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Blow The Whistle: Black North Carolina High Schooler Poses As White Student To Expose Racist Online Group Chat

Black High School Student Exposes White Peers Racist Online Group Chat

14-year-old Cenayia Edwards is a freshman at East Wake High School in Wendell, N.C. and she is not here for white people‘s clandestine bigotry.

According to ABC11,

Nut A$$ Jawn: Philly-Area Teacher Caught Going On Racist Rant Toward Parent, “You’re On Welfare Because You’re Black”

Philly Middle School Teacher Goes On Racist Rant Against Parent

A teacher from Drexel Hill Middle School in the outer-Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby has been placed on “administrative leave” after she was caught in a now-viral video going

Speak On It! Rihanna Says Donald Trump Might Be “The Most Mentally Ill Human Being In America”

Rihanna Speaks On Trump’s Racism While Dealing With Mass Shootings

Rihanna is killing every magazine cover in sight, and today, the mogul revealed that she’s on the cover of Vogue’s November issue–wearing her very own Fenty designs, nonetheless!

In the

STFU, Soup Cookie: WASP-y Racist Writes Angry Letter To Penn State Football Player With “Disgusting Dreadlocks”

Penn State Player Sent Racist Letter About His Locs

A racist douchebag named David Petersen who graduated from Penn State in 1966 is currently being fire-roasted over 280-characters or less for an incredibly racist letter that he wrote to footballer

GTFOHWTBS: Iyanla Van Zant Vouches For Headazz Judge Hugging Racist Convicted Murderer Amber Guyger [Video]

Iyanla Van Zant Condones Judge Hugging Convicted Murderer Amber Guyger

Iyanla has tried to fix many a life in her day, but now she’s fixing her mouth to say some utter foolishness regarding convicted murderer Amber Guyger.

TMZ caught

Florida Crazies: Human Melanoma Cell Goes On Racist Rant When Black Teen Drops Gum Wrapper

Florda White Woman Calls Black Teen N-Word Over Gum Wrapper

There is a new viral racist making her way up and down social media timelines across the globe.

Despite efforts to curtail the use of nicknames for these white devils

Points Were Made: Teacher Suspended For Saying The Confederate Flag Is A Sign ‘That You Intend To Marry Your Sister’

Teacher Suspended For Disparaging Comments About The Confederate Flag

A secondary school teacher in Georgia was suspended for referring to the confederate flag as a sign that an individual plans to marry their own sister.

I meaaaaaan…..some points were made.

Ho Sit Down: Amber Guyger’s Racist Text Messages Read In Court After She Was Convicted Of Botham Jean Murder

Amber Guyger Deleted Racist Text Messages After Murdering Botham Jean

Amber Guyger is going to prison. For how long? We don’t know yet, but we do know that she had no problem telling racist “jokes” about Black people.


SMH: Arizona Photographer Gets Shot 9 Times After Telling Teenagers To Stop Using The N-Word

Photographer Survives After Being Shot 9 Times While Live Streaming

Two weeks ago, a man called 9-1-1 after being shot several times–but it was just a few moments prior that the suspects asked him to take their picture.

The photographer

Hate Crimes: 2 White Girls Ages 10 & 11 Charged With Assaulting Black Classmate On Bus, “We Don’t Like You People”

White Girls Charged With Hate Crime For Beating Black Classmate

There is no doubt in our minds where these two lil’ heffas learned this type of behavior, but we’ll get to that later.

According to WWNYTV, court documents reveal

Hmmm: Black Dean At University Of Alabama Forced To Resign After Alt-Right Site Outs Truthful Tweets About Racist Police

Black University Of Alabama Dean Resigned For “Racist” Tweets About White People/Police

A Black Dean of Students at the University of Alabama was forced to resign after racist ass website Breibart outed him for past tweets about, wait for it,

Red Table Talk: Chelsea Handler Admits To Shocking And Appalling Instances Where She Took Advantage Of White Privilege [Video]

Chelsea Handler Admits To Taking Advantage Of White Privilege On Red Table Talk

Chelsea Handler recently released her Netflix special Hello, White Privilege, It’s Me, Chelsea and on of the stops on her promo tour is Jada Pinkett Smith’s

They Don’t Care: Feds Decline To Charge 2 Sacramento Police Officers Who Shot Stephon Clark To Death

Fed Will Not Charge Cops Who Killed Stephon Clark

Stephon Clark‘s family will likely never receive justice for the death of their son at the state’s hand.

According to USAToday, federal authorities have declined to pursue any charges

Cops Kill People: Off-Duty Chicago Officer Used Unregistered Gun To Kill Black Man During Argument

Chicago Cop Killed Black Man With Unregistered Gun

Back in November of 2016 off-duty Chicago police officer Joseph Treacy shot and killed Joshua Bell after threatening to shoot his girlfriend during a verbal altercation.

According to ABC7Chicago, Beal was

Bubbling Jar Of Mayo Threatens To “Murder All Ni**ers”, Outed As ‘Medium’ Wardrobe Staffer

White Woman Screams N-Word And Threatens To Murder Black People

We spoke earlier about white people losing their minds when they hear people speaking Spanish, but the sight of Black skin is just as triggering.

The Becky in the video

¡Coño! Admittedly Racist White Man Berates Latina Woman For Speaking Spanish, “Speak English!”

Racist White Man Fired For Telling Latina Teen “Speak English”

Nothing sets off a racist white person like hearing the beautiful Spanish language. Time and time again we see white folks losing their mayo-lovin’ mind in viral videos when they

Florida Crazies: White Racist Troll Imprisoned For Harassing Black Activist Running For Office In Charlottesville

Florida Racist Denied Bail For Hate Crime Threats Against Black Activist

A racist, white, troll from Florida has been remanded to a jail cell after cyberstalking and making hate crime threats against a Black activist according to ABCNews.


Bye, Bigot! New York Judge Permanently Barred from Bench After Posting A Noose On FB & Writing ‘Make America Great Again’

Judge Resigns After Posting ‘Make America Great Again’ Caption Under Noose On Facebook

A New York municipal judge resigned recently after being permanently barred from judicial office after posting a picture of a noose to Facebook with “Make America Great

F**k 12: Bum A$$ Boston Bacon Boy Placed On Administrative Leave For Racist Tirade Toward High School Students

Boston Cop Put On Leave For Yelling Racist Slurs At High School Students

A bigoted Boston Police officer has been placed on administrative leave after he *allegedly* went on a racist rant against some local high school students in Hyde

Smells Like Justice: Racist Referee Who Forced Wrestler To Cut His Locs Has Been Suspended For Two Years

Referee Suspended For 2 Years After Making Student Cut His Locs Before Match

After making 16-year-old high school wrestler Andrew Johnson cut his locs in order to compete in his next match, referee Alan Maloney has been suspended for two

Oh, Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Put On Blast For Wearing “Brownface, Turban, Robe In Year Book Photo

Justin Trudeau Outed For Wearing Blackface

White folks just can’t seem to get enough of wearing Blackface. You’d think it was the hottest new fashion trend the way they unabashedly rock our skin. You can’t say you love us,

Cops Kill People: North Carolina Sheriff Plots To Kill Deputy Who Had Recordings Of His Racist Remarks

Sheriff Indicted For Plotting Cop’s Murder Over Racist Recordings

There is no honor among thieves and most definitely not amongst pigs.

According to a Washington Post article, Granville County, North Carolina Sheriff Brindell Wilkins conspired to have one of

SMH: Chloe Bennet Says She’s Been Told She ‘Wasn’t White Enough’ And ‘Wasn’t Asian Enough’ For Hollywood [Video]

Chloe Bennet Talks About Booking Her First Gig After Changing Her Name

Chloe Bennet, the star of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the upcoming animated film Abominable, spoke with People recently about how her race has affected her ability

People Ain’t Isht: Racist British Soup Cookie Trains Dog To Attack Pakistani Store Owner

Allegedly Racist Woman Convicted Of Letting Dog Attack Asian Store Owner

A 41-year-old woman in Manchester, U.K. has been convicted of racially aggravated common assault, racially aggravated harassment and having a dog dangerously out of control after allowing her

Consequences & Repercussions: Soup Cookie Comedian Shane Gillis Fired From SNL Over Racist And Homophobic Comments

Shane Gillis Fired From SNL, Responds On Twitter

Shane Gillis is probably a name you never heard of in your life until recently, and even then the mention of his name is likely to be met with an incredulous “who???”

REVOLT Summit Gets Rowdy When T.I., Candace Owens, Killer Mike, Tamika D. Mallory, Katrina Pierson Debate Politics [Video]

T.I., Candace Owens, Killer Mike And More Debate Politics At REVOLT Summit

The REVOLT Summit took over the city of Atlanta this weekend and things went smoothly as celebrities, industry professionals, and political pundits brought their talents to the dirty

WELP: As ‘SNL’ Hires Their First Full-Time Asian-American Cast Member, Video Shows Another New Edition Using Racial Slur

Resurfaced Video Shows Shane Gillis Using Racial Slur

Saturday Night Live‘s 45th season was getting some attention for positive reasons…until it wasn’t. Now, fans are concerned about the show’s new editions to the cast.

On Thursday, the long-running sketch

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