So Sad: Texas Rapper Turns Himself In After Accidentally Killing 9-Year Old Girl Instead Of Rival

Rapper Who Allegedly Shot and Killed 9-Year-Old Girl Turns Himself In

According to Dallas News, a 19-year-old rapper accused of killing a 9-year-old girl has turned himself in.

Tyrese Simmons was reportedly had beef with a rival rapper, which

So Sad: African American Museum Founder Discovered Dead In The Trunk Of A Car

Ms. Sadie Roberts-Joseph is her name and every major media outlet need to be covering this right now. #justiceforsadie https://t.co/u3u6OX7bGG pic.twitter.com/j3XRJGGPGO

— afro archangel jay (@JAYVERSACE) July 13, 2019

Founder of African American History Museum Found Dead In Trunk of

So Sad: Texas Mother Charged With Killing Her Toddler With Her SUV After Playing A Game Of “Chicken”

Texas Mother Locked Up For Killing 3-Year-Old Son In A Game Of “Chicken”

According to NY Daily News, a Texas mom allegedly played a game of chicken with her three kids and accidentally ran over & killed her 3-year-old

R.I.P. Grammy Award-Winning Producer DJ Official Shot & Killed, Ty Dolla $ign & DJ Mustard React

DJ Official Is Shot & Killed Outside His Home

Tragedy hit the music world on Friday when Grammy award-winning producer DJ Official (birth name André Wakefield Jr.) was killed in Los Angeles.

According to People, the producer died from

The Circle Of Life: A Would Be Rhino Poacher Stomped To Death By Elephants Then Eaten By Lions

Rhino Poacher Trampled To Death By Elephants Then Eaten By Lions

According to the NYDailyNews, an elephant trampled an alleged rhino poacher to death and then his remains were reportedly eaten by a lion.

According to the South African

High-School Basketball Coach Allegedly Shoots His Player’s Complaining Father

Basketball Coach Allegedly Shot Player’s Father After Complaints

According to the New York Post, a Brooklyn high-school basketball coach was arrested for shooting the father of one of his players after the dad complained about their kid’s playing time.

Teen Girls Kill Their Mother After She Took Their Phones For Trying To Run Her Over With The Family Car [Video]

Teen Sisters Kill Their Mother Because She Took Away Their Phones

According to the NY Post,  a 14-year-old & her 12-year-old sister were arrested for stabbing and shooting their mother to death after she took their phones for trying

Man Kills Wife Then Tricks Her Family Into Believing She’s Alive For Over A Year; Eventually Murders Them & The Family Pets


Florida Man Murders Wife, Makes Family Believe She’s Alive For Over A Year

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Shelby Svenson, 25, admitted to killing his wife Jamie Ivancic — but only after he had already been arrested

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