ANOTHER ONE: Funniest (And Pettiest) ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ Memes

Ima tell my kids these are the founding fathers pic.twitter.com/DqvJcTuEzY

— KO (@deadboyko) November 13, 2019

Hilarious ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ Memes

2019 will be remembered for messy shenanigans and CLASSIC memes that continued with the hilarious “gonna tell my

Politics & Ponytails: Here’s What Happened When Ariana Grande Endorsed Bernie Sanders For President

#AnyoneButTrump: Funniest Tweets From The Fifth Democratic Debate

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris when Joe Biden said: “I come out of the black community.” #DemDebate pic.twitter.com/x1aPt9JiHl

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) November 21, 2019

Hilarious Tweets From Fifth Dem Debate

Last night’s fifth Democratic Debate at Tyler Perry Studios

Impeachment Inquiry: Ex-National Security Council Fiona Hill And Kiev Diplomat David Holmes Testify Against Trump [Live Stream]]

Fiona Hill And David Holmes Testify In Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Today marks another day where civil servants and former government officials have come forward to tell all they know about Donald Trump’s shady shenanigans in regards to a quid pro

‘Please Help!’ Hapless Husband Goes Viral After Being Terrorized By Wife’s Hours-Long Target Run

Pure comedy!

Husband Goes Viral After Being Terrorized By Wife’s Hours-Long Target Run

Nothing can come between a woman and her Tarjay—and a poor hapless husband recently found that out the hard way. Jeremy Tuck, a Georgia Pastor at Forest

But WHY Tho: The Game Recruits Pregnant Baddies For Album Cover, Mass Confusion Ensues

The Game Baffles Twitter With New Album Cover

Wanna hear a wild story? Well, here it go: The Game randomly posts that he’s looking for pregnant women in the LA area on Instagram.

When It All Falls Down: Amb. Gordon Sondland Drops DIME On Donald Trump, Rudy Guiliani, Mike Pompeo In Impeachment Inquiry [Live Stream]

Gordon Sondland Testifies To Trump Quid Pro Quo Live Stream

Donald Trump is f***ed. It’s going DOWN in Congress today as Ambassador Gordon Sondland is testifying that Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ALL knew that that Ukranian

You Don’t Even Go Here: Kidz Bop Karaoke Kween Lizzo Gets DRAGGED After Winning SOUL TRAIN AWARDS Over Ari Lennox

Lizzo won best soul album over Ari Lennox?! pic.twitter.com/JoVA8qQPca

— Kitchen Beautician. (@JLaCocaina) November 19, 2019

Twitter Vs. Lizzo (AGAIN)

2019 refuses to stop 2019’ing and continued its stressful shenanigans with this year’s somewhat enjoyable Soul Train Awards where Kidz

Hottie Hoops: Megan Brings Hot Girl Hysteria To The Garden, Leads Sorry Knicks To Victory

.@theestallion at Knicks – Cavs pic.twitter.com/rAUsHfVKES

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) November 19, 2019

Megan Thee Stallion Pops Up At Knicks Game, Fans Go Crazy

Meg’s presence is a present that inspired the struggling NY Knicks to actually win a

Hi Haters: Summer Walker Responds (Again) To People Questioning Her Social Anxiety

Summer Walker Responds (Again) To People Questioning Her Social Anxiety

Summer Walker knows some people think her social anxiety is “an act” or just a silly excuse—but the songstress is adamant that she’es truly suffering from the chronic mental health

Scam-A-Fella Records: Jay Z Gets Dragged By His Marcy Loclettes Over Shady Kaepernick Workout

Oh no Hov, what is you doin?

Twitter Vs. Jay Z (AGAIN)

Everyone’s buzzing over the shady Kaepernick workout saga that started with the NFL pretending to give the polarizing QB a fair shot and ended with Jay Z’s reported

Big Bullhorn Energy: Ann Nesby Goes HONEY BAKED HAM At Soul Train Awards, Sonic Booms Church Wigs Into Space

I had to go watch Ann NESBY again 😭#SoulTrainAwards pic.twitter.com/vDHoei5Aez

— Afro-LightSkin (@itsKARY_) November 18, 2019

Ann Nesby Goes OFF At Soul Train Awards, Shatters Twitter

There were quite a few memorable moments from last night’s enjoyable Soul Train

$camazing Grace: Kanye Brings His Sunday Circus To Joel Osteen’s Megachurch, Clown Shoe Shufflin’ Ensues

kanye went to joel osteen’s church today and it was something pic.twitter.com/BXEIimswMI

— jordan (@JordanUhl) November 17, 2019

Kanye Brings Sunday Service To Joel Osteen’s Church, Sparks Chaos

Well, it happened: Kanye brought his Sunday circus to Joel Osteen’s megachurch

Here’s What Happened When Summer Walker Won Her First Soul Train Award

#SoulTrainAwards : best new artist 🗣 SUMMER WALKERRRRRRR

Summer: Thanks pic.twitter.com/FjX7kcx9mS

— moonchild (@ilatindiva) November 18, 2019

Summer Walker Appears At Soul Train Awards, Sparks Hysteria

Socially awkward R&B starlet Summer Walker had all eyes on her YET AGAIN after

Funniest Tweets & Memes From The 2019 Soul Train Awards

Sorry to this woman 😂😂😂😂#SoulTrainAwards pic.twitter.com/gYgSsE9VM5

— Deja Johnson (@_SEXIIR3D) November 18, 2019

Hilarious Tweets From The 2019 Soul Train Awards

Last night’s sorta kinda star-studded Soul Train Awards was a fun-filled celebration of Black excellence hosted by everyone’s

F**K ‘EM! Donna Brazile Curses Out Convicted Trump Crony Roger Stone On Bill Maher’s Show [Video]

Donna Brazile Curses Out Roger Stone On Bill Maher’s Show

Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s longtime homie-fixer-friend, was convicted yesterday of 7 felonies relating to witness tampering and lying to congress. Donna Brazile, an MSNBC-turned-Fox-News political analyst, appeared on Real

“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Cheryl’s Prison Guard Sister Grills Former Bank Robber Josh (Exclusive)

“Love After Lockup” Airs Friday Nights On WeTV

Reformed bank robber Josh gets practically interrogated by his lover Cheryl’s prison staffer sister in the latest episode of “Love After Lockup.”

Cheryl asks her corrections officer sister to go easy on

Impeachment Day 2: Donald Trump’s Shady Shady Shenanigans Outed By Marie Yovanovitch [Live Stream]

Marie Yovanovitch Testifies In Impeachment Inquiry Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump‘s conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is the subject of the impeachment inquiry that Congress has set forth.

Today is day 2 of the public testimony in that

#MarriedToMedicine Beef: Buffie Purselle Pens Op-Ed Over Dr. Jackie’s ‘Malicious’ Infertile Comment—Jackie Responds

Buffie Writes Op-Ed Over Dr. Jackie’s “Infertile” Comment

Buffie Purselle’s had enough. The “Married To Medicine” newbie is once again calling out one of the cast OGs for what she says was an intentionally “mean and malicious” comment. As previously

She Hates Them Forreal: Mo’Nique Slaps Netflix With Discrimination Suit, Blows Up Twitter

Mo’Nique Hits Netflix With Lawsuit, Blows Up Twitter

Blackballed queen of comedy Mo’Nique isn’t ready to squash her beef with Netflix just yet and slapped the streaming giant with a racial and gender discrimination lawsuit after months of

Here’s What Happened When Kodak Black Was Sentenced To 46 MONTHS In Prison

Kodak black when someone asks why he keeps getting in trouble and going to jail pic.twitter.com/QOjTk58GGi

— dshneales (@DarrinKneale) November 13, 2019

Kodak Black’s Sentencing Sparks Hysteria

Poor Kodak. He just can’t get right and was sentenced to nearly

Klowndom Kome: Pettiest Reactions To Kanye Bringing His Sunday Circus To Joel Osteen’s “Church”

Joel Osteen and Kanye West this Sunday 💀 pic.twitter.com/BLgs1pjxJa

— #TeamPyeWaw (@teampyewaw_) November 12, 2019

Joel & Kanye’s Sunday Circus Announcement Sparks Chaos

Ah yes, we’ve reached the part of Kanye’s “spiritual awakening” where he visits a mega church to

Pure Comedy: Cardi B, Lizzo & Chance The Rapper Read Mean Tweets About Themselves [Video]

A Slew Of Musicians Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

There’s something so satisfying about knowing a celebrity can make fun of themselves (or read about someone else making fun of them) and simply taking it in stride–which is why we

Breaking: Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign Says Rapper Is Trying To Use The Courts To ‘Harass’ & ‘Control Her’

Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign Says Rapper Is Trying To Use The Courts To “Harass” & “Control Her”

The woman who said she bore rapper Future’s baby daughter has accused him of trying to use the legal system to

Feces Fracas: Homeless Man Pours Plentiful Pot Of Steaming Isht On Random Woman’s Head

Homeless Man Pours Plentiful Pot Of Steaming Diarrhea On Random Woman’s Head

An L.A. woman is reeling after she says she was randomly targeted by a homeless man and assaulted with hot diarrhea. Heidi Van Tassel was hospitalized for testing

Here’s What Happened When Socially Anxious R&Bruja Summer Walker Scrapped Tour Dates

Summer Walker right now pic.twitter.com/M5yRKYgvTR

— Jaciaihus (@jaciaihus) November 12, 2019

Summer Walker Cancels Tour Dates, Twitter Reacts

Summer Walker is the hottest new R&B artist in the game. She also apparently struggles with social anxiety that forced her to

Jesus Take The Wheel: Philadelphia Father Accused Of Using 11-Month-Old As ‘Human Shield’ During Drug Deals

Prosecutors said Nafes Monroe used his 11-month-old son as a “human shield” to avoid being shot by dealers while using counterfeit cash to buy drugs from them. Monroe’s son remains in critical condition after being shot 4 times last month:

Coworker Calamity: Porsha Terrifically Trolls Eva’s ‘Nappy-Headed’ #RHOA Comments

Porsha Williams Terrifically Trolls Eva Marcille’s “Nappy Headed” RHOA Comments

There’s still beef brewing between two RHOA stars and it’s continuing to spill onto social media. As previously reported Eva Marcille and Porsha Williams are feuding over comments made at

Musty Mayhem: Pettiest Reactions To Drake Getting Booed By Pillow-Humping Crunchy Sockers At Camp Flog Gnaw

“…funny how an Ocean of people can’t stand to sea you” https://t.co/EVU4Q0pfQ3

— escanor (@mspeacherino) November 11, 2019

Twitter Vs. Drake-Booing Dweebs

By now, you’ve probably seen multiple angles of Drake getting booed by a sea of musty, crusty, dirty

#LHHH: Apryl Jones And Eskimo Bro Lil Fizz Reconcile With Jess Hilarious After She Put Their Shady Love On Blast [Video]

Apryl And Fizz Confront Jess Hilarious On #LHHH

Apryl Jones and Fizz have taken the mantle of reality TV’s messiest couple after their not-so-secret love has captured the hearts and minds of #LHHH fans everywhere.

In the most recent

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