Red Table Talk: T.I. and Tiny Talk About Being Back from the Brink of Divorce [VIDEO]

T.I. and Tiny visit Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris

Source: Michael Becker / Red Table Talk

T.I. And Tiny Open Up About Their Marital Issues

Red Table Talk was the platform T.I. chose to try and address the controversy he sparked after making comments that lead the whole world to believe that he’s sexist, overprotective of his daughter and pretty much the model for toxic masculinity. That went over… probably not as convincingly as he would have hoped for, but damage control was done to some extent — however Jada and Gam aren’t quite finished with the Harrises. Tiny gets more vocal in part 2 of the episode which airs in full on Monday, December 2 at at 9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET., only on Facebook Watch.

In the second part, the couple open up like we’ve never seen them before, discussing the ups and downs of their marriage, including public controversies, prison, infidelity and filing for divorce.

Check out sneak peeks from both sides of the story below:

Tiny’s Side:

T.I.’s Side:

Tiny’s body language is CLEAR. Whew… This should be a DOOZY. And SMH @ led to things which led to things which led to things. Guys, if you cheat on your wife and she forgives you please be clear that blaming her for it is NOT the correct answer.

Bravo to Tiny for having her voice HEARD — loud and clear. We’re listening sis and supporting you.

Be sure to catch the full episode Monday, December 2 at at 9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET., only on Facebook Watch. If you’re not already following — make sure to follow Red Table Talk’s page HERE.

Blue Balls Brand: Lavar Ball Gets A Lil’ Too Fresh With Molly Qerim On ‘First Take’, Peep Her Response

Lavar Ball Molly Qerim First Take

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Lavar Ball Made An Unwarranted Comment To First Take’s Molly Qerim

Lavar Ball RARELY misses an opportunity to embarrass himself on the national stage and today his penchant for playing himself shined bright on ESPN.

Ball appeared on First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and host Molly Qerim. It should be noted that host Molly Qerim is married to Jalen Rose and we’ll explain why.

Better yet. The video below. will explain why.

Lavar married as hell talkin’ like that to another married woman on national television. Clout-chasin’ at the tender age of 51.

At the end of the show, Molly had a lil’ something to say about it…

The streets wanna know.

“Hustle & Soul” Exclusive: Nikki Gets Played By Her MARRIED BF But Cola Has Her Back! [VIDEO]

Hustle & Soul

Source: Big Fish Entertainment/WE tv / Big Fish Ent/WE tv

Nikki Confronts Her Man About His Marriage

Season 3 of “Hustle & Soul” has been super juicy — and we’ve got our hands on an exclusive peek from Thursday’s brand new episode “He’s Married?” Watch it below!

Yikes… That looks like a WHOLE lot! What would you do if you were Nikki? And what is dude’s wife gonna say when she sees the show?

Here’s more on what you can expect from the episode:

Ana stuns the staff when she brings Thandi back, sparking suspicion and drama. Nikki learns a shocking secret about her man. Erik confronts Jon Jon about his drinking. Dom’s modeling agent gives him a surprising offer that could change everything.

The new episode of “Hustle & Soul” airs Thursday, May 16 at 10pm ET/PT on WeTV. Will you be watching?!

“Growing Up Hip Hop” Exclusive: Pepa Has To Choose Between Her Brand And Her Boyfriend [VIDEO]

Pepa Faces Backlash Over Married Boyfriend

The new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop” airing tonight will touch on the controversy over Pepa dating a man whose divorce hasn’t gone through.

Here’s the run down on the full episode:

Romeo and Bow Wow face off in an epic battle of the Lil’s! Pepa’s conflicted between her career and her relationship. On a romantic stroll in New Orleans, Angela and Romeo take shocking next steps to move forward in their relationship.

GROWING UP HIP HOP – “THE BATTLE OF THE LIL’S” – Airs Thursday, January 24 at 9/8C

Dirty Dog Diaries: Tiny Reveals She Resorted To Hiring A Private Investigator To Sleuth Out T.I.’s Secret Sexcapades


Tiny Talks About Hiring Private Investigator To Snoop On T.I.

If you ever wondered how it is that Tiny always seems to figure out when T.I. has cheated, she recently revealed on the first episode of Bravo’s reboot of “Kandi Koated Nights” — hosted by her friend and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss — Tiny revealed she’s previously hired a private investigator to follow T.I.

According to Page Six reports, Tiny told Kandi:

“I definitely would recommend it. It is expensive, though. But it worked.”

Tiny said she hired the P.I. when she suspected T.I. of cheating with several women.

Hit the flip to see Tiny talk about her alleged affair with Floyd Mayweather on the show.