PAY UP: Adrien Broner Ordered To Pay $830K To Sexual Assault Victim

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Adrien Broner Ordered To Pay $830K To Sexual Assault Victim

Andrien Broner has been out the spotlight for the majority of 2019 after his loss to Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas. The loss happened at the very start of the year and isn’t the way he intended on starting 2019. Anyone who’s ever watched more than 15 seconds of this antics knows he’s a very high profile trash talker who is overconfident even when he is CLEARLY taking a serious loss. Five days after the loss he had an arrest warrant issued for him after missing court. You’d think he would relax and get his entire life together but no something prompted him to issue a homophobic PSA threatening to shoot gay people and we still haven’t received answers why he thought that would be a good idea at all.

After all, those losses AB kinda went radio silent during 2019 or maybe people just didn’t care, probably a mix of both. If AB wanted to head into 2020 a little differently it looks that may already be an option that isn’t on the table. TMZ reports, Broner was just hit with his biggest financial loss of the year.

Adrien Broner has been ordered to pay more than $700k to a woman who claims AB sexually assaulted her at a nightclub back in 2018, court records show.

As we previously reported … the woman using the alias Katherine Larson claimed she was sitting on a couch when Broner smothered her and shoved his tongue down her throat at a Cleveland nightclub on June 8, 2018.

The woman claims Broner continued the assault until his friend pulled him off her.

The woman went to the police and filed a report — and later filed a lawsuit against Broner. Earlier this year, Broner pled guilty to assault and unlawful restraint of Ms. Larson.

The verdict comes with an increased amount after the judge noted Broner never showed up to the court to defend himself and that the woman proved her case without a shadow of a doubt. On top of that, the judge wanted to make sure the judgment would hinder him from engaging in similar conduct in the future. Not only was she awarded damages but fees as well. With the court awarded prejudgment and post-judgment interest, Broner is on the hook for $830K with interest if he doesn’t pay.

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Free Game: Diddy And His Billionaire Mentor Ray Dalio Drop Gem After Gem On Excellence & Work Ethic [Video]

Diddy & Ray Dalio

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Diddy & His Mentor Ray Dalio Drop Gem After Gem On Excellence & Work Ethic [Video]

We would all like to think that our favorite celebrities and millionaires are great at everything they touch but the truth is a lot of failures happen the world never sees. For Diddy the losses almost never get the time of day because the wins are so big. While it looks like a small issue to us when executing at that level, it can hold you back. Diddy selflessly discusses this in an open forum in a new video that released with his billionaire mentor Ray Dalio.

The video is essentially to push Ray’s new book but Diddy also touched on personal troubles. In the video, Diddy opens up on why he took a step back from music revealing that the problem was the people around him. In case you’re curious how Ray and Diddy met, the two were at the Forbes 100 and made conversation while standing in alphabetical order. Ray is a billionaire hedge fund manager and ranked 58th richest personal in the word with over $18 billion in the bank.

This conversation and the gems dropped doesn’t happen often, you’ll see Diddy in a vulnerable way that you haven’t seen before.

So get your pen and paper and watch the video below to get a billion dollars worth of free game.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Kylie Jenner Hands Out Meals Then Gives Tour Of Her Calabasas Christmas Decor

61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

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Kylie Jenner Hands Out Meals Then Gives Tour Of Her Home Christmas Decor

As the Christmas holiday rolls around were gonna get a glimpse into a ton of celebrity charity work and giving back. Kylie Jenner recently uploaded a new Youtube vlog to her channel in which she visited the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and based out meals with her momager Kris Jenner.

Kylie posed for pictures and blessed all the kids in attendance with toys as well. After giving back she gives a rare glimpse into her off-camera home life. She filmed herself coming home and soon as she opened the door baby Stormy came running and hugging her mommy welcoming her home! After Kylie gives a look into the Christmas decor of choice for her Jenner compound! Hubby Travis Scott was no where in sight as its rumored he’s rushing to finish a new album slated to release before 2020 hits.

Take a look at the lavish lifestyle below!

B-Day Bag Secured: Cardi B’s Birthday Gift For Offset Was Cash…LOTS Of Cash

offset & cardi b

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Cardi B’s Birthday Gift For Offset Was Cash…LOTS Of Cash

What do you get the man who has everything? Some money, apparently.

Cardi B and Offset are out here enjoying life to the fullest, and when it comes to special occasions, they definitely know how to do it right. The married couple celebrated The Migos member’s birthday this weekend by doing what they do best; spending the night throwing a whole lotta money–and luckily for Offset, he had some extra cash on hand thanks to his wifey’s thoughtful gift.

Since Belcalis didn’t know what she should give her husband for his 28th trip around the sun, she opted for something simple: $500,000 cash. She posted a video of her gifting Set with the cash onto her Instagram page, so we all get to see his reaction when the rapper presents him with the huge wads of money.

“Little something something for the Birthday boy @offsetyrn,” she wrote underneath the video.

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Little something something for the Birthday boy @offsetyrn ❤ Y O U

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“So, you got every car, you got every jewelry, you got everything, every shoe, what else can I get someone that got everything,” Cardi questioned before gesturing toward the fridge, which housed all of the precious cargo. “That’s $500,000. You can buy a car, you can buy more clothes, you can buy more jewelry, you can buy me more Birkin bags.”

Kinda makes you wonder what Cardi will get Offset once Christmas rolls around in 2 weeks, but we’ve got a feeling the hubby would probably be fine with some more cash.

After the gift exchange, the married couple went out on the town in Los Angeles to celebrate his birthday in a big way. All that cash ended up coming in handy when the whole crew made their way to HD Buttercup strip club for the Set Gala: Funhouse Edition, where Cardi, Offset, Quavo, and more posted videos of the incessant money throwing. To make things even more exciting, attendees also grubbed on some Popeyes chicken sandwiches from the Migos menu throughout the night.

Happy birthday, Offset!

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H A P P Y G D A Y S E T @offsetyrn

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See more from Offset’s 28th birthday party on the flip.

Must Be Nice: Maryland Real Estate Company Surprises Employees With $10 Million Holiday Bonus

Midsection Of Businessman Holding Briefcase With Paper Currencies Against Black Background

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Real Estate Company Surprises Employees With Huge Holiday Bonus

A Baltimore-based commercial real estate company by the name of St. John Properties provided a whopping $10 million bonus for its 198 employees to split. The company presented the lucky workers with their surprise at its annual holiday party on December 7.

Individual employee bonuses ranged anywhere from from $100 to $270,000, according to the company’s LinkedIn post. On average, each employee received about $50,000.

“The [bonus] distribution was based solely on years of service. It had nothing to do with a person’s position in the company,” The president of St. John Properties told Yahoo Finance. “We spent a little bit of time discussing it and believe me, once we made that decision, we realized that was the only fair and equitable way of handling this.”

Before the whole thing went down, there were only five people in the company who knew about this major bonus surprise.

What prompted the bonus was the company’s goal back in 2005 to double the size of its portfolio from 10 million square feet to 20 million square feet, according to the company’s president. At the time, St. John Properties had no idea how long the goal would take to reach, but had a reasonable goal of nearly 40 years.

“It took 14 years,” He explained. “In celebration of that major achievement, we wanted to find a way to thank and reward of all our employees.”

And once the announcement was made, all of the employees were visibly overwhelmed with emotion.

“I heard screaming, crying, laughing, hugging, and then within 10 to 15 minutes, everyone came forward to the front podium where Ed St. John and I were standing and started forming lines to shake our hands, to kiss us, to hug us, to thank us,” the president said.

One employee, who has been with the company for 44 years, received a $270,000 bonus, while a new employee who started earlier this week received a $100 bonus.

“What occurred that night exceeded my expectations tenfold,” the president said. “It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in my 40 years of business experience. It literally brought tears to my eyes to hear of all the great potential impact of what we did had on all 198 people.”

Mo’ Money: Tyler, The Creator’s Iced Out IGOR Chain Reportedly Costs Almost $300K

Tyler the creator sports new chain

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Tyler, The Creator’s Iced Out IGOR Chain Reportedly Costs Almost $300K

Tyler, The Creator isn’t exactly known for being one of the more flashy rappers in the game, but that doesn’t mean he still can’t enjoy a nice piece of jewelry every now and then.

His latest album, IGOR, really seems to be one of his proudest projects to date and an era that he wants to seriously soak up–and we don’t blame him. The blond bowl-cut wig has quickly become synonymous with the California native, and with this new chain, it’s only going to have a stronger association with Tyler and his brand.

On Tuesday night, famous jeweler Ben Baller took to Instagram to show off an absolutely incredible chain that he custom-designed for Tyler, the Creator. As you could probably guess, the piece was made to resemble the rapper’s alter-ego IGOR, boasting that same blond wig and sunglasses that the Odd Future founder is known to rock at his shows.

To make things even more special, Ben makes a point of drawing attention to the fact that he has to be really good friends with somebody in order to say yes to making them a custom piece.

“You can’t just book me to make you a piece. Out of 100 people who ask, I say NO 100 times. I have to super f*** with you to get down on a piece in this day. T has never got a piece from anyone else.” Baller captioned a series of photos and a video of the IGOR chain.

“This is my last piece of 2019. My last piece of this decade. So I knew I had to f***ing crush it. I’m not even gonna get into specifics. Just know it’s heavy as f***. Made out of 18K gold and has a lot of cognac, chocolate, blue, black and white diamonds.”

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Today felt like a good day to shut down the internet. FYI: You can’t just book me to make you a piece. Out of 100 people who ask, I say NO 100 times. I have to super fuck with you to get down on a piece in this day. T has never got a piece from anyone else. This is my last piece of 2019. My last piece of this decade. So I knew I had to fucking crush it. I’m not even gonna get into specifics. Just know it’s heavy as fuck. Made out of 18K gold and has a lot of cognac, chocolate, blue, black and white diamonds. The gradient levels of brown to match T’s skin tone and especially when different shades of light hit it? 🤧. The overall aesthetic and how you can kinda see the curvature of the nose but also can’t see it. This is why I can’t just make that Mickey Mouse shit you see all over Instagram. A shout out will not get you a better price. It will get you blocked from ever getting work from me. Thank you T for always trusting me. Even though I hate your guts in person, but I also LOVE YOU! I have seen you grow into something insane. Congrats on all your success. You deserve it 100% Luck had nothing to do with where I am today, this was all meant to be. #IGOR #BenBallerDidTheChain #IFANDCO

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According to reports from TMZ, the chain costs a whopping $275,000! That’s some serious real estate to have hanging around your neck.

The Throne: Kanye West, Jay-Z/Beyonce Top Forbes Highest Earning Musicians 2019

Kanye West & Jay-Z Attend Tidal Launch

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Kanye West & Jay-Z Top Forbes Highest Earning Musicians Of 2019

As the year comes to a close all the record labels and accountants are getting ready to tally the numbers of your favorite celebrities for 2019. When it comes to the top earners the list are pretty much already determined with the highest grossing prospects light years ahead of the competition. Thanks to Forbes we now have the top earning musicians for 2019. Not to be confused with the wealthiest list this list is consisted of income earned within the calendar year of 2019. Here are a few of our favorites and their rank on the list and the amazing moves they made to land on the list. You can find the full list here via Forbes.

#2 Kanye West

Kanye West came in number 2 on the list only being beaten out by the professional victim herself Taylor Swift who beat Ye only by $35 Million mainly due to her touring. Kanye West however only had one show this year being his Sunday Service at Coachella and a few select Sunday Services which were mainly free or around $5-$20. The majority of Kanye West millions came from the massive success of his partnership with ADIDAS. The Yeezy brand continues to skyrocket and show unseen growth in the sneaker space since Michael Jordan and his ‘Jordan Brand’. Unlike Michael, Kanye West owns 100% of the Yeezy brand and gets a higher royalty rate from ever sale than Jordan. Kanye also saw massive dollars hit his bank account from his merch he sells on People were outraged at his Holy Spirit merch during his Coachella performance but it seems the ones not outraged and willing to buy were more than it seems. Ye also dropped his “Jesus Is King‘ album which debuted #1 on Billboard. Forbes formally announced Kanye West had joined the billionaire club earlier this year when the Yeezy brand was estimated to pass almost $2 billion dollars in sales with an evaluation over $1 Billion dollars. West topping the list comes as no surprise as he recently purchased a small city in Cody, Wyoming and weeks later purchased a second city where he hopes to expand his Yeezy empire.

#6(tie) Jay-Z & Beyonce

Jay-Z & Beyonce have never been strangers to this list. They have always appeared on the list always making sure to bring in their coins no matter what. Beyonce dominated the top of the year with the release of her “Homecoming” Netflix documentary. Her Netflix deal alone is rumored to have earned her north of $60 million dollars. Beyonce also joined Kanye West in becoming apart of the Adidas family. Adidas will also be the new home of her successful clothing brand Ivy Park. Hov has continued to dominate with his Roc Nation venture adding more successful acts to its roaster every year. This year alone he added Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, Griselda, Tinashe, Jim Jones and others. Most notably this year Roc Nation struck a long term partnership with the NFL due to its successful operation of Roc Nations sports management division. His Tidal music streaming service is steadily showing user/subscriber growth while the competition is at a stand still. The ‘Made In America’ festival went on without any issues even after the city tried to take away its location which they ultimately came to an agreement on to keep it where its historically been held. Last but not least the Dusse is still moving and the ACE of spades is still being poured. Hov even brought the formerly known “Hennypalooza” under his wing and revamped it with the name “Dussepalooza”.

#8 Drake

Drake continues to be the top guy in the rap game who just can’t be stopped. In 2019 alone Billboard estimated Drake raked in $43,953,381 off touring alone. The most impressive part is Drake did that off 24 shows. Drake also struck a very lucrative deal with XS night club in Las Vegas for millions to perform 12 times with one being New Years Eve. Drake also struck a deal with the XS parent hotel The Wynn that opened his own OVO brand store in the hotel. Drake also saw returns from his whiskey partnership in ‘Virgina Black’. His ‘October Very Own’ clothing line is still bringing in millions and selling out without much promotion. Drake recently announced his new venture in Canada which sees him joining the marijuana space up north. Drake also saw the fruits of his labor/investments on buying British show “Top Boy” which he struck a deal with Netflix and released the latest season on their platform for a nice payday. Even in a year where he didn’t release an album Drake still earned 4.7 billion streams on Spotify alone. Each year Drake brings in millions from his Apple radio show but he announced earlier this year he has a new deal with Sirus/XM to bring the show to their platform. Drake also still has his very lucrative Nike deal which he renewed last year amid a botched switch to Adidas.

#9 Diddy

Diddy isn’t a stranger to this list either. His earnings are more cut & dry than the other because most of his earnings are from self owned business’ and investments that pay him well each and every year. His Revolt TV is still showing growth and even expanded its ‘Revolt Conference’ hosting one in LA & another in ATL in addition to the original conference that he’s had for years. Ciroc is still booming adding new flavors to spike growth throughout the year. Lets not forget his historic back catalog of music that produces millions in revenue each and every year.

Outside the top 10 hiphop & R&B still represented with Rihanna bringing in $62 Million, Travis Scott a new face to the list comes in at #12 with an impressive $58 Million, and Eminem landed at #19 with $50 million,

Safe to say with hiphop becoming the #1 genre in the world its padding the pockets of some of our favs very nicely !

Redemption: 10k Projects CEO Explains Why He Gave Tekashi 69 A $10M Deal

Tekashi 69 performs

Source: (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1) / (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1)

10k Projects CEO Explains Why He Gave Tekashi 69 $10M Deal

While Tekashi 69 sits behind bars in upstate New York the world around him is tirelessly trying to get him back on the streets again. We all know it’s a certain mix of people who can’t wait to catch him on the streets to due him harm. However, the majority of people invested in his freedom are ready to finish business they started with him. Tekashi has been locked up for almost exactly a year for federal firearms and racketeering charges. This week news broke that the prosecutors and all parties involved have approved granting a recommendation for reduced to no time at all, for time served for his participation. Shortly after his infamous testimony, news spread that he had inked a deal from behind bars with his former label 10k projects reportedly worth $10 million.

Many didn’t understand how or why this would happen but it seems now we have better insight into this business deal and decision. In an exclusive interview with Variety Elliott Grange, son of famed UMG CEO Lucian Grainge referred to the business deal, not as a second chance but an “opportunity”.

“Tekashi knows how to get under people’s skin,” Grainge said in the interview. “He is an addictive, charismatic human being—and very intelligent, but he made some unfortunate choices in regard to the people he surrounded himself with. Knowing him like I do, since he was [called] Daniel Hernandez, I wouldn’t be doing a good job as a human, let alone a label head, if I didn’t try to help him. I’m not giving 6ix9ine a second chance, just an opportunity. The rest is up to him. The artist himself has to make those choices.”

As you can assume this is not only a big opportunity for Tekashi but also for the entire staff of 10k projects. Hate him or love him the kid is comical and can sell records and get the Internet attention.

Tekashi will reappear in court on December 18th and could be free that day as well. We’ll keep you updated on how this all plays out.

Mo’ Money: Travis Scott Announces New Collaborative Album To End 2019

TRAVIS SCOTT: LOOK MOM I CAN FLY at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Travis Scott Announces New Collaborative Album “Jack Boys”

Travis Scott was one artist who definitely had a major 2019, to say the least. Coming off his highly successful 2018 which saw the release of his album “Astroworld”, Travis has been touring ever since the album hist streaming services. He headlined two legs of his on tour, curated two successful “Astroworld” festivals, headlined every Rolling Loud even catching a serious knee injury during the last stop. Aside from touring, he secured the coveted Netflix bag for his documentary “Look Mom I Can Fly”. Not leaving any coin on the table Travis also was able to release his own Reeses’ Puff limited edition box. Travis has shown his business acumen is A1 and he will not leave the coins for anyone else’s pockets. All while collecting his bags he’s fought rumors that he and his billionaire baby momma Kylie Jenner were falling out. While Kylie has been rumored to be getting cozy with Drake and rumored to have spent some time with Tyga, Travis went back to what he knows best, his work.

Travis Scott has officially announced one last project to close out 2019 with a bang, a compilation from his label Cactus Jack Record. The official title for the compilation is “Jack Boys” and will feature his signee’s such as Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, and his DJ, DJ Chase B. Travis is still playing by his own rules launching a line of merch that will come with his album on his official website, a move that Nicki Minaj wasn’t too fond of when it put his “Astroworld” album above her album “Queen” back in 2018.

Hopefully, Travis’ compilation won’t block anyone else from hitting #1. If any artist was thinking of releasing in December it might be wise to wait. The first single for his labels project will be his recent release “Highest In The Room“. The track has had major success breaking Spotify’s single-day streaming record just last month. Safe to say Travis is setting up to hit the road again and luckily this time some new music will accompany the outing and his Cactus Jack Family will join him.

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Might be last time.

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EEUUUUUGHHH: E-40 Shows Off His Favorite Jewelry, Including Some Pieces He Copped At Costco [Video]

2015 BET Hip Hop Awards - Arrivals

Source: / WENN

E-40 Shows Off Some Of His Favorite Jewelry

E-40 is a legend in the rap game–and with how long he’s been in the industry, it’s no surprise that he has a pretty impressive jewelry collection. Even so, the Bay Area icon still isn’t above buying some pieces at your local Costco.

Check out the video down below as the rapper breaks down some of the most impressive items from his jewelry collection, from his ‘Forty’ and ‘Water’ chains to his $100K+ Audemars Piguet watch.


Rock The Boat: Aaliyah’s Uncle Says Her Discography Could Hit Streaming Services In 2020

Aaliyah MTV Awards 2000

Source: (Photo by KMazur/WireImage) / (Photo by KMazur/WireImages)

Aaliyah’s Uncle Says Her Discography Could Hit Streaming In 2020

The past few years streaming has dominated the music business helping to bring back profitability. Spotify reigned supreme with 47.7 million monthly users until recently. Apple Music took the #1 spot hitting 49.5 million users to end the year strong. Other services such as Tidal, Amazon Music, & Soundcloud boast millions of other users. Long gone are the days of having to pay $9.99 for a single album or $3 for a single. The downside has been several older artists not wanting their music streamed at all. Or in the most notable cases, singers who have passed having their estate steer clear of streaming mostly due to the people they have to deal with to make it happen.

One of the most requested discographies by fans to put on streaming has been the late singer Aaliyah’s. Her music is beloved coast to coast and all over the world but in order to listen you’d have to physically purchase a compact disc. The newer generation has never touched CD players or even know how to upload mp3’s to their phones.

After several years of asking it seems the dream of her music on streaming could be coming true. Her uncle and former manager Barry Hankerson took to his Twitter account to announce her music will hit streaming 1/16/2020. Hankerson has posted this before and deleted the same exact tweet. Hankerson owns the rights to all of her music outside of what R. Kelly produced.

At this point, fans don’t know what to believe since there have been several false starts with her music being released to streaming. With streaming and how it works now when her music hits platforms she could easily lock in a #1 album 18 years after her passing. Hopefully, nothing changes and come January most of us can take a stroll down memory lane with her art!

Mo Money: Kevin Hart Is Victorious In $7.2 Million Lawsuit With Former Business Partners

Kevin Hart’s Official Opening of The HartBeat Studios

Source: D’USSE / D’usse

Kevin Hart Wins In $7.2 Million Lawsuit Against Ex-Business Partners

Though Kevin Hart has gone through some controversial situations this past year, things for the comedian are definitely looking up.

The Philadelphia native has come out victorious in the $7.2 million lawsuit his former business partners filed against him.

News broke this week that a judge allowed Hart’s motion for summary judgment in the battle with the company Stand Up Digital–which sued the actor for botching their phone app after it was revealed that he was having an extramarital affair. According to reports from The Blast, Hart denied the company’s allegations and requested for the suit to be dismissed completely.

In the end, the judge’s decision landed with Kevin, finding that he didn’t benefit from going public with information about his  affair. The judge went on to say that the incident actually damaged Hart’s reputation and that he had no responsibility to inform his business partners about the announcement.

Now, the only issue left for Kev to deal with is his counterclaim against Stand Up Digital for accounting.

According to Stand Up Digital, they initially entered into a deal with Hart to create a game called “Gold Ambush.” The app was designed to be an interactive game where Kevin Hart and his family would be characters. Surrounding the launch, the company spent over $1.25 million in app developments to prepare for the game’s release.

Though the app was supposed to go public in September 2017, Hart revealed his affair on social media before the launch. He also claimed he was being blackmailed over the matter.

Stand Up Digital said Hart’s personal life devastated their app’s rollout, especially because Kevin didn’t communicate with them before or after his confession. They’re seeking $7.2 million.

As for Hart, he countersued the company, saying he “suffered through an extremely difficult period in his life, where he was subjected to attempted blackmail to prevent disclosure of an extramarital affair.” He went on to add that he didn’t inform the company before his announcement because he was working with the FBI at the time, who told him he couldn’t share any details of the case.