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#BBWLA: Feby Flips The F**k Out On Jackie Christie For “Acting Like An Animal” At Cancer Charity Event [Video]

BBWLA Beef Between Feby And Jackie Christie

Basketball Wives take what was supposed to be a vacation to Costa Rica, however, the drama follows the ladies like stink on a skunk.

Feby took Jackie Christie to task during dinner

Greedy Much? Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Wants More Money Despite Getting $15.3 Million And $18,000 Per Month

Micahael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Jean Wants More Money For Child Support

Michael Strahan is going THROUGH it with his ex-wife Jean Muggli and she’s pocket-watchin’ worse than a OnlyFans girl on NBA draft night.

According to TMZ, the former couple

#BlackInkCompton: Alana Corny Azz Tries To Slut-Shame Vudu By Leaking Freaky Flicks, But When You Do Clownery…[Video]

Black Ink Compton’s Alanna Tries To Slut Shame Vudu During Photoshoot

Black Ink Crew Compton had to deal with some high-key hatin’ in their dancerie on the most recent episode.

A lame-a$$ Alanna overheard Vudu having a conversation about sloppy

Donk Disqualification: Biracial Swimmer Stripped Of Win Because “Immodest” Swimsuit Exposed Her Championship Cakes

Biracial Alaskan High School Swimmer Disqualified Over Swimsuit Wedgie

A 17-year-old biracial swim champ had her latest win vacated then reinstated after a janky a$$ referee Jill Blackstone disqualified her for having a “suit wedgie” according to Anchorage Daily News

Hatin’ Azz: Azealia Banks Trashes Loveable Lizzo For Playing “Millennial Mammy” Seeking White Approval

Azealia Banks Calls Lizzo “Millennial Mammy” Seeking White Approval

Azealia Banks is a hater in perpetuity. Her hating knows no bounds. When God comes down to unleash the rapture on the world, Azealia Banks will probably be on some social

Boot The Bigoted Bish: Racist City Council Candidate Jean Cramer Forced To Resign By Marysville Mayor

Racist City Council Candidate Removed From Race By Marysville Mayor

Earlier this week we reported on a racist city council candidate named Jean Cramer who, in public forum, said the following according to the Times-Herald:

“Keep Marysville a white

Aw HELL Naw, Ho! White News Anchor “Jokes” That Her Black Co-Host Looks Like Gorilla, Cries And Apologizes [Video]

Oklahoma City News Anchor Compares Black Co-Host To Gorilla

Anyone can make an honest mistake, but some things are so obviously wrong that there’s really no excuse.

Enter white-as-hell Alex Housden, a news anchor at Oklahoma City’s KOCO-TV

The CAUCASITY!!! City Council Candidate Proposes To Keep Town A White Community “As Much As Possible”

City Council Candidate Comments She’d Want To Keep Town A White Community “As Much As Possible”

For all the people who like to believe there’s no such thing as racism… we present to you Jean Cramer, a resident of

Ho Sit Down: Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller Blames LGBTQ, Obama, Immigrants, Marijuana And “Fatherlessness” For Mass Shootings

Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller Post Hateful Facebook Post Following Dayton Shooting

Republicans are a shameless bunch. There is no end to their unabashed bigotry. Hate is the air their hollow platform is inflated with. Racism and xenophobia are the

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