn’t answer the door—-so run the beautiful bean footage. RUN IT! RUN IT!”

Kenya: “You threw me some shade…”

Quad: “She’s telling me that she feels offended by it… I receive what she’s saying. I receive that it probably wasn’t a good place for me to say it. I’m not going to say how you should’ve felt, I can’t control that but I can apologize for it, ok? How bout that?”

That was big of Quad.

What do YOU think about Kenya and Quad patching things up??? Whose side were you on???


See more of these two on WWHL on the flip.

Funniest (And Pettiest) Tweets From Diddy’s 50th Bday Bash

Hilarious Tweets From Diddy’s 50th Bday Bash

Everyone’s still buzzing over Diddy’s lavish 50th birthday bash that brought out all our fave celebs–literally EVERYBODY–in a truly momentous occasion that gave us a hilariously awkward Kanye & Hov “reunion,” viral phone-snatch moment and glossy new pics of the richest Black A-listers in one room.

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N***** In Crisis: Pettiest Reactions To Kanye & Jay Z’s Awkward “Reunion” At Diddy’s 50th Bday Bash

Kanye & Jay Reunite At Diddy’s Party, Stir Up Chitter-Chatter

Well, it (finally) happened: ex-BFFs Kanye and Jay Z reunited (well, kinda) at Diddy’s lavish 50th birthday bash in a hilariously awkward yet encouraging moment for the culture that overshadowed the star-studded occasion.

At first glance, things appeared to be cool between the once inseparable titans until awkward pics surfaced online and fueled yet another petty party across the internet.

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Here’s What Happened When Cardi Gave Offset $500,000 Bodak Bucks For His Birthday

Cardi Gifts Offset $500,000 & Blows Up Twitter

Some wise person once said ‘money can’t buy happiness’ and we’re here to tell you that’s a damn lie. No, seriously, IT IS and certainly doesn’t apply to Offset who was GEEKED when his wife Cardi gifted him $500,000 for his birthday in a next-level rich bish flex that sparked hilarious hysteria across Twitter.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Cardi’s birthday splurge on the flip.

Hell Naw, Shawty: Creepy McCreeper Hacks Family’s Doorbell Monitor, Talks To Father And Young Daugther [Video]

Doorbell-Camera Company Ring Partners With Over 400 Police Departments, Raising Surveillance Concerns

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Creepy Hacker Takes Over Surveillance Monitor And Talks To Family

Ring doorbell monitors are SUPPOSED to secure your home from strangers and weirdos but for one Nebraska family it was actually and invite to those very same people.

According to Fox32 Chicago, father and his young daughter got a very unwelcome surprise when their unit was hacked by some basement-dwelling loser who has WAY too much access to wi-fi.

Adam Krcilek owns an Amazon Ring unit and placed the monitor in his kitchen. One day, upon leaving the room, a voice spoke to his young daughter asking “What are you watching? Hey, What show is that? I’ve seen that show before. What episode are you on.”

Upon returning, the voice also speaks to Adam:

When Krcilek reenters the room and opens the fridge, the voice says, “What are you eating?” Krcilek looks around and approaches the camera as he asks: “Who is this?”

This is the type of s#!t that makes our skin crawl. Check out the eerie video…

Hell. F**k. Naw. Shawty.

Here’s What Happened When Cassie Shared An Ovary-Melting Sneak Peek Of Baby Frankie

Cassie Shares First Photo Of Baby Frankie

Everyone’s buzzing over Cassie’s post-Diddy bundle of joy–Frankie Stone Fine–who’s already melting hearts (and ovaries), especially on Instagram where she made her precious debut (well, kinda) while fueling heart-eyed hysteria across the internet.

Peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over Cassie’s precious reveal on the flip.

Bigot Bank Black: Racist JP Morgan Chase Employees Recorded Telling Ex-NFLer Jimmy Kennedy He’s Too Big, Black, And Scary

Minnesota Vikings 2010 Headshots

Source: Handout / Getty

JP Morgan Chase Employee Secretly Recorded Making Racist Statements

Jimmy Kennedy is Black, 38-years-old, 6’4″, and 320 pounds. Those type of physical features get you two things in Amerikkka, the ability to make millions of dollars playing professional sports, and racist stereotyping when you look for a bank to deposit those millions.

According to DailyMail, Kennedy, a former NFL lineman for the St. Louis Rams, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, and New York Giants, has recorded JP Morgan Chase employees making insanely racist statements to him. Kennedy was looking to become a “private client” that awards him discounts and other VIP perks, but he began to feel that he was being treated much differently than others in his tax bracket. As soon as he pressed “record”, he found out why:

‘You’re bigger than the average person, period. And you’re also an African-American,’ the employee, Charles Belton, who is black, told Kennedy, reports the New York Times.

‘We’re in Arizona. I don’t have to tell you about what the demographics are in Arizona. They don’t see people like you a lot’.

A JP Morgan Chase spokesperson initially said they had not heard anything about these recordings, then switched their pitch once the New York Times let the KKKat out of the bag. The executive who was caught on tape was placed on paid leave and has since resigned completely.

Kennedy’s first financial advisor, Ricardo Peters, also complained of racist practices and caught those conversations on a recorder as well. Peters’ boss, Frank Venniro, basically fed a Black woman who was in need of serious financial advice to the sharks.

Then he complained to the same boss that another advisor was trying to steal a client – a woman who was black and on a public housing assistance program known as Section 8 – who received $372,000 in a wrongful death settlement when her son died…

‘You’ve got somebody who’s coming from Section 8, never had a nickel to spend, and now she’s got $400,000,’ Venniro said.

‘What do you think’s going to happen with that money? It’s gone’, Venniro said, not knowing that Peters too was recording his words, out of his concerns.’

Racist a$$ bank. SMFH.

Ooop! Alleged #RHOA ‘Snake’ Yovanna Accused Of Concocting Cynthia Bailey’s Alleged NeNe Leakes Diss

NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Yovanna

Source: Paras Griffin / Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Rolling Stone

Yovanna Accused Of Concocting Cynthia Bailey’s Alleged NeNe Leakes Diss On #RHOA

“Sayonara Ms. CAU!” is what some fans are saying amid recent rumors surrounding the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Yovanna Momplaisir, the woman accused by fans of being the so-called “RHOA snake”, is facing allegations that she completely concocted a secret recording of Cynthia Bailey dissing NeNe Leakes.

As previously reported the ladies are alleging that there’s a “snake” in the cast who’s claiming that there’s an audio recording of Cynthia Bailey “dogging out” NeNe Leakes. During Sunday’s episode, Kenya Moore called the person who recorded Cynthia “a snake,” for secretly making the audio.

“That person needs to step up, because you need to be as ly dog and a little snake in front of everybody,” said Kenya. “Don’t bring it up unless you can really show the receipts,” she warned.

According to Radar Online, the not-so-secret snake is indeed Yovanna and she wasn’t alone in stirring the pot.

“Of course, Yovanna is the ‘snake’ they all speak of, but she didn’t do it all by herself,” an insider claimed, identifying Gail “Yovanna” Momplaisir as the “snake.”

“Yovanna dishes out so much trash talking, stirring up trouble, but Cynthia and Kenya are in the middle of it all.”

The source is also telling the site that Yovanna might’ve shadily made up the recording altogether noting that NO ONE has even heard the alleged audio.

“There is allegedly audio but to date no cast member or staffers have heard said audio,” the source explained. “Many believe she made it up to keep filming.”

According to Radar’s source, however, the validity of the tape doesn’t really matter to NeNe.

“NeNe doesn’t care if it was/is real, she knows Cynthia trash talks her,” the insider explained.

An alleged audio recording with no audio??? HOW DREADFUL.

Yovanna previously denied recording Cynthia. “I ain’t no spy,” said the reality star.

Do YOU believe her???


See more on RHOA’s messy #SnakeGate on the flip.

Too Much Juice: Houston Rockets Invite Lizzo To Clap Her Courtside Cakes, Blow Up Twitter

Houston Rockets Invite Lizzo To Clap Her Courtside Cakes

Another day, another Lizzo headline courtesy of the Houston Rockets who invited the super poppin’ star to perform with the Clutch City Dancers during a game just days after her courtside cake-clapping in LA blew up the whole entire internet.

At some point, we’re sure Lizzo will take a break from applying pressure to her steadily growing army of haters but it’s clearly not this week.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over the Rockets invite on the flip.