John Legend

Precious Little Luna Legend Knows How To Pick ‘Em! [VIDEO]

Celebrity Seeds: Precious Little Luna Legend Is Only 3-Years-Old But She Already Has Better Taste In Boys Than You

Luna Simone Stephens may be young but she’s ready!

It’s no secret that women often pick trash guys don’t always make

NICE TRY: Cheeto-In-Chief’s Attacks On John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Get Him Dragged To Hell & Back

Donald Chump Attacks John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Another day, another rant from the guy who somehow occupies the White House.

This latest edition of things-that-shouldn’t-even-be-on-the-President’s-radar seems to be one of the most disrespectful–and right before his impeachment inquiry…good

Bops Vs. Ballads: John Legend Goes Toe To Toe With James Corden In All-Out Sing-Off [Video]

John Legend Faces James Corden In Sing-Off

If anyone can get a tune out of a star, it’s late night host James Corden. However, this time, the music came more as a battle than a friendly karaoke ride.

Preciousness: John Legend Performs Daddy Daughter Duet With Luna

John Legend And His Daughter Luna Sing “Baby Shark” On Instagram

John Legend is a hands on dad so he was plenty prepared to keep daughter Luna preoccupied on a recent lunch outing. Legend playfully asked his daughter to identify

Kurving KimYe: Fellow Judges Ban John Legend’s Problematic Pals From “The Voice” Set

“The Voice” Judges Want John Legend To Keep KimYe Away From Set

Looks like Kanye West is persona non grata at “The Voice” headquarters… With Season 16 of the NBC show gearing up for premiere in a few weeks, RadarOnline

John The Baptist: R&B’s Legend Unleashes The Holy Gospel On “Child Serial Rapist” R. Kelly

John Legend Reveals Why He Decided To Speak Out Against R. Kelly In Documentary

By now most of us have seen the first couple episodes of Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly,” the startling six-part docuseries that sits down with various sources

You may have missed

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