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Kush Chronic-les: Canadian Company Conjures Up “Odorless” Cannabis For Your Clandestine Smoking Needs

Canadian Company Creates Odorless Cannabis

Smoking the loudest, most obnoxious-smelling weed is an honor and a privilege for most cannabis inhalers, but a Canadian company is hoping to quiet things down a bit with their newest silent strain.

According to

Kush Chronic-les: Boosie Banged With 2 Felony Counts For Possession Of Loud Pack, Faces 1 Year In Prison

Boosie Charged With 2 Felonies For Marijuana Possession

If there’s one thing that Boosie is good at finding it’s trouble.

According to TMZ, the Louisiana rapper was pulled over last April and arrested for possession of less than an

Chicken-Chokin’ Comedy: Dave Chappelle Details How He Discovered His Son’s Weed Habit [Video]

Dave Chappelle Tells How He Discovered Son Smoking Weed

Part of Dave Chappelle‘s legendary status is due to his tightly-rolled cypher of fans who lifted him to prominence after he released his kush-y cinematic canon film Half Baked.

“Life After Lockup” Exclusive: If Lamar Doesn’t Want Smoke With Andrea… His Family Better Stop Rolling Up![VIDEO]

Andrea Takes A Stand Against Weed Smoke

It’s really no secret how much we love “Life After Lockup” around these parts, on this week’s episode Andrea loses her cool around Lamar’s family because they’re smoking weed. Not only is it

Kush Chronic-les: Jay-Z Inks Multi-Year Partnership With Caliva Cannabis Company As Chief Brand Strategist

Jay-Z Named Brand Strategist Of Cannabis Company

Allow him to reintroduce himself, his name Hov, he now sells T-to-the-H-C.

According to Rolling Stone, Shawn Carter is now the Chief Brand Strategist of a cannabis company called Caliva. It

Summa Cum LOUD-e: Black Woman Named Marijuana Pepsi Takes High Road Over Lifelong Haters, Earns PhD At 46

Black Woman Named Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck Earns PhD

Yes, you read all of that correctly.

According to the Journal Sentinel, a Black woman with an unusual name has overcome a lifetime of haters and downtalkers to earn her

It’s BOSSIP’s Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide – The CBD Edition

BOSSIP’s CBD Gift Picks Are Just In Time For Father’s Day

CBD is fast becoming one of the fastest growing natural remedies.

Known for improving everything from sleep and pain to anxiety and stress, CBD – or cannabidiol – is

Kush Chronic-les: Jamaican Scientist Looks To Re-Create Bob Marley’s Beloved And Long-Lost Loud Pack

Jamaican Scientist To Re-Create Bob Marley’s Favorite Cannabis Strain

Bob Marley is no longer with us, and gone with him is his favorite strain of marijuana, but it appears that a resurrection a gwan…

According to DailyMail Dr. Machel Emanuel

Kush Chronic-les: Desus And Mero Inquire If Seth Rogen Made Charlize Theron Take A Long Drag From The Loud Pack [Video]

Charlize Theron Talks ‘Long Shot’, EGOT, And Whether She Smoked With Seth Rogen

Charlize Theron recently appeared on Showtime’s Desus and Mero to promote her new film Long Shot with Seth Rogen and of COURSE the guys wanted to know

One Love Wokeness: Ben & Jerry’s Spends 4/20 Sharing The Scoop On Color And Cannabis Convictions

Ben & Jerry’s Keeps It Real About Color & Cannabis On 4/20

We love Ben & Jerry’s and not just because they make delicious ice cream! Back in October the brand launched their delicious ‘Pecan Resist’ ice-cream flavor a tasty

Kush Chronic-les: Cowboys Baller David Irving Retires From NFL Over Their Hypocritical Anti-Marijuana Policy [Video]

David Irving Retires From NFL Over Marijuana Policy

*hits blunt* stand on what you believe in, patna.

Dallas Cowboys ball-, well, former, Dallas Cowboys baller David Irving is officially done with the NFL. The defensive tackle is only 25-years-old, but

Kush Chronic-les: Jesse Williams Stars In New Spike Jonze Directed MedMen Commercial “The New Normal”

Jesse Williams MedMen Commercial Reminds Us That Marijuana Legalization Is The New Normal

If you guys haven’t seen Jesse Williams in a brand spankin’ new commercial, titled The New Normal, created for the popular MedMen dispensary chain, it’s pretty damn

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