Making it Rain on Them Hoes

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: California Woman Claims $522 Million Winning Lottery Ticket From June

California Woman Claims $522 Million Winning Mega Millions Jackpot From June

Better late than never.

A California woman has come forward to claim at $522 million jackpot from a winning Mega Millions ticket that she bought back in June

All About The Benjamins: Diddy Hands Out Dolla, Dolla Bills Outside Of Magic City In Atlanta [Video]

Diddy Passes Out Money Outside Of Magic City In Atlanta

Diddy was the man-of-the-hour this past weekend when he took over the city for the first REVOLT Summit in Atlanta.

The folks at TMZ caught Sean Combs passing out greenbacks

Greedy Much? Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Wants More Money Despite Getting $15.3 Million And $18,000 Per Month

Micahael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Jean Wants More Money For Child Support

Michael Strahan is going THROUGH it with his ex-wife Jean Muggli and she’s pocket-watchin’ worse than a OnlyFans girl on NBA draft night.

According to TMZ, the former couple

Super THICC: Glamour Magazine Puts Five Diverse Plus Sized Models On The Cover Of Their September Issue

Glamour Declares Senyabou Cissé, Iskra Lawrence, Alessandra Garcia Lorido, Yvonne Simone, and Solange van Doorn The New Supermodels

If Ashley Graham being literally EVERYWHERE in 2019 wasn’t enough of a signal that times are changing and the fashion world is

Can’t Take It With Ya: Aretha Franklin Passed Away With Close To $1 Million In Uncashed Checks

Aretha Franklin Had $1 Million In Uncashed Checks When She Died

Aretha Franklin had BIG paper stashed away at the time of her death according to Billboard.

Well, maybe it wasn’t her intention to stash them away, it’s hard

KKKarma KKKollections: Neo-Nazi Blogger Forced To Pay $14 Million For Trolling And Doxxing Real Estate Agent

Neo-Nazi Blogger Forced To Pay $14 Million In Doxxing Lawsuit

When you’re a piece of s#!t racist, bigot, a$$hole you deserve all the terrible things that KKKome to you.

According to the Missoulian, a neo-nazi blogger has been ordered

Drunk History: Lisa Bonet Plays Ex-Slave Mary Ellen Pleasant Who Passed White, Got Rich, Became Abolitionist [Video]

Lisa Bonet Plays Mary Ellen Pleasant On ‘Drunk History’

Here’s a piece of Black history brought to you by one of the most beloved Black actresses in history.

In a new episode of Drunk History, Lisa Bonet plays a

Whole Lotta Bang S#!t: Bethany Gaskin Makes Over $1 Million Munching In Messy-Mouthed Mukbang

Mukbang YouTube Videos Makes Bethany Gaskin Over $1 Million

Are you familiar with the term “mukbang”?

The latest online craze is a fairly straightforward practice. People sit at a table, in front of a camera, and eat the biggest, most

Billi GOAT: Jay-Z Becomes First Billionaire Hip-Hop Artist/Businessman According To Forbes, Breakdown Is Bonkers

Jay-Z Becomes First Billionaire Rapper

The folks at Forbes have been pocket-watching Jay-Z for quite some time and the Brooklyn-born businessman is well aware of this as he famously-rapped on his American Gangster hit “Roc Boys”:

“Take what the Forbes

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Black Strippers In Mississippi Awarded $3.3 Million In Discrimination Case

Black Strippers In Mississippi Awarded $3.3 Million Is Discrimination Lawsuit

Five African-American p-poppers in Mississippi have been rained down upon by a jury after a federal judge found that the Black womens’ working conditions were far worse than those of

I Got $40 Million On It: Black Billionaire Robert F. Smith Pays Off Student Loans For Entire Morehouse Graduating Class

Robert F. Smith Pays Off Student Loans For Every Morehouse Graduate

Blessings rained down upon the men of Morehouse College‘s 2019 graduating class yesterday and the story is incredible.

According to the AJC, billionaire Robert F. Smith, chairman

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