Headline Heat: Charmaine From ‘Black Ink’ Talks Being Fired, (Not) Squashing Beef With Ryan & More

Charmaine From Black Ink On Headline Heat

It’s been a roller coaster of a year Black Ink Crew: Chicago cast member Charmaine. Shortly after losing her mom Glenda back in October, the tattoo connoisseur  announced that she was expecting her first child in March 2020. On top of that, she and fiance Nick Bey recently announced that not only are they still together and happily in love — they secretly tied the knot the knot sometime this  year.
All the ups and downs in Charmaine’s like on and off screen has certainly caused her to make headlines. Fortunately for us, she stopped by to clear up some of the wildest, most vicious headlines that Bossip has written about her. And if you’ve seen Charmaine in action, you know she does not bite her tongue.

The Second City Ink owner opened up about everything from being fired and squashing beef with Ryan, to the real reason why she quit Twitter. Check out the video above to see what else Charmaine had to say, and catch season 6 of Black Ink Crew Chicago every Wednesday on VH1.

Headline Heat: ‘Black Ink’ Star Ryan Henry Talks Firing Charmaine, Allegedly Smashing Miss Kitty & More

Ryan Henry On Headline Heat

Season six of Black Ink Crew: Chicago has already been a roller coaster, and we mostly have Ryan Henry to thank for that. The season started off with a banger last month when Ryan revealed that he had to get rid of some of his crew. And ish got a little messy when he fired Charmaine on her day off.  As the boss of the Chi-Town crew, Ryan is no stranger to making headlines.
Fortunately for us, the ink god stopped by to clear up some of the headlines BOSSIP has written about him, including whether or not he smashed Miss Kitty, and the real reason behind him firing Charmaine. Season six also reveals a more vulnerable side of Ryan, who has come to terms with the fact that he’s been using the shop to not deal with the passing of his sister, Nova, whom he lost to domestic violence in 2009.

Catch Black Ink Crew: Chicago every Wednesday night on VH1. Check out the full video above to see what else Ryan had to say.

#BlackInkCHI Sneak Peek: Unreasonably Loud Sky Makes Miami Entrance Moments Before Fight Breaks Out [Video]

Sky, Ryan Henry

Source: Black Ink Chicago / VH1

‘Black Ink Chicago’ Sneak Peek – Sky Meddles In 9MAG’s Business

You know that the moment Sky walks into a room and her volume is on 10 that it’s about to be trouble.

While the 9MAG crew parties it up in Miami, Sky from the New York show drops by. The manager actually owns her own boutique in the 305 and drops in as Phor’s guest. Sky has a lot of questions for the crew before an apparent fight breaks out. But you’ll have to wait for tonight to see the rest of the drama…

Hit play for now.

Pure Comedy: #BlackInkCHI’s Ryan Henry Reads & Reacts To THIRSTY Tweets [Video]

Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry

Source: Courtesy / VH1

In case you were sending Ryan Henry thirsty tweets, just know he’s probably reading them! The “Black Ink Chicago” star has been melting panties for quite some time now, so how does he feel about all the attention? He’s humbled! In a behind the scenes clip from VH1, Ryan reads out loud some hilarious tweets from women and men parched over his appearance.

Aye, Ryan is single now, so maybe one of these tweeters will be brave enough to slide in his DMs? Hit play to see Ryan react to fans loving his looks.

#BlackInkCHI: Ryan Henry Demoted Brittany Slam Everytime She Blinked And Twitter Was CACKLING

Brittany Slam Black Ink, Chicago
Brittany Slam Black Ink, Chicago

Source: Courtesy / VH1

#BlackInkCHI: Ryan Is Not Taking Smack From The New Shop Manager

Ryan Henry was putting his new hires to the TEST on last night’s episode…and Brittany Slam, in particular, didn’t see it coming.

After picking up her bags to move to Chicago from Atlanta to whip the shop into shape, Britt got demoted in just an episode. When she walked in, Don had already opened the shop. No one bothered to even tell her he was rehired. THEN, Van walks through the door, ready to “see” Ryan.

Why are all the OLD employees in the building??? Ryan was ironically upset that Brittany didn’t remove Van, and his 250 pounds of muscle from the loft. To top it off, Ryan’s new assistant started a fight, and the new manager was blamed for it…

All of this is her fault in Ryan’s eyes and now she’s losing out on her position. Is this fair???

Poor thang! Hit the flip to see how Ryan’s nonsensical decision-making had twitter cackling at Brittany.

Exclusive: #BlackInkCHI’s Ryan Henry Talks Opening Bigger & Better 9Mag, His Ponytail Inspiration, And Life After Rachel Relationship Fizzled

Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry

Source: Courtesy / VH1

BOSSIP Exclusive Interview with Ryan Henry Of Black Ink Crew: Chicago

It’s been 5 years since doors opened to viewers and they heard Ryan Henry‘s voice echo “Welcome to 9Mag” for the first time. Since then, Ryan has been on a steady path to living out his dream as a tattoo artist and boss. This ambition was passed to him through the support of his departed sister and despite the ups and downs we see on television, Ryan remains relentless.

Tonight 9Mag opens a bigger, better and more lavish version of their shop in the west side of Chicago. Our assistant editor Aiesha Arab spoke with Ryan recently about the differences in the operation and appearance of this new 9Mag, his new year’s resolutions, being suddenly single and what’s going on with him growing out his hair?

Scroll down to get all the juicy details from Ryan himself. Make sure you hit the flip to read the rest!

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

BOSSIP: Congratulations on opening a new shop…we heard it’s pretty fancy.

RH: Thank you. It’s actually my largest 9Mag branch so it will be something for the books for me. It’ll be seen on the backend of the show. Last season on the show, people were able to see me leaving and start one shop, then come back. Later on, they’ll see what my expansion is. From starting in a studio to 5,000 square feet. From dealing with 2-3 people to now working with 15 people.

BOSSIP: In your bio, we read a quote that said: “it’s lonely at the top.” Do you still feel this way?

RH: I don’t desire to be at the top alone, I never have. I think that that statement came from when I started with a bunch of people and then I had some abandon me, and then I prospered through that. Me starting a newer 9Mag with an amazing team — I wouldn’t be anywhere without a great team — I don’t wanna be at the top at the top by myself.

Hit the flip for more exclusively from Ryan Henry on growing out his hair and his thoughts on dating…

‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Viewers Drag Van Johnson for Being ‘Bitter’ After Claiming He Helped Ryan Henry Build 9 MAG

Folks slammed “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Van Johnson for claiming that Ryan Henry‘s shop is partially his.

Johnson and his longtime friend Henry appear to be at odds once again. The beef between the two started in season 3 after Johnson accused the 9 MAG owner of letting fame and reality television change go to his head. Their beef escalated in season 4 when Henry walked away from his old crew and began a new shop on his own. Johnson felt Henry betrayed him and left him and the other employees to fend for themselves.

Van Johnson
Van Johnson
Van Johnson (left) and Ryan Henry (right). (Photos: VH1)

Johnson and Henry ended season 4 on shaky grounds, but Johnson later took to Instagram in May 2018 and assured fans that there was no was longer any beef between him and his former bestie.


However, in season 5 the tattoo artists’ friendship appeared to had taken a turn for the worse. In the season premiere that aired on Wednesday, Jan. 2, Johnson and Henry almost came to blows. The “Chicagorilla Co.” fashion owner was upset that Henry banned him from 9 MAG and failed to apologize to him for his role in their feud. Over the course of multiple seasons, Johnson also claimed that he helped Henry build his tattoo shop from the ground up. The former 9 MAG employees met at Johnson’s house to discuss his beef with Henry. Johnson insinuated to the crew that 9 MAG partially belongs to him because of his helping hand.

At another point in the episode, Johnson learned Henry apologized to one of the former 9 MAG members, Don Brumfield, for taking over Loyal Ink last season. Johnson became upset that Henry did not apologize to him and confronted the 9 MAG owner at Lily Barrios’ 25th birthday party. Henry and Johnson got into an explosive altercation and almost threw hands. However, a Chicago patrol car somehow materialized out of nowhere during their confrontation and cleared the area of patrons.

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers felt Johnson was acting “bitter” and “jealous” toward Henry because of his success.

“Van is so damn bitter #BlackInkChi.”

“Van needs to comes to terms with the fact that he’s an employee and has always been an employee. You don’t see Walmart’s first cashiers saying they built Walmart from the ground up

. ”

“Van you caused the most issues with a shop that wasn’t even yours and still isn’t yours. If anybody should be apologizing it’s you to Ryan. You acting jealous bro.”

One fan jumped to Johnson’s defense. ” I think it’s really wack that Ryan can have no remorse when it comes to @vantatznoexcuses. He did technically help you after all.”

Neither Johnson nor Henry has offered any public comments about last night’s episode, but it does appear the pair will make up sometime during season, according to the trailer for the season premiere.

‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Promises Explosive Start to Season 5

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is back for a new season, and it appears to be more explosive than ever as cast-mates confront their ongoing issues from last season.

During season 4, viewers witnessed Ryan Henry leave the original 9 Mag tattoo shop due to the never-ending drama with his employees, but now he’s back looking to reclaim his throne at the shop. The 9 Mag family fell apart during season 3 after one of the shop’s tattoo artists, Katrina “Kat” Jackson, revealed she was sexually involved with Henry while he was in a relationship with longtime girlfriend Rachel Leigh.

Jackson made an impromptu move to Los Angeles after she and Henry clashed during season 2. In addition to her affair with Henry straining her relationships at the shop, Jackson also felt her artistry wasn’t being recognized and wanted to venture off from the 9 Mag brand, which Henry had a problem with. She returned to Chicago a few months later and demanded to be hired back. Henry refused to let Jackson return to the shop and went toe-to-toe with his crew about his decision.

“This my shop, I don’t want her here, she don’t need to be here,” the 9 Mag owner said in his season 3 confessional.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago
Black Ink Crew: Chicago
(From left) Don Brumfield, Charmaine Walker, Van Johnson, Rachel Leigh, Ryan Henry, Danielle Jamison, Katrina Jackson, and Phor Brumfield. (VH1 screenshot)

Henry’s big blow-up with his employees Van Johnson, Charmaine Walker, Danielle Jamison and others who petitioned for Jackson’s return to the shop, left a strain on his relationship with the cast-mates. During season 4 he decided to abandon his shop and move to another location, but not before allegedly vandalizing 9 Mag with a few gunshots.

Former 9 Mag crew memebers Johnson, Walker, brothers Phor Brumfield and Don Brumfield, and Lily Barrios took over 9 Mag’s former space and started Loyal Ink. The building’s management wasn’t please with how Loyal Ink was running business and  presented Henry with the opportunity to get his old stomping grounds back. He took the offer and set up 9 Mag just as before in his former space. The Loyal Ink members were infuriated by Henry’s decision, but whether they chose to rejoin 9 Mag will be revealed later on during season 5.

Fans are looking forward to seeing Henry boss up and retaking ownership of 9 Mag.

“Ryan made the biggest business move ever ! and nobody saw it coming he hit that debo

 ‘This my shop’ priceless.”

“@Ryanhenrytattoo when ppl thought they can do what you do better. Ryan still running thangs. Period! ‘Welcome to 9Mag!’ Their face was priceless.

the show. Keep up the good work Boss man.”

“Go Ryan! You should be so proud of yourself #BossMoves, ready for Wednesday


Henry wasn’t the only cast-mate dealing with turmoil in season 4. Don Brumfield and his wife Ashley Pickens appear to still be repairing their marriage despite the tattoo artist’s multiple infidelities. He fought to win his wife back last season after he was seen on Snapchat being fellated by another woman named Ta’Shay who later claimed to be pregnant with his child. The cheating scandal left Pickens heartbroken. She left Don with their oldest son DJ in Chicago while she moved to Texas with their infant son Ashdon to receive the support of her family.

Don has stepped out on their relationship multiple times. He admitted to cheating on his Pickens with his colleague Walker before his marriage. During season 2, he had a baby with another woman during the course of their relationship that he failed to tell his wife about. The tattoo artist also hooked up with a Dominican stripper the night before his wedding. However, Ashley decided to forgive Don for his former cheating actions, and the pair recently brought in New Year’s together, according to the tattoo artist’s Instagram.

Fans who disapproved of Pickens’ forgiving behavior weren’t the least bit surprised that she decided to stay by Don’s side in spite of his slew of affairs.

“Ashley So Damn Dumb 4 Don.. He will continue to play her because he knows Good & Very Well she will ALWAYS take him & all his STD’S ASS BACK 


“Omg I cant stand her (Ashley) Like u want A man so bad you’ll let him f–k u over multiple times like that’s not love.”

Folks are curious to see if Don’s infidelities will come back to haunt his marriage.

Brumfield and Pickens weren’t the only couple on “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” experiencing relationship issues during season 4. Chicago artist Phor Brumfield confirmed in October that he split with his ex-girlfriend Nikki Nicole after the season finale aired. The two ended the season on shaky grounds after the model busted him for sending reverse “peen pics” to other women. Phor tried to justify his actions by saying he was “just trying to have a threesome,” but Nicole wasn’t buying it. Although the pair called it quits, viewers will get a chance to see how everything unfolded in their relationship during season 5 of the VH1 series.

Several fans felt Nicole was extremely abusive towards Phor and were happy the pair went their separate ways.

“Good news of the season. Soar higher my man. You’re now free from Nikki’s assault.”

“I’m glad he isn’t with her anymore. She was horrible not the one for him

 Phor needs to be great n someone. That supports him.

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” fans are anticipating an explosive season. The show premieres  on Jan. 2 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Check out the trailer for season 5 below: