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Jesus Take The Handlebars: Man Arrested For Fatally Beating An Elderly Woman With His Electric Scooter

Man Arrested After Beating A Woman With An Electric Scooter

A man in California was arrested and charged in the murder of an elderly woman after he allegedly beat her to death with an electric scooter, according to reports from

Jesus Take The Steel: YFN Lucci’s G-Wagon Benz Full Of Bullet Holes After Drive-By Shooting In Atlanta

YFN Lucci’s G-Wagon Shot Up In Drive-By

What the HELL was going on with rappers this weekend????

According to TMZ, YFN Lucci’s blood red G-Wagon Benz was riddled with bullets this past Friday and one man was struck twice.

Jesus Take The Steel: YFN Lucci’s G-Wagon Benz Full Of Bullet Holes After Drive-By Shooting In Atlanta

YFN Lucci’s G-Wagon Shot Up In Drive-By

What the HELL was going on with rappers this weekend????

According to TMZ, YFN Lucci’s blood red G-Wagon Benz was riddled with bullets this past Friday and one man was struck twice.

In White Folks News: David Beckham Banned From Driving For 6 Months After Using His Cellphone At The Wheel

David Beckham Banned From Driving For 6 Months

On Thursday, David Beckham was banned from driving for six months after getting caught using his phone at the wheel of his Bentley. He was also fined £750 (roughly $975).

Beckham stood

Jesus Take The Wheel: Dad Being Questioned In Death Of 3-Year-Old CHAINED Inside Burning Audi

3-Year-Old Killed In Car Fire May Have Been Due To Parents Feuding Over Custody

This is just awful. On Sunday a 3-year-old Queens, NY girl perished from injuries she suffered after being trapped inside a burning car. Her death has

Jesus Take The Wheel: 21 Injured After Boeing 737 Slides Into St. John’s River In Florida

Plane Skids Off Of The Runway And Into A River

A Boeing 737 charter jet arriving at the Jacksonville, Florida from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, slid off the runway into the St. Johns River on Friday night, injuring 21 people, according

In White Folks News: Vince Vaughn Convicted Of Reckless Driving In DUI Arrest

Vince Vaughn Convicted Of Reckless Driving

Actor Vince Vaughn has been convicted of reckless driving after his arrest for failing a drunken driving test last year.

An attorney for the 49-year-old “Wedding Crashers” star entered a no contest plea

The CAUCASITY: A Virginia Man Shoots Two People Over A Chevy VS. Ford Argument

Chevy Vs. Ford Argument Leads To A Shooting In Virginia

A man in Virginia was arrested last week after allegedly shooting two people, all because they disagreed on a seemingly unimportant topic: is Chevy or Ford better?

56-year-old Mark

Jesus Take The Wheel: Another Migrant Child Dies In U.S. Custody

Unaccompanied Migrant Teen Dies In U.S. Custody

A 16-year-old unaccompanied Guatemalan boy has reportedly died after being taken to a government shelter in Texas, Health and Human Services stated Wednesday, during talks with several publications. He is the third migrant

Jesus Take The Wheel: Two People Contract HIV After Getting ‘Vampire Facials’ At New Mexico Spa [Video]


HIV Contracted After Vampire Facials

A bizarre but trendy procedure caused damning consequences for two people at a New Mexico spa. After at first urging patrons of Albuquerque’s VIP Spa to get tested, health officials have confirmed that two

Florida Crazies: Youth Pastor Forced 15-Year-Old Into Sex By Threatening To Call ICE On Her Family

Florida Youth Pastor Threatens Teen’s Family With ICE To Force Sex

As every Kodak Black Instagram story further proves, people from Florida truly ain’t s#!t.

A story in the NYPost also serves as evidence against the southernmost state in Ameria

SMFH: HBCU Graduate And Future Computer Scientist Murdered By White Neighbor After Judge Refused Protective Order

Tyrique Hudson Killed By White Neighbor After Judge Denies Protection

This story is going to make you very, very angry.

Tyrique “TJ” Hudson was a brilliant young brotha who graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in 2 1/2 years

Prayers Up: John Singleton Has Reportedly Suffered A Stroke, His Condition Is Currently Unknown

John Singleton Reportedly Had A Stroke

Legendary director John Singleton has suffered a stroke and some point and is currently hospitalized according to B. Scott.

There are little to no details available at this time but BOSSIP is working

Florida Crazies: ALL Denver Public Schools Closed As FBI And Police Search For “Extremely Dangerous” Armed Teen Girl Obsessed With Columbine

Denver Schools Closed As Manhunt For Columbine-Obsessed Girl Continues

The 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre is this Saturday and the people in Denver who lived through the 1999 tragedy are now reliving another potentially violent nightmare as the infamous

Jesus Close The Deal: Man Accused Of Burning 3 Black Churches In Louisiana Charged With Hate Crimes

Man Accused Of Burning 3 Black Louisiana Churches Charged With Hate Crimes

The case of the three historically Black churches that have burned down in Louisiana took a turn toward justice yesterday.

According to APNews, the man who police

Jesus Take The Wheel: Texas Woman Arrested After Hitting Her Husband For Failing To Tell Her She’s Pretty

Texas Woman Arrested After Getting Upset With Her Boyfriend

One woman in Laredo, Texas is being accused of assaulting her common-law husband after he refused to respond when she asked him if she was pretty, according to police.

Officers were

Despot House Whites: Donald Trump’s Hateful Attack Against Ilhan Omar Leads To Dangerous Death Threat Surge

Trump Attack On Ilhan Omar Increase Death Threats Against Her

This weekend we reported on the potentially deadly political game that Donald Trump is playing with the life of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Trump used the 9/11 terrorist attacks to criticize

That Escalated Quickly: Angry Mother Allegedly Attacks 81-Year-Old Who Called Her Out For Cutting In Line

Mom Reportedly Attacks Elderly Woman After Cutting In Line

Police are currently searching for a mother who allegedly grabbed an 81-year-old woman by the hair and dragged her to the ground after a verbal altercation outside of a movie theater

Florida Crazies: Good Samaritan Murdered At Waffle House For Paying For Food And Giving Out Money

Good Samaritan Killed Inside Florida Waffle House

You KNOW when both Florida AND Waffle House are in a headline that some f**ks**t is afoot.

According to the Gainesville Sun, 25-year-old Ezekiel Luke Hicks is the primary suspect in the

Cops Kill People: Body Cam Footage Of Police Killing Woman Mistaken For Murder Suspect, Shooting Ruled “Lawful” [Video]

Cops Cleared Of Crimes In Shooting Death Of San Jose Woman

24-year-old Jennifer Vazquez was killed on Christmas day last year when San Jose police mistook her for a murder suspect that they had been looking for.

This past Friday,

Jesus Take The Wheel: 3 Historically Black Churches In Louisiana Have Burned Down In Past 10 Days

3 Black Churches Is St. Landry Parish Burned In The Past 10 Days

Have you heard about this story? Probably not, wonder why that is…

According to NYTimes, three historically Black churches have been set ablaze in the past

Jesus Take The Wheel: Lyft Driver Accused Of Forcibly Removing College Student From His Car For Cursing

Lyft Driver Seen Physically Removing A Girl From His Car

A University of Albany student had an extremely unfortunate experience recently after her Lyft driver allegedly attempted to physically remove her from his vehicle after he overheard her curse on

Jesus Take The Wheel: Taco Bell Manager Gets Sentenced To Anger Management After Choking Her Pregnant Employee

Manager At Taco Bell Gets Charged For Strangling Her Pregnant Employee

A Taco Bell manager in Portland, Oregon has been sentenced to both anger management and community service after pleading guilty last Friday to charges of fourth-degree assault and strangulation,

Jesus Take The Wheel: You’ll Never Believe How This 9-Year-Old Girl Survived Getting Hit By Speeding Car [Video]

9-Year-Old Survives Horrifying Car Crash

If you ever questioned if God is real, after watching this video you will likely be a full-time believer.

9-year-old LaDerihanna Holmes, from the east side of Atlanta, Georgia in Lithonia, was playing in

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