He’s Out: Baseballer Felipe Vazquez Charged With 21 New Felonies For Possession Of Child Porn

Felipe Vazquez Charged With 21 Felonies Related To Child Porn

Hide your kids, hide your wife. Those were the cautionary words spoken by viral sensation Antoine Dodson almost a decade ago back in 2010. People like Pittsburgh Pirate’s baller

Cardi Bars: Belcalis Drops Off A New Freestyle Over Cam’Ron’s “357” Live From Abuela’s Kitchen

Cardi B Drops New Freestyle

Cardi B hasn’t released a solo single since “Press” but you shouldn’t mistake her silence for stillness. Belcalis says she’s hard at work on new album but until she’s done she figured she’d drop a

¿¡Por Gratis?! Jennifer Lopez Says She Didn’t Get Paid A Dime To Act And Produce Hit Flick ‘Hustlers’

Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Get Paid For ‘Hustlers’

Jennifer Lopez says she didn’t do Hustlers for money, she did it to make a point.

The multihyphenate tells GQ that she didn’t get paid to act in or produce the film

Gentrifiers, Get Back: AOC Sends A Message To Joker-Lovin’ Tourists Looking To Dance On Bronx Stairs [Video]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Tourists Visiting Bronx ‘Joker’ Stairs

AOC is a proud New Yorker and specifically a flag-waving Bronx native. That said, the Congresswoman from the B-X is not here for wide-eyed, pop-culture-chasing tourists who want to dance down the

Lawsuits: Oscar De La Hoya Sued For Sexually Assault And Battery In 2017, Graphic Details Revealed

Oscar De La Hoya Sued For Sexual Assault And Battery

Oscar De La Hoya has a LOT of ‘splaining to do.

According to TMZ, “the golden boy” is being sued for the very graphic and disturbing sexual assault and

Hate Or Hearsay? Ex-Employee’s Lawsuit Claims Rosario Dawson’s Mother Attacked Him With Transphobic Violence

Rosario Dawson’s Ex-Employee Sues Her Family For Transphobic Attack

A transgender man who used to work for Rosario Dawson has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was abused and attacked violently by her mother a fit of transphobic rage.


¿¿Qué Tu Haces?? #LHHMIA Estrella Amara La Negra Defends Gringo Supremacist Gina Rodriguez For Using N-Word [Video]

Amara La Negra Defends Gina Rodriguez Using N-Word

Gina Rodriguez‘s body is still being barbequed low and slow over a 280-character Twitter fire after she was seen on Instagram using the n-word earlier this week.

TMZ caught up with

Shook Ones: El Chapo’s Infantry Stages Massive Gun Battle Against Army, Police, Nat’l Guard During Son’s Arrest

El Chapo’s Son Released From Custody Following Culiacán Gunfight

El Chapo isn’t a man that has much respect for the rule of law and if you think he didn’t go down easy, wait until you read what his gunmen did

Boy II Simp: Singer Shawn Stockman Ties His Cape Tight For Gina Rodriguez’s N-Word Laden L-Boogie Lyric

Boyz II Men Shawn Stockman Co-Signs Gina Rodriguez Using N-Word

Gina Rodriguez is still being roasted over an 280-character fire on Twitter for her wanton use of the n-word in an Instagram video.

The folks at TMZ caught up with

Prized “Fighter”: Christina Aguilera Tearfully Accepts Honor For Her Work Combatting Domestic Violence

Christina Aguilera Honored For Work Against Domestic Violence

Christina Aguilera hasn’t been shy about the things she’s been through in relationships. She readily shares her testimony about surviving domestic violence and what that experience did to her psyche.

Those experiences

¡Coño! Admittedly Racist White Man Berates Latina Woman For Speaking Spanish, “Speak English!”

Racist White Man Fired For Telling Latina Teen “Speak English”

Nothing sets off a racist white person like hearing the beautiful Spanish language. Time and time again we see white folks losing their mayo-lovin’ mind in viral videos when they

The Breakfast Club: Fat Joe Tells Jail Stories, Talks New Album, And ALMOST Squashing 50 Cent-Ja Rule Beef [Video]

The Breakfast Club Interviews Fat Joe

Fat Joe is one helluva storyteller. We could literally sit around and listen to him talk all day long. Joe Gordo sat down with The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about his upcoming

#DemDebate: Julian Castro Gets Spicy With Ol’ Joe Biden Over Medicare For All Policy, “You Can’t Remember What You Said 2 Minutes Ago??” [Video]

Julian Castro Goes After Joe Biden In Democratic Debate

The Democratic debate was on and poppin’ last night and although the enemy is Donald Trump, the 10 left-wing candidates were not afraid to take each other on in full-contact.

Doggie Biscuit: Mexican Gang Captures Alleged Rapist And Has Pit Bull Chow Down On His Penis

Pit Bull Eats Alleged Rapist Genitals

The last thing in life you ever want to do is piss off a Mexican gang. They don’t play fair, especially when you’re an accused rapist.

According to DailyMail, a gang

#BOSSIPSounds: Fat Joe Is Back With A Boricua Banger Featuring Cardi B And Anuel AA “Yes” [Audio]

Fat Joe “Yes” Featuring Cardi B And Anuel AA

Fat Joe STAYS with one. Sometimes it’s just one, but it’s ONE.

His single streak continues with his new release featuring Cardi B and Anuel AA called “Yes”

Press play on

Courtney Kemp Explains THAT ‘Power’ Character Finally Meeting Their Overdue Demise

Courtney Kemp Speaks On “Power” Character’s Death

It. Finally. Happened.


Angela Val(dead) is DEAD.

On the season 6 premiere of “Power,” viewers saw Ghost distraughtly take his lover Angela Valdes to the hospital after she was shot in

Some Sweet Swirl Matrimony-dom: Black “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay Weds Bryan Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay Marries Her “The Bachelorette” Love Bryan Abasolo

“The Bachelorette”‘s first black starlet, Rachel Lindsay married her boo thang, who “Feyoncéd” her on the show’s finale, Bryan Abasolo, this weekend at the Royalton Suites Cancún in Mexico on Saturday,

Stream Scenes: Christina Milian Gives Her Heart To A Vanilla King In New Netflix Movie “Falling Inn Love” [Video]

Christina Milian Stars In Netflix ‘Falling Inn Love’

Netflix has just dropped the trailer for their new Christina Milian-helmed romantic comedy Falling Inn Love.

As the punny title suggests, Christina Milian’s character, Gabriela Diaz, falls in love at an

¡Salvador, Dale! Actor Danny Trejo Saves Special Needs Baby From Overturned Car After Accident

Danny Trejo Saves Baby From Overturned Car

Danny Trejo needs to be invited into the Marvel Cinematic Universe ASAP!

According to TMZ, the Machete actor saved a special needs baby from an overturned vehicle after a grandmother crashed in

BOSSIP Exclusive: ‘Dora’ Star Eva Longoria Says Film Combats The Villainization Of Latinos In This Country

Eva Longoria Speaks On Positive Latino Representation

‘Dora And The Lost City Of Gold’ had it’s world premiere in Los Angeles Sunday night and the film’s stars Eva Longoria, Isabela Moner, Michael Pena, Danny Trejo, Jeff Wahlberg and more were

‘Dora And The Lost City Of Gold’ Exclusive: Isabela Moner And Jeff Wahlberg Talk Dora, Diego And The Importance Of Latino Representation [VIDEO]

Stars Of ‘Dora The Explorer’ Film Reveal Scariest Scenes And What They’d Put In Dora’s Backpack

Last week BOSSIP’s Senior Content Director Janeé Bolden headed to Miami for the premiere of Paramount’s new film ‘Dora and the Lost City Of

Stick To Sports? Sheeeeit: Dan Le Batard Goes Smooth Off On “Send Her Back” Chant And ESPN’s “Cowardly, Weak Azz” No Politics Policy [Video]

Dan LeBatard Goes Off On “Send Her Back” And ESPN’s Cowardly Politics Policy

Dan Le Batard is NOT here for the pussyfooting.

Yesterday on his radio show, he went balls-to-the-wall, pedal-to-the-floor, full-speed-ahead in RIPPING not only Donald Trump for

¡Coño! 11th American Dies After Trip To Dominican Republic, Sick Denver Man Forced From Plane Returning Home

11th American Dies After Trip To Dominican Republic

Listen, by no means do mean to be alarmist, but what the f**k is really going on down in the D.R.?

According to the Denver Post, an 11th American has

Hate Crimes: Stroller-Rollin’ Mother Beaten Unconscious By Son’s Xenophobic Teen Bully, “Mexicans Go Home!”

Aye, Seriously WTF? Queens Mother Of 4 Dead Hours After Contracting Mysterious Illness In Dominican Republic

Queens Mother Dies Of Mysterious Illness In Dominican Republic

We don’t know WTF is going on, but we’re damn sure not going to the Dominican Republic anytime soon.

According to NYPost, a Queens mother for four, 38-year-old Donette Edge

Hoy En Mi Gente News: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Using The “Concentration Camp” To Describe Immigrant Detention Center [Video]

AOC Defends Calling Immigrant Detention Center “Concentration Camp”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is again being criticized for her commentary about the immigrant detention centers that the Trump administration is running along the U.S.-Mexico border.

AOC has unabashedly called the centers “concentration camps”

¡Oye, Mami, Mira! “Botched” Doc Terry Dubrow Concerned About Cardi B’s Swollen Post-Surgery Feet, Suggests Medical Attention [Video]

Dr. Terry Dubrow Suggest Medical Treatment For Cardi B ASAP

Cardi B‘s recent cosmetic surgery has resulted in some serious complications, swollen feet being one of them, and according to TMZ she’s in real danger of a medical emergency.

F**k 12: Dominican Authorities Investigating David Ortiz Shooting Believe Hit Man Is A Crooked Cop

David Ortiz’ Shooter Thought To Be Crooked Cop

Yesterday we reported that David Ortiz aka “Big Papi” was shot in the back in his home of the Dominican Republic.

Today, according to NYPost, we get word that Dominican authorities

¡Coño! “Big Papi” David Ortiz Shot During Attempted Robbery On The Streets Of The Dominican Republic

David Ortiz Shot In Dominican Republic

Things went WAY left for “Big Papi” David Ortiz while he was partying with family and friends at a nightclub in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Sunday night. Police say Ortiz was ambushed by 25-year-old

Knock ‘Em Out! Me! Dolo! Andy Ruiz Jr. Talks Becoming First Mexican Heavyweight Champ On Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

Andy Ruiz Jr. On Jimmy Kimmel Live


Andy Ruiz Jr. shocked the world last weekend when he knucked the buck out of Anthony Joshua and took away his THREE heavyweight championship belts. It was one

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