Everyone has a “fetish“. No matter what people would like others to believe, we ALL have some “strange” and “odd” ticking meter that really “gets us off”.  We shouldn’t be ashamed of these things, instead we should embrace them in open arms, in confidence, and in Liberation.

Rihanna’s shocked the world with her rauchy S&M video, and the thought of


Joe Shuster (1950s), co-creator of Superman, from Nights of Horror


Sadomasochism is the giving or receiving pleasure from acts involving the receipt or infliction of pain or humiliation. Practitioners of sadomasochism may seek sexual gratification from their acts. While the terms sadist and masochist refer respectively to one who enjoys giving or receiving pain, practitioners of sadomasochism may switch between activity and passivity.

The abbreviation S&M is often used for sadomasochism, although practitioners themselves normally remove the ampersand and use the acronym S-M or SM or S/M when written throughout the literature. Sadomasochism is not considered a clinical paraphilia unless such practices lead to clinically significant distress or impairment for a diagnosis.

 Similarly, sexual sadism within the context of mutual consent, generally known under the heading BDSM, is distinguished from non-consensual acts of sexual violence or aggression

PEOPLE ENJOY AGRESSIVE SEX ALL THE TIME ! A Good way to spice up any relationship is to be open with your true wants and desires. Your partner will feel as if ou are the ‘ONLY” person in the world they can trully be happy with, when they can expose themselves completely without judgment.





R&B singer Jhene Aiko and G.O.O.D. Music MC Big Sean have been going strong for over a year now, and aside from false reports that the Detroit rapper cheated on the songstress, their union has been #RelationshipGoals for plenty of fans.

The pair recently celebrated milestone birthdays together, with Aiko turning the big 3-0 March 16th while the Sean Don celebrated his 30th March 25th.


Living in a Love- Less Society…BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO NOTICE…

Date around, feel sparks settle, then “POOF”.……the entire castle collapsed right before your very eyes. You cry and wonder what it is about you in particular that keeps attracting these half-hearted crazy MF-er’s and become a 98th Galactic Masturbation Master.  This is the story of 21 century dating. There are key elements of successful courtship they we have to be privy to, inorder to change this.



What’s the first thing people who first meet ask each other? They should be asking “SO WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? This questions is so important. If your looking for a permanent relationship, while the other person is sowing their oats off the Eastern Hemisphere, your expectation is mismatched , and house dividing never stands.



If there is not a deep rooted love between to people , a partnership will eventually disassemble. Love goes beyond the superficial and is reliable through the testament of time.

                     #1 SEX & KIDs

Whoa , whoa, Whoa Now. Don’t undo those draw-strings yet. Now we must talk children Does both partners want kids, Does one of you have kids already? both of you ? Do you want more kids?

Again, openness about these topics assure that both people are willing entering into a conscience partnership with mutual understanding.

                     2# Marriage

IF YOU SAY THE WORDS “MARRIAGE” AND HE THINKS YOUR REFERING TO A STAG COACH JUST START PACKING…..Don’t grow old waiting for him to pop the question while he doesn’t even believe in the institution of Marriage. Compatibility is measured by two people’s ability to intertwine in natural flow and ease.Having the same end goal double the resources and the chances of success

               #3 Gender Roles

Some Men love Women to play traditional roles and take care o him and the home. Honestly, this path heralds a rather stress free life for his woman and ensures she is protected from the other agitators of working a 9-5 job. Other men love ambitious women who they can split the bills with this. Whether the men will be equally excited to share the power depends on the personality and culturing o the couple.



This section was needed. Sometimes relationship involve more than two or three people. When these circumstances are present the everyone in the group should be aware of the expectations and adhere to them.

In cases where women allow a third party to enter into the bedroom. (I do not recommend this), partners should be brutally honest about what they are comfortable with, willing to try, and not willing to entertain. Happy sexual lives begin with honesty and ends with love,


ψ 10 Habits of Highly Sexual Couples
According to sex therapists

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By Jen Glantz
Jun 2, 2017

There are peaks and valleys in every long-term relationship. If you and your partner are going through a dry spell—sex has become inconsistent, or no longer valued in the relationship—it may be time to get things back on track. How do other couples keep things hot in the bedroom? Here, we spoke with leading sex therapists to find out what they say are the top 10 habits of highly sexual couples.

1 They embrace imperfection.

Life isn’t perfect, and neither is sex. “Couples who have a lot of sex don’t look for the perfect situation, like being on vacation when your kids are not with you. In daily life, work stress, family stress, and home stress of all kinds come into play,” says Holly Richmond, Ph.D., a licensed sex therapist and marriage and family counselor. “Couples who have a lot of sex take advantage of less than perfect moments.”
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2 They aren’t always sexually selfish.

While it’s easy to get lost in the desire to feel pleasure, sex is more likely to happen when both parties aren’t so selfish. “Highly sexual couples aren’t self-centered. It’s not all about one person or the other,” says Kristie Overstreet, Ph.D., clinical sexologist, psychotherapist, and founder of TherapyDepartment.com. “These couples listen to what each other needs especially when it comes to sex. They are in-tune with each other’s sexual arousal and they deliver.”

3 They’re comfortable in their skin.

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Having more sex can come down to loving yourself, all of yourself, before making love to someone else. “Those who feel comfortable with their bodies don’t get hung up on how their bodies look, feel, or smell to one another,” says Overstreet. “They feel at ease with one another which allows them to take advantage of every opportunity to be sexual.”

4 They ΞTrustΞ each other.

One key trait that highly sexual couples have in common also contributes to successful marriage: trust. “You can’t be a highly sexual couple and have trust issues,” Overstreet explains. “Trust and intimacy are in tandem and you can’t have one without the other. These couples have worked through any trust issues, so this is one less barrier to their intimacy.”

5 They don’t rely “on” being in the mood.

Couples who get busy frequently don’t rely on being “in the mood,” because that might be something they rarely feel, especially when kids or a busy work schedule are in the picture. “If you’re not in the mood, sometimes a little foreplay can get you there,”says Richmond. “This is especially true for women, for whom arousal often precedes desire.”

6 They’re eager to have fun.

Couples who’ve been together for a long time may feel the sexual spark beginning to fade, especially if their bedroom time turns into a predictable routine. “Sexual couples have fun. Sex doesn’t have to be super sensual,” says Richmond. “Sex can be fun and flirty. There can be laughter. Sometimes the natural way to have sex is funny and fun – give into that.”

7 They admit what turns them on.

No matter how many times you’ve had sex with your partner, it can sometimes be hard to voice what it is that turns you on, or even what you’d like more of. “One thing highly sexual couples do is during sex and physical intimacy, they are verbal and open. Well before sex, tell your partner something personal, something intimate about how you are feeling,” recommends John Robinson, NMD, who specializes in sexual health and hormones. “It could be about anything. Just show that you are open. This starts the sexual communication immediately.”

8 They have sex to rekindle connection.

8 They have sex to rekindle connection.

Since relationships can fall stale, having frequent sex can bring back the sense of commitment and even the strong bond the two of you have built over time. “Highly sexual couples see sex as a way to simply connect, even if it is for a short while,” says Robinson. “See what happens if you simply commit to having sex every day for a week, no matter what. No excuses, just do it, and see how that starts to improve your level of intimacy, your self-esteem, and your personal bond.”

9 They’re not opposed to quickies.

 Finding time for sex may start to make the act of getting down and dirty with your partner something that feels like a chore. “Highly sexual couples take advantage of the ‘quickie,'” says Richmond. “Sex doesn’t have to be 20 or 30 minutes. A quickie can be very hot and passionate and can feel great.”


10 They have ΞMore in common than sex.

Having a mutual love for getting it on isn’t all that sexual couples have in common. “Sharing hobbies and interests—hiking, adventure, travel, and the like—helps to maintain long-term sexual passion,” says Robert Weiss, LCSW, and author of several sex-focused books including Always Turned On. “Highly sexual couples also tend to share core values and belief systems. In a general way they tend to be on the same page with things like religion, politics, finances, education, and the like.”





black couple.jpgThe trickiest time for relation/situation-ships of the year. Go ahead take a stress nap. We will wait. “CUFFING SEASON” and the fuck boys are lying in bushes lurking with calculators, and  shoe catalogs, sniffing around for the SCENT. Oh no , they aren’t just looking for something quick and accessible to Tag. They know exactly where they can find that. There DM’s are filthier then you can imagine, there are probably more than 15 Bustdown’s within a  5 mile radius of them………..wherever they go. They are searching for ” a woman to cuff”, someone available for a small partnership, desperate enough to overlook his stagnation, lonely enough to need “somebody  to cuff this season.

And they are searching for Money sweethearts…………. these Refund Check Hexing “can I claim your kid” credit snatching Drones are trying to slip N Slide there way right into tax season like a Master Piece.


Cuffing Season creates the bloodlust of dollars, indulgence, perks, comforts. For three months an well into the Spring, a man will have somewhere descent and sanitary to kick it at,  familiar and hopefully disease-free hole to smash on access, free food, romantic date opportunity has doubled, b/c the season brings love out of us all , and he has just doubled his holiday celebration, now having you and your family on his plate. This ninja is already getting one of his Thot-Trots to take inches out his pants. Preparing for the oncoming feast he about to have with YOU and YOURS. These people have no shame. BEWARE LADIES. Beware.




A unacquainted Fukboi will want his Winter situation, to be in close in proximity to him. He does not want to spend money traveling to and fro to access his Cuff. No. No….. this is his time to GAIN. They are looking for Women who knows live close by are great contenders. Depending on his disposition, he will make sure to solidify his “place” in your life quickly during these months. He needs something familiar that he can trust, create a familiar-ness which makes him feel comfortable, which they love.

Despite the very distant behavior displayed during the Sundress Summer months, Fukbois may want real intimacy during this cold time of year. He wants to be privy to emotional closeness and of course sex can  makes anyone feel consolidated. Guys who were at first giving you the “I’m not ready speech” trying to lay rock and concrete the situation. THIS IS NOT LOVE.

At least not for you………..

Single people have always enjoyed the “single experience” until its 12:30 at night, desolate and dark, then the coldest type of emptiness creeps into a person. This is why  most Booty calls and hookups happened during the twilight hours, to ease the pain of being alone and at a stalemate, insubstantial and unattached, during a very enchanted part of the day. But I’m getting off base here. Although it is nice to have a holes to cuddle in during the very coldest months of the year they really just  blood hounding those dollars ladies. They attempting to solidify half-witted fuck-ships and situations to slide into the gift-giving seasons. The season of  celebration where food, wine, liquor become perks of association. Then they can swig-way themselves into Christmas holidays.

Now is the time, where we put down all the sewage-brass excuses and become quality inspector extraordinaire on all there so called “relationships we have been entertaining.

Lets keep is Gushy. You know when, and if a relationship is not going anywhere by August. The summer time showed you his true breeding habits, it tested his reliability, and his ability to remain consistent with you. So November is a milestone mark for relationship assessment.

We as women pretend we don’t see the things we know damn well we SEE. You know if the passion between you and your man had taken a nose dive to ninth hell, you know if he broke , but “Slang-o-les the Magnificent” in the bedroom, or if his finances got tremor disease, you know if that person lead the minute man march (JESUS!!!) Don’t settle because its getting colder. Stay strong and RICHER being alone, if that is what it takes to remain loyal to what you want.







We live in an extremely free society and sometimes this can be a bad thing. When it come to sex, many of us have been prone to have multiples partners. There is a glamour politely glossed over having “bad bitches” or female(s) based on appearance as an premium brand of woman. Women have become commodities. To have a “BB” on your arm is a indication of wealth of fame. It doesn’t matters if this woman is ratchet and mentally barren, her shape, the size of he booty, is all the active currency she needs. On the other hand ,Women often chase guys who appear to be “ballers”  toting a bank roll, whips a sports car, and wears all the latest clothes. Sex is often used as a basis for superficial relationships.  You will be surprised by how many people who dealing with people whom they dislike but the sex is hot .But all these desires are empty.

Sex doesn’t actually fulfill us alone, and once we know this, we would be less prone to connect to others in this way.

Foundations are built on mutual, love, and respect. Self-love is the most under-rated entity. Self-love flowers patience, a person opting to be alone, or to be preserved rather than indulging in temporary satisfaction, sit-u-a-tionships , and connecting to people their, energy, and their baggage, Its universal flees without a warning.

my-body-is-a-templeIn actuality having multiple romantic relationships can be exhaustive of your energy. think of your love , attention, and money as an non-renewable natural resources. Every time you open yourself , whether physical, emotional, or material, we create a tie to that person. If attempting to walk a straight line , attempting to evolve into the person you know you were meant to be, may require untangling the loops of energy you intermingled in your auto-polite stage. It is beautiful to share love, but always be conscience of what actions affect all involved.

Your Body is indeed a temple , be careful of what you allow entrance to.


TRAP Twinsies? Fetty Wap slathers his one eyed seed around

HMMMMMMmmmmm now where’s that snipping tool when you need it? Fetty Wap, father of 6 six kids, is a bout to level his numbers up  to a cool octave. Yes, he has not one, but two trap buns in the oven by two different women.  The first trap bundle is  with model Alexis Skyy, Sources confirm that the “Trap Queen” rapper is expecting a girl with the I nstagram model. But that’s not it…………………..


fetty baby2.PNG

He confirm that he is also expecting a boy with his current baby mama. and the other one, it sounds like he confirms is a boy in this radio clip. I think it may be time to “put that thang down”. Its not the greatest thing to have a squad of baby’ mama’s, not of whom which you ever wifed, or planned too. Every new love interest is a potential liability. If I were a rapper with a little fortune, I wouldn’t be risking my money and livelihood on every Instagram model with a fact ass and a pretty face. The market is flooded with them.

fetty baby3

But what do you think? Spread the Seed or TRIM THE FAT.





That’s A Vibe

  Lets Start Vibing!!!!

So whose really a girls best friend? Diamonds? yes , receiving a diamond studded tennis bracelet will no doubt put a smile on any woman’s face temporarily. Glistening and shinning beautifully on your wrist? Blinding the peasant dying from poison seeping out of cubic zircon ins, ahhhhhhh …….Happiness right? WRONG? A girls best friend is her Vibrator. This angelic and utterly magnificent piece of ingenuity has the capability of providing any woman with true Happiness and joy. Without having to dryly direct novice love makers of the very unique methodology involve in maximizing the tantric love making of “you” , no other parties need to be involved in this explorations. You are the captain of your ship, you can hit every spot, every mother loving time. Choosing a vibrator is choosing love!!! It is also a great alternative to becoming a slore when you are not in a steady commitment, or strategically figuring out how to successfully bait or trap a man while experiencing delays. Tip*Try to use starvation as a method of slavery, without you having to give up your gushy magna cum lande and all the while remaining in optimal orgasmic ascendance.

Vibrators also are suitable for Single moms who do not date for sport. This handy little utopian stutter machine is capable of providing you with multiple orgasms, all without spending gas fare traversing to a F**ck boy’s house, or having to mentally deal with the agitation suffered from being in his presence and pretending to like him for the di”k.


The smaller the vibrator, the more powerful the blows. Vibrators can be purchased online anywhere. Make sure to pay a decent amount for your little lover. You would hate for your motor to blow before invoking the volcanic eruption of a life time.

Here’s a list of 2017’s best little earth shakers


                                  Happy Orgasms? A cherry stimulating conversation  



Side Pieces and Half Eaten Entrees

Our modern world has brought so many technological and cultural advances to our shabby little lives. What would we do without the iPhone, keyless entries, and a world so socially connected, we can now argue its flatness. But a socially perverse world has given birth to an uncharted realm of sexual indulgence and promiscuity . The possibility of losing your husband , or long-term partner to porn has always been an nightmare women have guarded against (A pole dancing class or learning a new audacious tongue technique usually get the sparks flying. However, many husbands have now spent countless hours, and resources on side relationships. It has been deemed a luxury to afford a benchwarmer incase the main player is missing her shots.

I still cant figure out who in the Hell authorized side pieces? Sure, Hookers, concubines, boy toys, etc. have existed for thousands of years, but those imperfections lived amongst the  shadows, never to be glorified. Now , saying that you “girl has a girlfriend” is some “cool stamp of approval” .It sounds like multiple clinic visits and antibiotics (hopefully) to me.

Thank You Rap music and your ability to yet again destroy and confuse. Hip Hop exalts the struggle, the hustle of doing what you must, and never showing too much emptions. Rap music id s befuddlement of liquor advertisement, plastic surgery enthusiasts. and governmental extermination hypnosis.

Please understand this brand of hypnosis  is extremely cheap and extremely effective. Do not get swept up in the hype, Healthy-loving families are built on trust, love, and effective communication.

50% of marriages in the United State fail. The statistical data for black marriages was so gross, it was not even worth mentioning. From my perception, wives/husbands should try investing more energy into the unions they vowed to cherish. Regardless of the God someone chooses to worship. There should not been any time, energy,  or money left to indulge in anyone else if two people are putting everything they have into each other.

Ladies and  Gents, don’t be fooled by the dingy diamonds , for the untrained eye, they sparkle just as bright.

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