#1TakeHov: Jay-Z Puts His Discography Back On Spotify In Honor Of His 50th Birthday

Jay-Z Puts His Discography Back On Spotify In Honor Of His 50th Birthday

Jay-Z has been one of the key players in the war between streaming services. Hov is the owner of Swedish based streaming service TIDAL.and since its

Queen Mother & Hov: Mama Tina And Jay-Z Join In Celebration Of Queen & Slim Premiere

Tina Knowles-Lawson And Jay-Z Attend Special Screening Of QUEEN & SLIM

Tina Knowles-Lawson hosted a special screening of QUEEN & SLIM on Tuesday, November 19 at the WACO Theater Center in LA. The screening was followed by a Q&A with

Scam-A-Fella Records: Jay Z Gets Dragged By His Marcy Loclettes Over Shady Kaepernick Workout

Oh no Hov, what is you doin?

Twitter Vs. Jay Z (AGAIN)

Everyone’s buzzing over the shady Kaepernick workout saga that started with the NFL pretending to give the polarizing QB a fair shot and ended with Jay Z’s reported

Rihanna’s Comments About Not Being A “Sellout” Has Everyone Giving Jay-Z Even MORE Side-Eyes

Did Rihanna Diss Jay-Z?

Rihanna definitely knows how to speak her mind and make the news cycle explode. On the latest Vogue cover (her 6th), Rihanna had this to say about the Super Bowl:

“I couldn’t dare do that. For

“We Didn’t Speak For Years,” Fat Joe Talks Jay-Z Beef With Angie Martinez On “Untold Stories Of Hip Hop” [VIDEO]

Fat Joe Talks About Beefing With Jay Z For YEARS

Did you guys watch the premiere episode of “Untold Stories of Hip Hop” last week? It was SO GOOD. Please don’t sleep on this show y’all. The show is back

Hov NFL Drama Vol 3: Uncle Luke Demands Jay-Z Fix The Super Bowl LIV Halftime Performers

Uncle Luke Demands Jay Z Fix Super Bowl LIV Halftime Performers

Another day, another person pissed off at the NFL but choosing to blame Jay-Z. This time, some points were made…kinda.

Uncle Luke is really not happy about the

Pop Nation? Jay-Z Is Getting Dragged Because J. Lo And Shakira Are Performing At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jay-Z Dragged For Halftime Show</h2.

Remember when Jay-Z was supposed to be playing chess and not checkers? Remember when he was going to bring a whole new social justice aspect to the Super Bowl and bring about some change to

Beyoncé’s Trademark Dispute Over “Blue Ivy Carter” Intensifies, Calls Carter Child A ‘Cultural Icon’

Beyoncée’s Trademark Dispute Over “Blue Ivy” Intensifies As The Situation Heads To Court

Blue Ivy is already 7 years old–the most popular 7-year-old on the planet, at that–but there is still a dispute over whether or not her parents should

Here’s What Happened When Megan Thee Stallion Announced Her Roc Nation Deal

So meg @ roc nation now … uhm?? pic.twitter.com/iIGwKraz0p

— hot girl brit (@CurryStaySaucy) September 13, 2019

Megan Thee Stallion Signs With Roc Nation, Blows Up Twitter

We couldn’t be prouder of rising superstar Megan Thee Stallion who announced her

Politics As Usual: Jay-Z & NFL Get Flamed (AGAIN) For Donating To Org That Allegedly Supports Trump, Cuts Dreadlocks & LOOOVES The Cops

Jay-Z & NFL Get Slammed For Donating To An Organization That Allegedly Supports Trump, Cuts Dreadlocks & Loves The Cops


Jiggaaaa, my nicckkaaa.

Jay-Z and Roc Nation continue to find themselves in a deeper hole when it comes to

Eye-Roll Emoji: Jay Z Gets Clobbered Over Sketchy Comments On Single Parent Households & Police

Jay Z wants us to believe:
•Black men disrespect police at a higher rate than white men
•Black men only die at the hands of police when they are “disrespectful”
•Disrespecting police is grounds for them to kill you


Drunk In Love… BeyBey Puts Pregnancy Rumors To Rest, Spotted D’Usse Drankin’ At Made In America

Beyoncé And Jay Z Photographed At Made In America Festival

It’s that time of year again — when the coupled up Carters round up their kiddos and head to Philadelphia for Labor Day weekend to watch their friends, and some

Mo Money: Rihanna Secures $50 Million In New Savage X Fenty Capital As The Brand Turns One

Rihanna Secures $50 Million Investment From Jay-Z & Others

When the topic of discussion is Rihanna and her latest business ventures, an outsider overhearing the conversation would think her brands have been around for ages–but as we all know, that’s

Assets & Tiddays: Megan Thee Stallion Links With Jay Z, Upgrades Boat To A Yacht?

MEGAN AND JAY Z WHAT pic.twitter.com/29D1CkjVXt

— rudy is a fan account (@ghostinrudy) August 30, 2019

Megan Thee Stallion Links With Jay Z, Shatters Twitter

Everyone’s buzzing over our fave hot girl Megan Thee Stallion meeting (and taking pics with)

Diddy Breaks His Silence On Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership… Here’s What BROTHER LOVE Had To Say

Diddy Responds To Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership

The internet has been DRAGGING TF out of Jay-Z after learning about his dealings with the NFL, but now, Diddy is speaking up and he says it’s time to come together. In a message

Here’s What Tina Lawson Thinks About ‘Blue Check Twitter’ Trashing Her Son-In-Law’s NFL Deal

Tina Lawson Reacts To Jay Z’s NFL Deal

Tina Lawson’s got something to say. After Jay Z got TRASHED over that NFL social justice deal, his mother-in-law’s commenting. Ms. Tina took to Instagram to drop a note about all

‘Activate Solange!’ Faizon Love Ethers ‘House Jigger’ Jay-Z Over Shady NFL Dealings [Video]

Faizon Love Calls Jay-Z A “House Jigger”

Veteran actor/comedian Faizon Love has his opinion on Jay-Z becoming the NFL’s party planner and it’s pure COMEDY (sprinkled with facts)!

Of course, Love didn’t mince words when it comes to how he

100 Problems: Jay Z Faces Spicy Backlash Over Kap-less NFL Deal, Gets SLAMMED On Twitter

Jay Z: Said no to the Super Bowl you need me I don’t need you…

NFL: Come get this check…

Also Jay Z: pic.twitter.com/JVcR6IOq5M

— Jawn Wick (@Hunitproof) August 13, 2019

Twitter Vs. Jay Z

Everyone’s buzzing over Jay Z’s

Reasonable Doubt: Jay-Z Sus-ly Says He Spoke To Kaepernick Before Signing NFL Deal — But Colin’s Camp Claims THIS

Colin Kaepernick’s Camp Denies Speaking With Jay-Z Before New NFL Deal

We’ve known Jay-Z to be many things over the years, but is a liar one of them? According to Colin Kaepernick‘s camp, that may be the case. After

Jigga What? Jay-Z’s Partnership With NFL Causes Mixed Reactions (And Typical Tantrums From Tomi Lahren)

The Internet Reacts To Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership

So Jay-Z is officially partnering with the NFL and some folks have questions.

According to NFL.com, Roc Nation — the entertainment company founded by Jigga — is entering a multiyear partnership

Is BeyBey Having Another Baby??? These Pics Have The Hive Buzzing About Another Carter Child

Beyoncé’s Fans Believe Her IG Photos Signal Another Pregnancy

If Beyoncé decked out in purple, the color of royalty, standing in a garden, often symbolic of fertility, are meant to be a message that she’s with child yet again, then

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