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White Male Terrorist: Cops Pop Would-Be Mass Shooter After Girlfriend Reports Plan To Kill 100 People [Video]

Florida Police Arrest Man Planning To Murder 100 In Mass Shooting

Tristan Scott Wix was arrested in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida yesterday after his girlfriend told local police that her psycho ex was planning to murder 100 people.

According to

Beer Won’t Help: Stone Cold Steve Austin Sweats Like A Stuck Pig On ‘Hot Ones’, Talks New Show “Straight Up…” [Video]

Stone Cold Steve Austin Appears On ‘Hot Ones’

Stone Cold Steve Austin sat his a$$ in the hottest seat on the internet and ate chicken wings with some of the face-melting hot sauces on the market.

While doing that, the

You Buy It? Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Confirms Death By Hanging, Not Hollyweird Homicide

Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Confirms Suicide

Despite all the controversy and conspiracy talk surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden death, the autopsy report is in and the conclusion is pretty concrete.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New York City Medical Examiner’s office states

Collapsed Caucasian Coupledom: Miley Cyrus’ New Single Hints At Why Her And Liam Hemsworth May Have Called It Quits

Miley Cyrus Seems To Describe Break-Up With Liam In New Song

Less than a week after announcing her split from her longtime book and husband Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus dropped a new single that could give us some insight

Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Shows He Sustained Breaks In Neck Bones ‘Common In Homicide Victims’

Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Sustained Multiple Neck Injuries Prior To Death

Some new information in the case of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide is being reported following his autopsy.

The billionaire financier is said to have “sustained multiple breaks in his neck

Uncle Sam Knows Best: Todd & Julie Chrisley Face Up To 30 Years In Prison For Tax Evasion

Chrisley Knows Best Stars Indicted On Tax Evasion

The government does not play when it comes to taxes. Unfortunately, reality stars Todd and wife Julie Chrisley learned that the hard way on Tuesday after a grand jury indicted them on

When You Do Clownery: Sarah Silverman Got Dropped From A Movie Because Of An Old Blackface Sketch

Sarah Silverman Reveals She Got Dropped From Movie Over An Old Sketch

Once you do blackface, there’s no really getting away from it.

Sarah Silverman was on a recent episode of Bill Simmons’ podcast, and during the interview, the comedian

Shady Business? Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Hadn’t Been Checked On For Hours Before Apparent Suicide

Jeffrey Epstein Was Reportedly Left Unattended For Hours Before Apparent Suicide

To say there’s a lot of skeptics out there when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide is an understatement.

According to reports, correctional officers at the New York

Pure Comedy: Will Ferrell Takes Over Every Late Night TV Show At The Same Time As Ron Burgundy [Video]

Ron Burgundy Made A Few Late Night Appearances Last Night

If you were up watching television past 11 pm last night, there’s a pretty good chance you caught a glimpse of Will Ferrell’s character from Anchor Man, Ron Burgundy.

Equi-Nixed: People Are Cancelling Their Equinox Memberships Over The Owner’s Upcoming Trump Fundraiser

Owner Of Equinox & SoulCycle Faces Outrage Over Trump Fundraiser

The receptionists at Equinox have their work cut out for them this week.

Word got out on Wednesday that the owner of Equinox is planning a high-dollar Hamptons fundraiser for

Ho Sit Down: Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller Blames LGBTQ, Obama, Immigrants, Marijuana And “Fatherlessness” For Mass Shootings

Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller Post Hateful Facebook Post Following Dayton Shooting

Republicans are a shameless bunch. There is no end to their unabashed bigotry. Hate is the air their hollow platform is inflated with. Racism and xenophobia are the

In White Folks News: Katy Perry & Capitol Records Ordered To Pay $2.78M For Copying Christian Rap Song

Katy Perry Personally Responsible For $500K In “Dark Horse” Lawsuit

Katy Perry and her collaborators at Capitol Records have been ordered to pay $2.78 million after a federal jury ruled that the pop star copied one of her hit songs.

In White Folks News: Wife Comes To Armie Hammer’s Defense After He Posts Footage Of Their Two-Year-Old Son’s “Foot Fetish”

Armie Hammer’s Wife Responds To Those Criticizing Their Parenting Online

In case you missed it, Armie Hammer was on the receiving end of some serious online criticism this weekend–and for good reason.

The Call Me By Your Name actor uploaded

“I’d Say It Again!”: Anglo-Saxon Slurstress Shamelessly Says She Will Continue To Call Black People “Ni**er”

Bonefish Grill Racists Says She’ll Continue Using N-Word

Some of you may have seen a viral video floating around your social media timelines over the past couple of days.

The clip shows Chanda Stewart and Lakesha Shaw being accosted by

In White Folks News: Faye Dunaway Gets Fired From Play For Letting Her Oscar Hands Fly In Backstage MELTDOWN [Report]

Faye Dunaway Gets Fired For Slapping & Throwing Things At Crew Members

It seems Faye Dunaway couldn’t separate fact from fiction when demonstrating her Shakespearian hands.

According to the New York Post, the Oscar-winning actress was fired from the

For Us, By Us: Solange’s Must-See Reaction To White ‘Jeopardy’ Contestants Having No Idea Who She Is

Solange Shares Hilarious Reaction To ‘Jeopardy’ Question About Her

Despite the clout-chasing, attention-seeking, thirsty antics that we see on social media daily, there are some celebrities who aren’t pressed for the world to know their names.

Solange is clearly

Pure Comedy: Megan Thee Stallion Explains “Big Ol’ Freak” Lyrics To British Classical Music Expert [VIDEO]

Megan Thee Stallion Hilariously Breaks Down Her Lyrics For Classical Kyle

Megan Thee Stallion is typically a great sport when it comes to her interviews and this one is no exception. She met up with a gent known as Classical

In White Folks News: Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Assault Case Dismissed After Accuser Refused To Testify

Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Assault Case Has Been Dismissed

The sexual assault charges Kevin Spacey was facing have reportedly been dismissed.

According to reports from TMZ, a Massachusetts judge recently tossed out the disgraced actor’s case “due to the unavailability

Urban Outfitters Dictionary: Jimmy Kimmel “Translates” Offset And Cardi B’s Bust Down Bando Bars For Old People [Video]

Offset And Cardi B Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Show

Offset and his Queen, Cardi B, took their talents to Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night and during their stop Jimmy played translator for the old, lame, uninformed and, to be

Pure F***ing Comedy: Seth Rogen’s New ‘Good Boys’ Red Band Trailer Is Profane, Sexually Explicit And Absolutely Hilarious [Video]

New ‘Good Boys’ Red Band Trailer

We’ve already told you funny the Seth Rogen-produced flick Good Boys is, but even we weren’t ready for the hilarity in the new Red Band trailer.

It’s NSFW so don’t get fired trying to

#MeToo: Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals She Was Harassed On Set By A “Very Big Movie Star”

Sarah Jessica Parker Says She Was Harassed by A Big Movie Star On Set

Sadly, even the biggest stars in the industry are subject to power imbalances and harassment in the workplace. Sarah Jessica Parker revealed recently that she was

No Shock There: Border Patrol HBIC Carla Provost Was A Member Of Racist Facebook Immigrant Hate Group

Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost Was Part Of Racist Facebook Group

This Yogi The Bear lookin’ broad has some nerve talkin’ s#!t about somebody.

According to The Intercept, Carla Provost, chief of the Border Patrol, was quick to get

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