Kelis Reportedly Going To Trial After Pleading Not Guilty To 20 Counts Of Violating Custody Deal With Nas

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Kelis Pleads Not Guilty to Violating Custody Deal With Nas

According to The Blast, Kelis is headed straight to trial with her child’s father Nas after denying she violated their custody agreement by taking their son out of the country.

According to court documents, Kelis entered a plea earlier this week of not guilty to 20 counts of contempt. The trial has been scheduled for June 20, when Kelis could be sentenced to fines or even as harshly as jail time if the judge sees fit. Earlier this year Nas filed court documents wanting Kelis to be found in contempt and claimed she had violated their custody agreement over 17 times since last year.

In his affidavit for contempt, the rapper explained how Kelis had violated the terms that they set.

“In or around December of 2018, Petitioner (Kelis) moved to Cartagena, Colombia and took the minor child without my consent.”

Nas said Kelis told him she intends to stay in Colombia and planned to tend to a farm with her husband. He also wrote,

“On Christmas, (Kelis) informed me by text message that although her ‘plan’ had been to bring the minor child back to me in Los Angeles for New Year’s, the plan had changed. She then stated that the new plan was to come back on January 4, 2019.”

But she reportedly did not return to L.A. on January 4, instead, she made him wait until January 14 before bringing the child back into the States.

During this time Nas claimed that he was unable to reach or speak with his child when he was in Colombia.

Nas accused Kelis of knowingly violating the custody order and refusing to allow him to see his son. He also claimed Kelis refused to pay $8k in sanctions she was ordered to pay previously.

Is Kelis Trying To Migrate Her Milkshake & Nas’ Son To A Farm In Cartagena, Colombia?

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Nas Claims Kelis Is Trying To Relocate Their Son To Colombia

Kelis seems to have plans of becoming a Colombian farmer, but Nas isn’t about to let that milkshake move too far if he can help it. According to a new report, the “Bossy” singer didn’t provide proper travel notice so the move might be a violation of her child custody agreement with the Queens rapper.

From TMZ:

“Nas is pissed off about a bunch of child custody issues — the biggest being Kelis’ plans to hightail to Cartagena. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Kelis already took 9-year-old Knight to Colombia last month. Nas says he was supposed to get their son on New Year’s Eve … but Kelis texted him to say the plan had changed. He says she didn’t come back to the states until Jan. 14.”

It seems she’s already been making moves on the low, low…

“Further, he says Kelis has told him she and her new husband have a farm in Colombia and she intends to stay there. Nas says she’s already withdrawn Knight from his private school in L.A. … and he says Kelis is currently homeschooling the kid in Colombia.”

Hopefully, they’ll be able to work this out for their son’s sake. In the meantime, Nas is making headlines after he reportedly signed a $340 million deal with Viacom to purchase Pluto TV. Catch up on that here.