People Ain’t Isht

People Ain’t Isht: Demi Moore Says Her Mother Was Paid $500 To Let Man Rape Her At Age 15 [Video]

Demi Moore Recounts Being Raped As A Teen By Man Who Paid Her Mother

Demi Moore recently sat down with Diane Sawyer to detail some of the most traumatic parts of her childhood that she also wrote about in her

A.B. = Asinine Baller: Antonio Brown Sent “Intimidating” Group Texts To Sexual Harassment Accuser, NFL Responds

Antonio Brown Sent Threatening Text Messages To Sexual Harassment Accuser

Antonio Brown is a world-class athlete and a top-shelf d**khead. Yesterday we reported that Nike has ended their business arrangement with him in the wake of sexual assault and harassment

Cops Kill People: North Carolina Sheriff Plots To Kill Deputy Who Had Recordings Of His Racist Remarks

Sheriff Indicted For Plotting Cop’s Murder Over Racist Recordings

There is no honor among thieves and most definitely not amongst pigs.

According to a Washington Post article, Granville County, North Carolina Sheriff Brindell Wilkins conspired to have one of

Bout Damn Time: Ed Buck Finally Arrested For Giving Meth To Black Man Who Overdosed At His Home

Ed Buck Arrested As Third Black Man Overdoses At His Home

Ed Buck was arrested last night in Los Angeles after a 37-year-old who overdosed (the victim survived this time) at his home last week according to CBSNews. BOSSIP

Blackballed: Donald Trump Says Bahamian People Seeking Refuge From Dorian Are “Very Bad Gang Members And Drug Dealers”

Donald Trump Casts Aspersions On Bahamians Seeking Refuge From Dorian

Donald Trump, the President of 53% of white women’s United States, pretty much hates Black and brown people.

At every turn, Trump villainizes non-white people as violent degenerates who

F**k 12: Phoenix Cop Investigated For Calling Female Colleague “C** Dumpster”, Saying He Wanted To Rape Her, And Beating Civilians

Phoenix Police Investigated For Rape Threats, Brutality, And Stealing Money

A police officer in Phoenix is under serious investigation for a series of infractions including, but not limited to beating civilians, threatening witnesses, wrongfully seizing money in a drug bust

People Ain’t Isht: Rideshare Driver Charged In Toddler Disappearance, Cops Say Baby Sold For $10,000

Rideshare Driver Arrested For Child Abduction

In the words of Martin Lawrence on his classic comedy special, You So Crazy, people are “craaaaazy, deraaaaanged”.

This punchline is no laughing matter when it comes to a Pennsylvania Uber and Lyft

Jesus Take The Wheel: Georgia Mother Allegedly Killed Her Adult Kids Before Turning Gun On Herself

Georgia Mother Believed To Have Killed Her Kids Before Committing Suicide

The last social media post from Marsha Edwards was posted on Instagram Wednesday and was captioned:

I’ve had the best summer, first with Chris in Miami, and Erin in

F**k 12: Portland Police Falsely Arrest Black Man For Bank Robberies, Use Photoshop To Cover Up Face Tattoos To Mirror Real Suspect

Portland Cops Use Photoshop To Remove False Suspect’s Face Tattoos

Yes, you read that correctly. Allow us to explain.

Portland police had been on the hunt for a man they say is responsible for four bank robberies, not a

Feds Reveal They Have R. Kelly’s Pharmacy & Urgent Care Records As Proof He’s Got STD (Exclusive)

R. Kelly Is Being Held Without Bail In Federal Child Abuse & Racketeering Case

The U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed that it has R. Kelly’s drugstore and urgent care receipts – bolstering its allegation that the disgraced singer exposed his alleged

You Can’t Be Serious: British Cops Say People Mocking Faintly-Follicled Pharmaceutical Felon Could Be Investigated

British Cops Warn Social Media Users About Mocking Drug Dealer

Hair ye, hair ye, let it be known that if you have jokes about this on-the-run drug dealer then the blokes who wear badges in Britain may put you under

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