Love After Lockup

Seen On The Scene: The Bachlor, Love Island, Real Housewives & More Attend Premiere Of WE Tv’s “Love After Lockup”

The Bachlor, Love Island, Real Housewives & More Attend Premiere Of WE Tv’s “Love After Lockup”


Love was in the air on Tuesday, August 13 at The Whitby in NYC, as stars from Love Island, The Bachelor franchise,

“Life After Lockup” Exclusive: Michael’s Out Of Prison Again And Megan Needs Answers! [VIDEO]

Megan Confronts Michael About His Lies On “Life After Lockup”

There’s a brand new episode of “Life After Lockup” airing on WeTV Friday and we can’t wait to see it! Fortunately we’ve got an exclusive clip to tide us over

“Life After Lockup” Exclusive: Andrea Says She And Her Son Tennyson Are Close … Like Norman Bates And His Mom [VIDEO]

Andrea Reveals Her Son Is Concerned About Her Relationship With Lamar

We’ve got something real special for y’all! “Life After Lockup” the spinoff to WeTV’s hit series “Love After Lockup” makes it’s series premiere this week. On the show, five

WeTV Announces New Spinoff Series “Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup” [VIDEO]

Fan Favorites From WeTV’s “Love After Lockup” Series Land Spinoffs

Y’all seemed to love all of our “Love After Lockup” exclusive clips so you should be pretty excited to learn that WeTV is bringing back some of your favorite couples

“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Sarah Confronts Megan Over Michael… And It Ain’t Pretty [VIDEO]

Megan Comes Face To Face With Michael’s Wife Sarah

It’s FriYAY! The finale episode of “Love After Lockup” airs tonight, and from the looks of this exclusive clip, it’s a DOOZY! Looks like Sarah tried to blame Megan for Michael

“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Sarah Confronts Michael Over Megan, “Do You Love Her?!” [VIDEO]

Sarah Finally Figures Out Michael Has Been Messing With Megan

A new episode of “Love After Lockup” arrives Friday and this one is definitely a doozy. We’ve got this exclusive clip of Sarah confronting Michael about Megan. How do you

“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Michael’s Wife Sarah Has Had Enough [VIDEO]

Is Michael Done Double Dealing?

A new episode of “Love After Lockup” is coming Friday… Is finally time for Michael to leave his marriage?

After being MIA, Michael is confronted by wife Sarah. Brittany suggests a threesome with her ex.

“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Lizzie Flips Out After Scott Fails To Attempt Impromptu Wedding Vows [VIDEO]

“Love After Lockup” Gets Dicey At The Altar

We’re just a day away from a new episode of “Love After Lockup” and we’ve got an exclusive clip!

Here’s what else you can expect from the episode:

Lizzie confesses $800K hustle.

“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Marcelino Finally Meets Brittany’s Son… And Her Ex! [VIDEO]

Marcellino Is Meeting Brittany’s Family On “Love After Lockup”

Last week we got to see Marcellino on edge over the prospect of becoming a stepdad to Brittany’s son — and now this week the moment arrives! We’ve got an exclusive

“Love After Lockup” Exclusive: Marcelino Has A Few Questions For Brittany’s Bunkmate [VIDEO]

Marcelino Gets Into It With Brittany And Her Bunkmate

A new episode of “Love After Lockup” airs on WeTV Friday at 9/8c and we’ve got another sneak peek for you!

In this clip we watch as Marcelino meets Brittany’s “bunkie,”

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