Michelle Williams Snaps On Angry Trolls Confusing Her For The Other Michelle Williams

*whispers* they look nothing alike…

Michelle Williams Claps Back At Angry Trolls

Saved and sanctified Destiny’s Child alum Michelle Williams is SICK and TIRED of being confused with award-winning actress Michelle Williams who delivered a beautiful message to sexist Hollywood

Go Directly To Jail: A Boogie’s Manager Caught On Video BRUTALIZING Two Women, Knocks One’s Teeth In *GRAPHIC* [Video]

*Graphic Video* A Boogie With The Hoodie’s Road Manager Caught Brutalizing Women On Tape

Video has surfaced of man by the name of Yasin Touray, who apparently is the road manager to rapper A Boogie, viciously attacking a

#LHHH: Fizz Is Dirty Dogging Moniece While Being Sprung On Apryl And Twitter Is ROASTING Him For It

Fizz And Apryl’s Relationship Still Angers Fans

We just love it when the reality shows start to catch up to the drama we witnessed in real-time. We were all pretty shocked when we saw Fizz and Apryl canoodling on Instagram

Keeping Up With The Lies: Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Prove She And Khloe Don’t Steal Men; Zero Humans Believe Her

Kim Kardashian Defends Khloe

The Kardashians are all about preserving their image, no matter how tarnished it may be in some people’s eyes. For years, the wrap on the family, namely Kim and Khloe, has been that they have a

BOSSIP Exclusives: NBC Is Courting A Hit With Memphis Based Series”Bluff City Law”

We LOVE “Bluff City Law” And You Will Too

The EMMY’s are done but many of your favorite shows are returning this week with new episodes. But there’s also a fresh crop of new shows — some of which we’ve

Keep Up With Your Kids: Kourtney And Scott Deflecting From Daughter’s Face-Clawing To Beat Up Corey Gamble Crumbled Twitter

Kourtney And Scott Are Called Out Over Corey Gamble Spat

Yikes! It looks like Kourtney and Scott’s dinner clash with Corey Gamble is biting them back in their butts. We reported earlier that the co-parents would get into a screaming

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