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Kanye Has Pop-Up Sunday Service At Howard Homecoming, Spews Sunken Slavery Comments AGAIN

Kanye Has Sunday Service At Howard University

Kanye is back at it again and surprisingly one of the most illustrious HBCUs in the country is giving him a stage. On Saturday Kanye surprised Howard University students and alumni with a

Call Andy—Again: Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Is A ‘Bully’ With ‘Very Few Friends’

Kenya Moore Disses NeNe Leakes Again

Yup, there’s still beef brewing between two RHOA stars who’ve been publicly shading each other for months. Kenya Moore whose preparing to make her return to the show was recently asked about her costar

Last Warning: Prince’s Estate Is Furious Cheeto Commander Won’t Stop Playing ‘Purple Rain’ At Rallies

Prince Estate Furious Trump Won’t Stop Using ‘Purple Rain’ At Rallies

That guy in the White House keeps staring up trouble with musicians who, quite frankly, just aren’t fans of his and don’t play about their art. You would think

Ooop! OG Alleges Blatant Bias During The #BBWLA Reunion—Guess Who’s On Her Side

OG Asked To Sit On Different Stage During “Basketball Wives” Reunion

“Basketball Wives” fans got to see alllll the drama unfold last night during the “Basketball Wives” reunion. During the Marc Lamont Hill hosted show alleged “troublemaker”/Evelyn

WELP! Complaint Filed Against Amber Guyger Hugging Judge Tammy Kemp—‘Inappropriate & Unconstitutional!’

Judge Tammy Kemp Criticized For Amber Guyger Hug

The Judge who bizarrely bestowed a bible and a hug to a CONVICTED MURDERER is facing a formal complaint. As previously reported jaws dropped when people saw not only Botham Jean’s brother

Delusional Dustmite: Did Stacey Dash Cluelessly Claim White On Her Arrest Report?!

Stacey Dash’s Arrest Record Lists Her As White

Stacey Dash is getting dragged back to unemployment over that recent viral arrest. As previously reported Stacey was taken into custody this week following a physical fight with her husband Jeffrey Marty.

Nope, Naw, HELL NO: Black Judge And Bailiff Get Touchy-Feely With Racist Murderer Amber Guyger At Sentencing

Judge And Bailiff Dote On Amber Guyger At Sentencing

Amber Guyger‘s sentencing brought up some VERY raw emotions yesterday in regard to forgiveness and the way white people are treated when they do heinous and violent acts against Black

And I OOP: Evelyn Tried To Expose OG’s “Thirsty” Ochocinco DMs—But OG Obliterated Her With THIS

#BBWLA Beef…

OG And Evelyn Lozada Clash Over Ochocinco

OG is not letting up on Evelyn Lozada when it comes to those Ochocinco claims. If you watched last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives L.A.” then you saw the aftermath of

“Going From Broke’s” Danetha Doe’s Tips For Millennial Money Management [VIDEO]

Finance Expert Counsels Millennials In Debt Crisis For New Show

Danetha Doe’s new show, “Going From Broke” sees her swooping in to change the lives of young people who have crippling student loans.

On the show, set to debut Oct.

Married To MESSINESS: Was Joseline’s ‘Thrifty’ Toya Tirade Secretly Setup By THIS Cast Member?

Was Joseline Hernandez Setup To Diss Toya Bush-Harris?

If you watched the latest episode of “Married To Medicine” then you caught a #LHHATL vet stirring the pot. Joseline Hernandez made a guest appearance at newbie Buffie Purselle’s “Fab N Frugal”

CNN Gets Gutted For Whitewashing Impeachment Leaders, Completely Ignoring ‘The Squad’ & Maxine Waters

C’mon now!

CNN Ignores Maxine Waters, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, And AOC

CNN must think we’re all stupid. The reputable news organization is getting SLAMMED for highlighting “impeachment leaders” in an egregiously gentrified way.

Instead of noting that

Bubbling Jar Of Mayo Threatens To “Murder All Ni**ers”, Outed As ‘Medium’ Wardrobe Staffer

White Woman Screams N-Word And Threatens To Murder Black People

We spoke earlier about white people losing their minds when they hear people speaking Spanish, but the sight of Black skin is just as triggering.

The Becky in the video

He Be In The Bingy: Young Dro Sentenced 12 Months In Prison For Smashing Banana Pudding In Bae’s Face, Only Serving 70 Days

Young Dro Sentenced 12 Months In Jail For Family Violence

Young Dro will be shoulder leaning in county orange for an incident with his girlfriend.

Back in July we reported that Young Dro was arrested for battery and family violence

Ooop! Loni Love Calls Out Blac Chyna For Shadily Skipping Out On ‘The Real’ & Costing Them THOUSANDS

Loni Love Calls Out Blac Chyna For Skipping “The Real”

Auntie Loni has absolutely zero time for someone’s shady shenanigans.

If you watched Monday’s episode of “The Real” you may have noticed that Blac Chyna was scheduled to be the

Hey, Stupid, STFU: D**khead DA In Amber Guyger Murder Case Purposely Disobeyed Judge’s Gag Order, Gives Interview About Trial

DA Disobeys Gag Order In Amber Guyger’s Trial For Botham Jean Murder

Amber Guyger‘s trial for the murder of Botham Jean and things are already off to a rocky start.

Judge Tammy Kemp went viral on Twitter yesterday for

Hey, Stupid, STFU: D**khead DA In Amber Guyger Murder Case Purposely Disobeyed Judge’s Gag Order, Gives Interview About Trial

DA Disobeys Gag Order In Amber Guyger’s Trial For Botham Jean Murder

Amber Guyger‘s trial for the murder of Botham Jean and things are already off to a rocky start.

Judge Tammy Kemp went viral on Twitter yesterday for

State Fair? Frederick County Sheriff Wants Teen Brothas Charged With Hate Crime For “Knockout Game” Manslaughter

Teen Brothers Arrested For Allegedly Killing Man During “Knockout Game” At Fair

Things turned deadly at the Great Frederick Fair when a 59-year-old John Weed was found unconscious and was ultimately pronounced dead Saturday after being airlifted to R Adams

‘Now, Check That!’ Phaedra Parks Perfectly Trolls Gizelle Bryant Over THOSE ‘Mr. Chocolate’ Comments

Phaedra Parks Responds To Gizelle Bryant

A shade savant recently sent a message to a fellow Bravo star. As previously reported Gizelle Bryant shaded Phaedra Parks on “Watch What Happens Live” over rumors that Phaedra’s “Mr. Chocolate” was actually Gizelle’s

Consequences & Repercussions: Soup Cookie Comedian Shane Gillis Fired From SNL Over Racist And Homophobic Comments

Shane Gillis Fired From SNL, Responds On Twitter

Shane Gillis is probably a name you never heard of in your life until recently, and even then the mention of his name is likely to be met with an incredulous “who???”

Not Having It: James Harden Sued For $300K From ‘Party Damages’ To Beverly Hills Rental

James Harden Sued For $300K From ‘Party Damages’ To Rental

ALWAYS READ THE CONTRACT! That’s a lesson James Harden is learning the hard way.

Before the summer is officially over, Harden decided to take his talents to Beverly Hills for

PETTY WAP: Fetty Wap 1738ly Asserts That He’s NOT The Father Of Alexis Skyy’s Baby Girl

Fetty Wap Hints That Alexis Skyy’s Daughter Isn’t Biologically His

There’s some pettiness going on between Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy for the 1738th time. As previously reported rumors swirled that Fetty’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy “lied” about the paternity of

In White Folks News: Taylor Swift’s Mansion Was Broken Into By A Particularly Polite Criminal

Man Breaks Into Taylor Swift’s House As Politely As Possible

Celebrities houses are always a hot target for every type of criminals. The second they find out a famous person has moved in nearby, they start planning their heist.


Damn, Word? Britney Spears Father Accused Of Physically Abusing Her Teenage Son, K-Fed Granted Restraining Order

Britney Spears’ Father Jamie Accused Of Physically Abusing Sean Preston

Never let it be said that rich white folks aren’t messy as hell.

According to FoxNews, Britney Spears’ father Jamie has been accused of physically abusing her teenage son

Arrest Warrant: Demarcus Cousins Is Officially Wanted By Police For Threatening Baby Mama With A Bullet

Arrest Warrant Issued For Demarcus Cousins Over Domestic Violence Audio

Earlier this week we reported on the leaked audio of Demarcus Cousins threatening to murder his baby mama/ex-girlfriend Christy West.

Today, a USAToday story announced that there is now an

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