Remember Him? Nicki Minaj’s Brother Jelani Finally Set To Be Sentenced In 2017 Child Rape Case This Month (Exclusive)

Jelani Maraj Convicted For Sexually Abusing Tween Victim

Nicki Minaj’s older brother is set to finally be sentenced in his child rape case – more than two years after his conviction, BOSSIP has learned.

Jelani Maraj is scheduled to go

WELP: Lee Daniels Stuck With Dame Dash’s Outstanding $950K Back Child Support Tabs

Lee Daniels Stuck With Both Of Dame Dash’s Outstanding $950K Back Child Support Tabs

Dame Dash has had a hell of a kick off for the holiday season. Last week Dame was entangled in pop culture headlines due to his

Move, B!t¢#: Unkempt White Woman Tries To Block Black Resident From Entering Building, “You Gonna Rob Someone?” [Video]

White Woman Blocks Black Resident From Building In Viral Video

Another day, another white person with George Zimmerman disease goes viral for trying to police a Black person.

A Maryland woman named Taheerah Rashad was going home to her condo

Jacked: Playboi Carti And Iggy Azalea Robbed Of $350k+ Worth Of Jewelery In ATL Burglary

Playboi Carti & Iggy Azalea Robbed Of $350k+ Worth Of Jewelery In ATL Home Robbery

Playboi Carti & Iggy Azalea keep their lovely swirl lowkey and out the public eye. The last time they blessed up with a glimpse of

Yeah, Naw: Judge Shuts Down Any Hope Of Alexis Clark’s Alleged Killer Being Released, Denies Bond

Clark Atlanta Student Accused Of Killing Roommate Denied Bail

Ho, sit down” was the essence of Judge Rachel Krause’s decision to deny bail to Clark University student and alleged murderer Jordyn Jones according to the AJC.


He’s Out: Baseballer Felipe Vazquez Charged With 21 New Felonies For Possession Of Child Porn

Felipe Vazquez Charged With 21 Felonies Related To Child Porn

Hide your kids, hide your wife. Those were the cautionary words spoken by viral sensation Antoine Dodson almost a decade ago back in 2010. People like Pittsburgh Pirate’s baller

UH OH! Lil Jon Detained In Vietnam For Carrying Expensive Collection Of Jewelry With Him

Lil Jon Detained In Vietnam For Carrying Expensive Collection Of Jewelry With Him

Lil Jon has been laying low for years collecting his coins and staying out of trouble like the king he is. He’s popped up here and there

SMH: Ex-Atlanta Police Officer Allegedly Used Old Uniform To Rob Hotel Guests At Gunpoint

Ex-Atlanta Police Officer Allegedly Used Old Uniform To Rob Hotel Guests At Gunpoint

The past few weeks have been a storm for Atlanta and its police department with highly publicized crime making national news day after day. The majority of

F*** A Thug: Suspect Arrested For Kidnapping In Disappearance Of Aniah Blanchard, Stepdaughter Of UFC Star

Ibraheem Yazid Arrested, Suspected In Disappearance Of Stepdaughter Of UFC’s Walt Harris

Police have arrested Ibraheem Yazeed and charged him with kidnapping in the case of Aniah Haley Blanchard, the teenage stepdaughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris, who has

Shook Ones: ‘Joker’ Screening Evacuated In Panic When Man Stands Up, Grabs Chest, Screams “Allahu Akbar”

Joker Screening Evacuated When Man Scream “Allahu Akbar” In Theater

There were no happy faces in Paris during a screening of Joaquin Phoenix‘s new flick Joker.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there was an incident on Sunday

Florida Crazies: Freaky ‘Frozen’ F***er “Let It Go” While Dry-Humping An Olaf Doll Inside Target Store

Florida Man Arrested For Ejaculating Into Olaf Doll

Cody Christopher Meader, 20-years-old, was arrested this week at a Pinellas County Target for obeying his lascivious lust and getting low-down and dirty with a children’s toy according to the Miami Herald

Straight To Jail: Former LHH Hollywood Member Mally Mal Pleads Guilty To Illegal Prostitution Ring

Former LHH Hollywood Member Mally Mal Pleads Guilty To Illegal Prostitution Ring

Mally Mal has had a very interesting entrepreneur to say the least. He’s had semi popular songs with the likes of Tyga, Wiz Khalifa. He’s produced for Chris

GTFOHWTBS: Eric Garner’s Killer Daniel Pantaleo Sues NYPD For Wrongful Termination, “Never Put Pressure On His Neck”

Daniel Pantaleo Sues NYPD For Wrongful Termination

Daniel Pantaleo, the former NYPD police officer who killed Eric Garner with an illegal chokehold is now suing the department for wrongful termination. The basis for his argument? In essence, “I didn’t

People Ain’t Isht: Junkie Brothers Abandon Grandma To Burn Alive In House Fire To Save Meth Equipment

Brothers Leave Grandma Burn To Death In Order To Save Meth Lab

People really ain’t s#!t and if you think that sounds bleak and pessimistic then read the following story and reconsider.

According to NBCNews, two brothers from Riverside,

People Ain’t Isht: Nursing Home Workers Arrested For Allegedly Filming Fights Between Dementia Patients

Nursing Home Workers Allegedly Filmed Brawls Between Dementia Patients

Three workers at an assisted living facility in North Carolina have been arrested after police say they used elderly residents with dementia for their own personal entertainment.

32-year-old Marilyn Latish McKey,

People Ain’t S#!t: 19-Year-Old Arrested For Forcibly Reaching In His Meemaw’s Panties To Steal $10

Teen Arrested For Stealing $10 From Inside Grandmother’s Panties

We’ve reported a LOT of unbelievable and heinous crimes over the years, but we’ve never read anything like this before.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 19-year-old Memphis boy has

Last Warning: Prince’s Estate Is Furious Cheeto Commander Won’t Stop Playing ‘Purple Rain’ At Rallies

Prince Estate Furious Trump Won’t Stop Using ‘Purple Rain’ At Rallies

That guy in the White House keeps staring up trouble with musicians who, quite frankly, just aren’t fans of his and don’t play about their art. You would think

Caught Faking: Over 14,000 Fugazi Yeezy & Off-White Sneakers Worth $2.2 Mil Seized At LAX

Over 14,000 Fugazi Yeezy & Off-White Sneakers Seized At Los Angeles International Airport

The sneaker game has become one of the wildest obsessions in pop culture, and right now, it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. Nowadays, the most

Sista, GTFOHWTBS: Judge Tammy Kemp Plays Race Card To Chide Critics Of Her Headazz Huggin Of Racist Murderer Amber Guyger

Judge Tammy Kemp Defends Decision To Hug Amber Guyger

We’d be a whole lie if we told you that we’re not still hot-under-the-collar behind the disrespectfully light 10-year sentence that Amber Guyger was given for the MURDER of Botham Jean.

3 Men Accused Of Killing Mac Miller Will Face Life In Prison Without Parole 

3 Men Accused Of Killing Mac Miller Will Face Life In Prison Without Parole

We’re still mourning Mac Miller after losing him a little over one year ago. In an update, three men have now been indicted in connection to

Throw Away The Key: Man Who Murdered Toya Johnson’s Brothers Sentenced To LIFE In Prison

Man Who Murdered Toya Johnson’s Brothers Sentenced To Life In Prison

Back in 2016, Toya Johnson‘s brothers Josh and Rudy Johnson were tragically murdered in New Orleans. Three years later, the reality star is finally getting a little

Risked It All: Delta Baggage Handler Arrested After Finessing $300K Heist At JFK Airport [Video]

Delta Baggage Handler Arrested After $300,000 Heist

As the old saying goes, you can’t fix stupid.

Nowadays, there are cameras everywhere and almost everything is recorded for safety reasons–and also because people are just down right criminals, and stupid ones

National F-Boy League: Antonio Brown’s Agent Says “Few Teams” Are Still Interested In Signing Him [Audio]

Antonio Brown’s Agent Drew Rosenhaus Says NFL Teams Want To Sign Him

Antonio Brown took to Twitter to announce that he will no longer play in the NFL after he was cut by the New England Patriots in the wake

People Ain’t Isht: Demi Moore Says Her Mother Was Paid $500 To Let Man Rape Her At Age 15 [Video]

Demi Moore Recounts Being Raped As A Teen By Man Who Paid Her Mother

Demi Moore recently sat down with Diane Sawyer to detail some of the most traumatic parts of her childhood that she also wrote about in her

A.B. = Asinine Baller: Antonio Brown Sent “Intimidating” Group Texts To Sexual Harassment Accuser, NFL Responds

Antonio Brown Sent Threatening Text Messages To Sexual Harassment Accuser

Antonio Brown is a world-class athlete and a top-shelf d**khead. Yesterday we reported that Nike has ended their business arrangement with him in the wake of sexual assault and harassment

Cops Kill People: North Carolina Sheriff Plots To Kill Deputy Who Had Recordings Of His Racist Remarks

Sheriff Indicted For Plotting Cop’s Murder Over Racist Recordings

There is no honor among thieves and most definitely not amongst pigs.

According to a Washington Post article, Granville County, North Carolina Sheriff Brindell Wilkins conspired to have one of

Bout Damn Time: Ed Buck Finally Arrested For Giving Meth To Black Man Who Overdosed At His Home

Ed Buck Arrested As Third Black Man Overdoses At His Home

Ed Buck was arrested last night in Los Angeles after a 37-year-old who overdosed (the victim survived this time) at his home last week according to CBSNews. BOSSIP

Blackballed: Donald Trump Says Bahamian People Seeking Refuge From Dorian Are “Very Bad Gang Members And Drug Dealers”

Donald Trump Casts Aspersions On Bahamians Seeking Refuge From Dorian

Donald Trump, the President of 53% of white women’s United States, pretty much hates Black and brown people.

At every turn, Trump villainizes non-white people as violent degenerates who

F**k 12: Phoenix Cop Investigated For Calling Female Colleague “C** Dumpster”, Saying He Wanted To Rape Her, And Beating Civilians

Phoenix Police Investigated For Rape Threats, Brutality, And Stealing Money

A police officer in Phoenix is under serious investigation for a series of infractions including, but not limited to beating civilians, threatening witnesses, wrongfully seizing money in a drug bust

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