Drunk & Drunker: Woman Gets DUI After Driving To Police Station To Pick Up Boyfriend Who Was Arrested For DUI 


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Woman Arrested For DUI While Picking Up Boyfriend With DUI From Police Station

Some situations are so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe they’re true. Like the Pennsylvania woman facing DUI charges after driving to the police station while intoxicated to pick up her boyfriend who had already been arrested for DUI. According to Chambersburg Police Department, 30-year old Kristen Robbins went to pick up her boyfriend, who had been arrested on a DUI charge earlier that evening, and seemed intoxicated when she arrived.

An alcohol sobriety test confirmed that Robbins was indeed drunk when she entered the station. Upon further investigation, police discovered that she had driven near the area of the station, and parked her vehicle along Central Avenue in Chambersburg before walking inside. The Chambersburg PD press release states:

Kristen Robbins came to the police station to pick-up her boyfriend who had been arrested for DUI. Robbins was found to be intoxicated. Officers investigated and found that Robbins had driven to the area and parked her vehicle along Central Avenue before walking to the police station.

Robbins was arrested Thursday on one count of driving under the influence. No word on whether or not she’s been released. SMH.

SMH: Pennsylvania Officer Shoots Man Inside Holding Cell After Mistaking His Taser For His Gun 

Police Tape

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Back in March, a New Hope, Pennsylvania officer  shot an unarmed man during a tussle after mistaking his gun for his taser. According to the Bucks County district attorney’s office, the unidentified officer will not face charges and the shooting was “neither justified, nor criminal, but was excused.”

District Attorney Matthew Weintrau said in a statement:

“Weintraub said the law excuses the shooting officer’s conduct from criminal prosecution because of his ‘honest but mistaken’ belief he was deploying his Taser at the time he discharged his service weapon

Weintrau added that the wounded man, Brian Riling, was hospitalized in critical condition for several days after being shot in the stomach but has since been released. Meanwhile, the officer was placed on paid administrative leave and retired from the department. The investigation is still ongoing.