#BBWLA Beef: Jennifer Williams Blasts ‘Phony’ Malaysia & Evelyn For ‘Sip & Shop’ Shade

Jennifer Williams

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Jennifer Williams Calls Out Malaysia Pargo And Evelyn Lozada

During the latest episode of “Basketball Wives,” the ladies attended a charity event for Jennifer Williams that was unfortunately marred by shade. Jennifer held a sip and shop at a boutique in honor of her late mother who died from cancer.
Unfortunately for her, several of her castmates decided to show up and show OUT including Jakie Christie who dared Feby Torres to step outside to “talk.”

That fisticuffs never happened but what did happen was some shade throwing via Evelyn Lozada and Malaysia Pargo. Both ladies who’ve had beef with Jennifer shadily made comments about the event under their breath.

That set Jennifer Williams off on Twitter.

“So here is the set up to the BS! This event is honoring my mother and yes I want the memories. If you don’t f*^k with me, don’t come and be fake and phony! I’m so tired of this BS!” wrote Jennifer.


Do YOU think the ladies were being “phony” by showing up to Jennifer Williams’ event???

Mind you, THIS is how Malaysia shared a pic from the event on social media. She clearly covered up Jennifer’s face.

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A picture is worth a 1000 words… @evelynlozada

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“Basketball Wives” Exclusive: Evelyn Lets OG Have It Over Being Messy! [VIDEO]

Basketball Wives Key Art

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The Ladies Of “Basketball Wives” Get Real About All The Messiness

A new episode of “Basketball Wives” is coming on tonight and the ladies aren’t holding anything back when it comes to airing out their differences. Watch an exclusive clip below:

Who do you think is being messiest? OG? Cecy? It seems like Jackie has FINALLY given up that spot.

VH1’s “Basketball Wives” airs Wednesday, July 31 at 8PM ET/PT.

Ex-Friend Files: Shaunie Explains #BasketballWives Blasting Jennifer’s ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior

Shaunie Jennifer Williams

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Shaunie O’Neal Explains “Basketball Wives” Beef With Jennifer Williams

Shaunie O’Neal is over it. If you tuned in to last night’s “Basketball Wives” premiere then you saw a defiant Jennifer Williams make shady comments about her former friends Evelyn and Shaunie and the aftermath of it.

If you can remember, the ladies had a huge blowup in Amsterdam over not only Jenn’s claims that she gossiped with Tami Roman about Evelyn sleeping with Shaunie’s ex (Shaq), but that Evelyn’s daughter Shaniece pays all of Evelyn’s bills. Things got so tense that a bothered Malaysia Pargo hurled a table Jenn’s way.

During last night’s episode instead of being remorseful for her alleged rumor spreading, Jenn told fellow B-Ball wife, Kristen Scott, that Shaunie’s accusations simply weren’t true. Not only that, she added that Shaunie’s ex allegedly slept with a LOT of women, so she didn’t see the big deal about the Evelyn rumor.

“Shaunie made up that I talked about Shaniece out of spite,” said Jenn.


Kristen later told Shaunie that she invited Jenn to Shaunie’s party for her son Shareef’s successful open-heart surgery—-but expressed remorse for potentially bringing drama to a positive event.

And when Jenn finally did show up, fireworks happened. A LIVID Shaunie stormed out of her own shindig to “keep the Inglewood” from coming out. A band of people including her kids also left with her.

Messy, messy, messy. Was Jenn wrong for coming to Shaunie’s party after talking about her ex behind her back?

Shaunie’s since explained why she left her own party over ONE uninvited guest, hit the flip.

“Basketball Wives” Exclusive: Kristen Scott Catches Up With Jennifer Williams About The Fate Of Her Friendships [VIDEO]

Basketball Wives Key Art

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Jennifer Williams Talks To Kristen Scott About Her Soured Friendships

The day has finally arrived for the return of “Basketball Wives”! We’ve got an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode for your viewing pleasure. Watch as Jennifer Williams catches up with Kristen Scott about her fouled friendships with Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal...

“Basketball Wives” premieres tonight, Wednesday, June 19th at 8:00PM ET/PT on VH1!

Guess Who’s Bizzack!? Watch The Trailer For The New Season Of “Basketball Wives” Returning To VH1 This June [VIDEO]

Basketball Wives Stars Shaunie O'Neal and Evelyn Lozada Jackie Christie Tami Roman and Malaysia Pargo

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“Basketball Wives” Returns To Vh1 June 19

“Basketball Wives” is byke! Are y’all excited? Some of your favorite vets are back for a brand new season and there’s another newbie involved too. Check out the trailer below:

Spicy or nah?

Here’s more about the series:

This season, the ladies are tested like never before while balancing life’s unexpected turns, career endeavors and strained relationships. The 16-episode installment welcomes back series veterans and a fresh newcomer to the group:

After her son’s recent heart surgery, Shaunie’s focus is giving second chances and spreading love to those who have wronged her, including finding common ground with her ex.

Evelyn is working on being the best mother for her son and daughter but when her parental instincts kick in, old habits begin to resurface.

Tami is busier than ever, but unresolved confrontations could change the dynamic of her relationships with her daughters and friends forever.

Jackie is experiencing empty nest syndrome as she prepares for her son to go off to college.

Malaysia is struggling to find a solution to her current family drama and an unsettling rumor surrounding her personal life.

Ready for a fresh start, Jennifer wants to rekindle friendships but her past might interfere with making amends.

Kristen is faced with navigating an unexpected family secret that could cause everything she has built to collapse.

CeCe and Byron are ecstatic about their future as husband and wife, but strained family ties may get in the way of the couple’s happily ever after.

After 10 years as an athlete, Ogom “OG” enters retirement and decides to pivot from playing football to coaching.

Newcomer Feby Torres, is tired of being associated with her famous ex and is determined to make a new name for herself, even if that means making enemies.

The new season of “Basketball Wives” is set to premiere on Wednesday, June 19th at 8:00PM ET/PT. Will you be watching?