Kamala Harris

Dem Debates 2020: Kamala Harris Gets Slammed On Messy Criminal Justice History While Protest Erupts For Eric Garner

Democratic Debates: Kamala Harris Grilled Over Attorney General History While Protestors Demand Daniel Pantaleo Be Fired

A lot went down on Night 2 of the second Democratic presidential debates, and much of the spice was aimed at former vice president

Whoops! Kamala Harris Inadvertently Steps In The Middle Of Taylor Swift’s Mayo Splattered Beef With Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun Hosts Kamala Harris Fundraiser And Taylor Swift Fans Object

Sunday night Scooter Braun hosted a fundraiser for Kamala Harris billed as a fireside chat that was attended by his friends/clients Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande.


Kamala Harris Talks Calling Out Joe Biden, Medicare For All & Trump’s Coward Behavior On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ [Video]

Kamala Harris has already shown she’s not afraid to come after Democrat heavyweights and she’s certainly not scurred of Trump’s burnt tangerine a$$.

The Democrat presidential candidate went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed her infamous clap-back to Joe Biden

No Chill: Protester Rushes Stage & Grabs Mic From Kamala Harris At San Franciso Forum [Video]

Protester Interrupts Kamala Harris At MoveOn’s Big Ideas Forum

Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris barely got a chance to answer a question this weekend before she was interrupted by a protestor.

According to CBS News, the whole incident went

Jobless Invertebrate Roseanne Barr Says Kamala Harris “Slept Her Way To The Bottom” & Calls #MeToo Accusers “Hoes”

She Shared Her Thoughts With Conservative Crust Candice Owens

Roseanne Barr just WON’T STOP TALKING.

The unemployed sitcom mother of MAGA continued to take up air when she uttered sentiments about Sen. Kamala Harris and the #MeToo movement.

Of course,

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