Bang, Bang: Elizabeth Warren Comedically Claps Back At “Old Fashioned” Question About Same Sex Marriage [Video]

Elizabeth Warren’s Response To Marriage Equality Question

Elizabeth Warren had a VERY spicy answer for a gentleman who asked her how she would respond to a supporter telling her that they don’t believe in gay marriage at the CNN Equality

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Scottie Beam Hosts ‘Rhythm + Flow: The Aftershow’ With Special Guests Twista, Ivie Ani & DJ Hed [Video]

Rhythm + Flow: The Aftershow Explores The First Four Episodes

Earlier this week, Netflix released the first four episodes of Rhythm + Flow, their new reality series that takes on talent competition shows in the hip-hop realm. Cardi B

Seen On The Scene: Wale, IDK, Da Great Ape & More At “Warner Nights” BET Hip Hop Awards Edition In Atlanta

Wale, IDK, Da Great Ape & More At “Warner Nights” BET Hip Hop Awards Edition In Atlanta


Last Friday, while the city was still amidst celebrations of the BET Hip Hop Awards, Warner Records joined Hennessy to host

Ooh This Looks Good: Octavia Spencer & Aaron Paul Face Off In Gripping “Truth Be Told” Trailer

“Truth Be Told” First-Look Trailer

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, Emmy-winner Aaron Paul and Emmy-nominated Lizzy Caplan deliver the goods in this gripping first-look trailer for Apple’s upcoming Apple TV+ limited series “Truth Be Told” that looks absolutely amazing (and stressful).

Creepy Orphans, Spooky Spirits & A Questionable Wig Pop Up In “The Turning” Trailer

“The Turning” Trailer

If you love creepy orphans in big scary houses, spooky ghosts with sinister intentions and very, very questionable wigs in your scary movies, “The Turning” is for you and actually looks intriguing at a time when 99%

Call Andy—Again: Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Is A ‘Bully’ With ‘Very Few Friends’

Kenya Moore Disses NeNe Leakes Again

Yup, there’s still beef brewing between two RHOA stars who’ve been publicly shading each other for months. Kenya Moore whose preparing to make her return to the show was recently asked about her costar

Our Formerly Faceless Twitter Friend @EmoBlackThot Reveals His Identity After Years Of Reminding You To Wash Your Face

@EmoBlackThot Steps Out Of Anonymity To Reveal His True Identity

After building a painfully loyal social media following over the last few years, @emoblackthot is no longer anonymous.

The Twitter account, which boasts nearly 180,000 followers, is known for positive

Pure Comedy: Niecy Nash Used Her Mature Voice To Get Out Of School As A Child [Video]

Niecy Nash Used Her Mature Voice To Get Out Of School

According to Niecy Nash, her voice has always sounded exactly like her mother’s–so it’s not hard to see how that made cutting class extremely easy for the actress.

Nut A$$ Jawn: Philly-Area Teacher Caught Going On Racist Rant Toward Parent, “You’re On Welfare Because You’re Black”

Philly Middle School Teacher Goes On Racist Rant Against Parent

A teacher from Drexel Hill Middle School in the outer-Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby has been placed on “administrative leave” after she was caught in a now-viral video going

“Love & Marriage Huntsville” Exclusive: Martell Thinks A Baby Will Bring Him And Melody Closer [VIDEO]

Melody Gives Martell Her Pregnancy News

If you’ve been watching this season return of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” you know the show has been full of drama especially surrounding infidelity rumors with Melody and Martell. As if things were not

Random Ridiculousness: Couple Claims The 6-Year-Old Girl They Adopted From Ukraine Is Actually A Grown Woman Trying To Kill Them

Florida Couple Is Convinced The Child They Adopted Is Actually An Adult

An American couple–who adopted their daughter in 2010 believing she was 6-years-old–says they think she’s actually an adult woman posing as a child. Not only that, they’re convinced

Rihanna’s Comments About Not Being A “Sellout” Has Everyone Giving Jay-Z Even MORE Side-Eyes

Did Rihanna Diss Jay-Z?

Rihanna definitely knows how to speak her mind and make the news cycle explode. On the latest Vogue cover (her 6th), Rihanna had this to say about the Super Bowl:

“I couldn’t dare do that. For

Last Warning: Prince’s Estate Is Furious Cheeto Commander Won’t Stop Playing ‘Purple Rain’ At Rallies

Prince Estate Furious Trump Won’t Stop Using ‘Purple Rain’ At Rallies

That guy in the White House keeps staring up trouble with musicians who, quite frankly, just aren’t fans of his and don’t play about their art. You would think

Cut The Crap: Colin Kaepernick & Team Release “Facts” Letter To Clear Up Any Lingering NFL Rumors

Colin Kaepernick & Team Release Fact Check To Clear Up Rumors

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been on a football field since 2016, which feels like forever and a day go at this point. The last time he was on the field,

Not Just Evelyn: Shaunie O’Neal Is Getting DRAGGED Across The Internet For Taking Evelyn’s Side And Bullying OG

Shaunie Getting Dragged

If you’ve been watching Basketball Wives all season then you know that it’s been the season of dragging Evelyn for her foolery. She’s been feuding with everyone and coming up on the short end of every beef.

Despicable: Mindy Kaling Reveals The Television Academy Tried To Erase Her Writing Credits From ‘The Office’

Mindy Kaling Discusses The TV Academy’s Attempt To Discredit Her

Mindy Kaling caused quite the stir this week when she accused the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences of singling her out back on her days working on The Office

Seriously?! A French Comic Book Artist Is Making Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Into A Movie

Kim K’s Paris Robbery Reportedly Inspires An Upcoming Film

A French comic book artist is reportedly planning to make Kim Kardashian’s robbery on the into a movie.

The film–which is tentatively titled Fashion Week–is supposed to be about a

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