Jesus Take The Wheel: Girlfriend Of Cleveland Browns Player Killed In Roadside Tragedy Weeks After Welcoming Baby Girl

Cleveland Browns’ Chris Smith Witnesses Girlfriend Petara Cordero Killed After Lambo Accident

This has to be one of the saddest things we’ve ever heard. Cleveland Browns defensive end Chris Smith will have to raise his newborn daughter Haven Harris Smith

Rest In Peace: Former Florida Gator, Oakland Raiders Linebacker Neiron Ball Dead At 27

Former Oakland Raiders Linebacker Neiron Ball Dead At 27

Former Florida Gators and Oakland Raiders linebacker Neiron Ball has passed away due to complications from arteriovenous malformation. He was 27-years-old.

Ball was a standout linebacker from the Gators who ended

Cops Kill People: Minnesota Protesters Block Highway In Opposition To Shady Shooting Of Brian Quinones

Minnesotans Protest The Shooting Death Of Brian Quinones

Yet again, the citizens of Minnesota have assembled to speak truth to power following the shooting death of a young man under some very dubious circumstances.

According to USAToday, protesters blocked

Bloody Bars: California Man Arrested After Rapping About Murdering Girlfriend At Karaoke “I Killed My B!tc#”

Robert Camou Arrested After Rapping About Girlfriend’s Murder

This is the type of thing that we expect from dumba$$ rappers, but we suppose that murderous idiocy knows no bounds.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Robert Camou went to

Can’t Take It With Ya: Aretha Franklin Passed Away With Close To $1 Million In Uncashed Checks

Aretha Franklin Had $1 Million In Uncashed Checks When She Died

Aretha Franklin had BIG paper stashed away at the time of her death according to Billboard.

Well, maybe it wasn’t her intention to stash them away, it’s hard

Jesus Take The Wheel: Georgia Mother Allegedly Killed Her Adult Kids Before Turning Gun On Herself

Georgia Mother Believed To Have Killed Her Kids Before Committing Suicide

The last social media post from Marsha Edwards was posted on Instagram Wednesday and was captioned:

I’ve had the best summer, first with Chris in Miami, and Erin in

T.I. Unveils Nipsey Hussle Installation At The Trap Music Museum In Honor Of Late Rappers Birthday

T.I. Honors Nipsey Hussle On His Birthday With New Trap Music Museum Installation

In honor of Nipsey Hussle’s August 15th birthday, Tip “T.I.” Harris unveiled a permanent Nipsey Hussle installation at the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta, on August

*Sniffles* Ty Dolla $ign Honors Mac Miller With A Special Tribute At His Tiny Desk Performance [Video]

Ty Dolla $ign Pays Tribute To Mac Miller With Performance Of “Cinderella”

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

This am, NPR gifted us all with some early morning feels by uploading Ty Dolla $ign’s recent Tiny Desk performance. Today, August 8th,

IDGAF 3000: Gamora’s Unbothered Reaction To Tony Stark’s Death In Avengers #Endgame Is Posthumous Hilarity

Gamora’s Indifference To Tony Stark‘s Endgame Death Sparks Hilarity

We are now living in a world without Tony Stark. The beloved inventor who became Iron Man selflessly sacrificed his life for the greater good in Avengers Endgame and many

Ho Sit Down: NBA Baller Lorenzen Wright’s Wife Found Guilty Of His Murder, Cuts Deal To Get 30 Years In Prison

Lorenzen Wright’s Wife Found Guilty Of His Murder

It’s been almost three years since we last reported on this story but we’re glad that there is now some good news to share.

According to TMZ, former NBA player Lorenzen

Ebro In The Morning: Hot 97 Host Presses Mayor Bill De Blasio Over Eric Garner’s Death And Lack Of Accountability [Video]

Ebro In The Morning Grills Mayor de Blasio Over Eric Garner Case

You got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do, de Blasio.

The bacon boy who killed Eric Garner is still gainfully employed by the NYPD despite the fact

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