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“We Don’t Trust You!”: South Bend Town Hall Unloads On Pete Buttigeig Over Cop Eric Logan’s Police Shooting Death

Pete Buttigeig Faces Angry Town Hall Over Eric Logan Shooting Death

South Bend, Indiana Mayor and Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig has enjoyed the fruits of the mainstream media’s darlingism over his campaign rhetoric, but back home s#!t ain’t sweet.

Drunk History: Lisa Bonet Plays Ex-Slave Mary Ellen Pleasant Who Passed White, Got Rich, Became Abolitionist [Video]

Lisa Bonet Plays Mary Ellen Pleasant On ‘Drunk History’

Here’s a piece of Black history brought to you by one of the most beloved Black actresses in history.

In a new episode of Drunk History, Lisa Bonet plays a

More Backwards Bigotry: Ashley Graham Shares Email From A Racist Troll Calling Her Husband A “Brain Dead N****”

Ashley Graham Shows More Of The Racism She Witnesses Against Her Husband

Earlier this week, we reported on Ashley Graham’s story about her husband, Justin Ervin, being spat on when the two were on vacation in Italy. Now, the model

F**k You Too, Orange B!tc#: Donald Trump Says He Refuses To Apologize To #Exonerated5 For Death Penalty Ads

Donald Trump Refuses To Apologize To Central Park 5

At this point, it’s been well-publicized that Donald Trump once took out a full-page ad in four NYC newspapers calling for the death penalty for the 5 then-boys, Yusef Salaam, Kevin

Ha-Ha, Lil B!t¢h: N-Word Spewing Parkland Student Has Harvard Admission Rescinded Over Racist “Humor”

Parkland Shooting Survivor’s Harvard Acceptance Rescinded Over Racism

Consequences and repercussions, ladies and gentlemen. THAT is the name of the game.

The internet is literally flooded with white kids saying “ni**er” and many of them probably won’t suffer any

GTFOHWTBS: Tory Lanez Concocts Clout-Chasing Colorism Charade And Uncovers Clownish Character

Tory Lanez Viral Colorism Clips Outed As Hoax

Toronto hasn’t even had their championship parade yet and this diminutive dumba$$ is already making them look bad.

Tory Lanez had the internet eating out the palm of his hand for most

A Mississippi Restaurant Is Under Fire After An Employee Referred To Customers As “Black B**ches” On Their Receipt

Mississippi Restaurant Is Facing Backlash For One Employee’s Racism

One employee working the drive-thru window at a restaurant in Mississippi ended up being fired on Monday after printing a derogatory name on a Black customer’s receipt.

According to Alexia Washington,

Field Trip: Oregon Elementary School Staffer Resigns After Telling Students They Should Be Picking Cotton

Oregon School Staffer Resigns After Making Racist Comments To Students

They should be doing WHAT now?!

According to CNN, an Oregon elementary school teacher has resigned from her job after making racially offensive comments toward some of her Black

Becky Buggin’: Canadian Old Navy Employee Puts Hands On Black Woman Falsely Accused Of Stealing

Old Navy Employee Puts Hands On Black Woman Falsely Accused Of Stealing

A Black woman who was shopping at an Old Navy in Mississauga, Ontario is none-too-pleased with the white employee who put hands on her recently.

According to AtlantaBlackStar

Hi Hater: High School Valedictorian’s Mic Cut When She Mentions Trayvon Martin And Tamir Rice

Valedictorian’s Mic Cut For Mentioning Trayvon Martin And Tamir Rice

How convenient is that? How convenient is f***ing that??

According to NYDailyNews, the Dallas Independent School District has apologized to Emmett J. Conrad High School valedictorian Rooha Haghar for

Must-See: Trailer For HBO’s ‘True Justice’ Explores Lawyer Bryan Stevenson Challenging Death Penalty [Video]

HBO’s ‘True Justice’ Highlights Bryan Stevenson’s Fight Against Death Penalty

If you aren’t familiar with public interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson then here is an opportunity to change all that.

HBO has released the trailer for their documentary titled True Justice

Keep It A Buck: DeWanda Wise And The ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ Cast Talk Being Black In Hollyweird [Video]

She’s Gotta Have It Cast Talks Being Black In Hollywood

The new season of Spike Lee and Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It has set off NUMEROUS conversations about gender, sex, race, and culture.

Recently, the series’ actresses, DeWanda Wise, Ilfenesh

Dirty Pool: Public Swimming Closings In Louisville Put Black Children At Significantly Higher Risk Of Drowning

Pool Closing In Louisville Leaves Black Children At Risk Of Drowning

Black people not knowing how to swim is an ugly racial stereotype, but sadly, it is also a reality for many African-American children who live in Louisville, Kentucky.


Bye, Bih! Texas Teacher Gets Fired After Requesting Trump ‘Remove The Illegals’ From Her School District

Teacher Fired For Tweeting Trump About Removing “Illegals” From School

Georgia Clark, a high school English teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, has been fired from her position after sending out tweets asking for Donald Trump to help her in

Was ‘Central Park Five’ Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Responsible For THIS In Weinstein Rape Case? (Exclusive)

“Central Park Five” Prosecutor Accused Of Helping Derail Criminal Cases Against Harvey Weinstein

The embattled former sex crimes prosecutor who tried five wrongfully accused black teens in the brutal 1989 rape of the Central Park jogger was named in another

Pulp & Prejudice: Smoothie King Closes 2 Stores After Employees Put Racist Comments On Customer Receipts

Smoothie King Employees Write Racist Comments On Customer Receipts

Two separate Smoothie King stores in North Carolina have been closed indefinitely after employees at both locations referred to customers by racist names.

The first incident occurred on Sunday afternoon at

Bigoted Bacon Brigade: Investigation Into 3,100 Facebook Posts Reveals Racist, Sexist, Offensive Posts By Philadelphia Cops

Over 300 Philadelphia Cops Post Racist Facebook Comments

We already know police ain’t s#!t, but stories like this still never fail to make us shake our head.

According to ABCNews, the Plain View Project has been conducting an

Comedienne Leslie Jones Calls Out Sephora For Mistreating Her Friends… Day Before Scheduled Storewide Sensitivity Training!

Leslie Jones Says Sephora Sent Her MUA Into Tears

SMH. Sephora can’t get right for NADA. Just ONE day before some 400 stores scheduled a closing for company wide sensitivity training after SZA was profiled at a Calabasas location of

The Red Pill: Ava Duvernay Ain’t Worried ‘Bout White People Feelings Toward #WhenTheySeeUs “I Made This For Black People” [Video]

Ava Duvernay Talks ‘When They See Us’ On Van Lathan’s The Red Pill

Ava Duvernay sat down with Van Lathan on The Red Pill podcast for an in-depth discussion about the impact of her new Netflix series When They See

FDB! Prosecutorial Soup Cookie Linda Fairstein Faces Furious BLACKlash Following #WhenTheySeeUs

Linda Fairstein Faces Backlash Following ‘When They See Us’

If you’re not up-to-speed on the “Central Park 5” or haven’t seen Ava Duvernay’s Netflix series #WhenTheySeeUs then the name Linda Fairstein might not ring a bell. Allow us to introduce

#ItsAboveMe: Snifflin’, Sobbin’, Slur-Spewing Soup Cookie Inspires Incidental Internet Irreverence, Interred Ancestor Be Damned

#ItsAboveMe Viral Video Sparks Hilarious Social Media Response

If you haven’t born witness to the greatness that is the now-famous viral video known as #ItsAboveMe, then press play on the tweet below…

I called a FUCKIN NIGGER at work… this

#WhenTheySeeUs: Ava Duvernay & Cast Talk Themes Explored In Nail-Biting And Necessary New Netflix Series [Video]

If you haven’t seen Ava Duvernay’s powerful new Netflix series When They See Us then we highly suggest you do so. It isn’t easy to watch, but the story that the exonerated five, Ava, and cast tell is something that

Flaw Enforcement: 96% Of People Arrested In Shreveport, Louisiana For “Sagging Pants Law” Are Black Men Since 2007

96% Of Sagging Pants Arrests In Shreveport Have Been Black Men Since 2007

Look, we get it. Some people truly abhor seeing men walk around a$$ed out with their pants sagging below their waist, but this is f***ing ridiculous.


#DominiqueClayton: Former Mississippi Cop Accused Of Killing Black Mother He Was Allegedly Involved With

Matthew Kinne has been denied bond. pic.twitter.com/TzkmymCCrv

— Amanda WTVA (@WTVAAMANDA) May 24, 2019

Ex-Officer Matthew Kinne Accused Of Murdering Dominique Clayton

The family of a Mississippi woman is looking for answers after she was murdered allegedly by the

Hanging In Little Rock: Arkansas Neighborhood Livid Over Resident’s Racist Noose Effigy Facebook Post

Facebook Post Depicting Noose And Confederate Flag Enrages Arkansas Neighborhood

It’s the year 2019 and racism and hate crimes are still on the menu.

According to Fox16, a neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas is outraged over a resident’s Facebook

Well Damn, Pacey: Joshua Jackson Has A Pretty Amazing Answer When Asked About White Folks “Blind Spots”

Listen To Actor Joshua Jackson’s Thoughts On “White Blind Spots”

Joshua Jackson is one of the stars of Ava Duvernay’s highly-anticipated Netflix series When The See Us. VIBE aught up with the actor, along with Blair Underwood and Christopher

F Yo Hotel: Swae Lee Agrees With Meek Mill, Says Vegas Cosmopolitan Hated On Him Too “I Feel Him 100%” [Video]

Swae Lee Agrees With Meek Mill About Cosmopolitan Hotel

This past weekend Meek Mill blew the whistle on the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas when a couple of soup cookie security guards stopped him and the Dreamchasers from

‘No Food, No Drink, No Watermelon’ Boston Art Museum Bans 2 Of Its Members For Racist Remarks To Black Seventh-Graders

Museum Of Fine Arts In Boston Responds To Racism Claims

After a group of black middle schoolers was racially profiled on a field trip, a local museum is issuing a response.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston said it

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