For Discussion: Master P Talks Lack Of Respect For Black Businessmen

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Master P Talks Lack Of Respect For Black Businessmen

Master P wasn’t on Forbes recent list of wealthiest rappers, but make no mistake — Percy Miller got BANK. And, just before his new movie The Hook Up 2 drops July 12, he’s talking about building wealth as an artist and being a Black businessman.

From Page Six:

“We have to look at each other for expertise,” he told Page Six. “But instead we just sign on the dotted line when a man you never met in a suit appears.”

He’s even happy to act as an adviser, but, “When you come ask me for some help . . . I will say, ‘If I get this deal closed for you, I want 10%,’ and then you say, ‘No.’ But if [it’s just a guy in a suit] . . . they sign right off.”

As far as his business outlook: “Some stock markets go up, then go down — but if you have the knowledge, you will survive it and bounce back,” he said. “I’m like instant grits . . . just add water.”

Master P then made a comment about how race affects business.

“If I was white, I think people would respect me more. People are not afraid to give those other cultures a percentage,” he told the publication.

Do you think he makes a fair point?


Make ‘Em Say Unghhh: Master P Announces Mega-Deal With Lionsgate Studio’s To Produce The Mogul’s Biopic

WE tv Hosts Exclusive Premiere For Hip Hop Thursdays
WE tv Hosts Exclusive Premiere For Hip Hop Thursdays

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Master P Takes To Instagram To Announce Huge Deal With Lionsgate

Hip Hop Mogul Master P took to Instagram to announce a huge partnership deal with Lionsgate to produce his first biopic “King of the South IceCream Man”. P briefly talked about the film, promising it would be bigger and better than “Straight Outta Compton”, which was a huge commercial success and grossed over $200 Million worldwide.

Its been reported that Tyger Williams (Menace 2 Society) has signed on to be involved in the film.


Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

Big salute to Master P, a Hip Hop legend still making boss moves in the game.

Master P Covers the Funeral Of 13-Year-Old Boy Killed in Car Crash

Master P expressed sadness over the death of 13-year-old Ki’ Anthony Tyus, who was killed in a car crash on December 22 in Louisville, KY. He’ll also pay for the late teen’s funeral.

According to the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), Anthony was in a black Lexus SUV that was reported stolen before it struck a utility pole. His family said they have no clue why he was in the vehicle.

Master P paid for the funeral of a 13 year old boy who was killed in a car crash.
Master P paid for the funeral of a 13 year old boy who was killed in a car crash.

The rapper’s relationship with Anthony started two years ago when Anthony was struck by a stray bullet on the basketball court. He then worked with the No Limit founder, along with Christopher 2x, another young man who was shot, to promote the peace movement Hood 2 Hood.

In his Instagram post, P said that Anthony’s death should serve as at least two reminders: That death doesn’t practice age discrimination and even the smallest of decisions can have huge consequences.

“I know I’m not God and I can’t save the world,” he wrote on Instagram. “I realized a lot of these adults are not going to listen. The real reason I leave my mansion to keep coming back to the hood is to educate and try to save the next generation. Maybe a lot of us didn’t get what we wanted for Christmas, but we should be thankful we are alive.”

“My 13 year old lil’ soldier didn’t make it,” added P. “He got shot two years ago and got killed 2 days ago. We need to stop this Black on Black crime. R.I.P Ki’ Anthony Tyus. Just know that every decision comes with consequences and no one is too young to die. My prayers go out to his family. Could’ve been the next Lebron James.”

WDRB reports there were five others in the car during the chase, and Anthony was the only person killed. At this time, the LMPD has launched an investigation to determine if the police chase violated their pursuit policy.

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