Ho Sit Down: Bhad Bhabie Bashes Black Women Who Bludgeon Her For Bamboozle-y Box-Braids

Bhad Bhabie Attacks Black Women Who Criticize Her Box Braids

White girls gotta know their place in this society. Especially white girls like Bhad Bhabie.

The viral brat Danielle Bregoli recently came out of her ethnically appropriative mouth to come

Move, B!t¢#: Unkempt White Woman Tries To Block Black Resident From Entering Building, “You Gonna Rob Someone?” [Video]

White Woman Blocks Black Resident From Building In Viral Video

Another day, another white person with George Zimmerman disease goes viral for trying to police a Black person.

A Maryland woman named Taheerah Rashad was going home to her condo

Blowhard Becky: Blonde Bigot Goes Full “AppleCare” In Vile Viral Racist Rant Toward Black Hotel Employee [Video]

White Woman Goes On Racist N-Word Rant In Viral Video

White folks be white-folks-ing.

According to an NYPost report, today’s winner of a the “I’m a racist beyotch” sweepstakes is Michelle Rajacic. Michelle performed a slur-filled soliloquy at the City

Yeah, Naw: Judge Shuts Down Any Hope Of Alexis Clark’s Alleged Killer Being Released, Denies Bond

Clark Atlanta Student Accused Of Killing Roommate Denied Bail

Ho, sit down” was the essence of Judge Rachel Krause’s decision to deny bail to Clark University student and alleged murderer Jordyn Jones according to the AJC.


Legal Woes: Felon Bae Jeremy Meeks Sued After Wrecking Two Rental Cars Back To Back

Felon Bae Jeremy Meeks Sued After Wrecking Two Rental Cars Back To Back

As always the Internet makes someone a star and they get tangled up in more trouble and drama that could have been avoided. Back in 2014, Jeremy

Far From Over: Postmates Driver Sues Lizzo For Her Viral Tweet & ‘False’ Allegations

We saw this coming…

Postmates Driver Sues Lizzo For Her Viral Twitter & False Allegations

Lizzo and her old tunes are dominating the charts three years later and stand to break Billboard records and help her collect bag after bag.

Bad Blood: Taylor Swift Begs For Help With Scooter Braun & Former Label

Taylor Swift Begs For Help With Scooter Braun & Former Label

Another day brings another situation where Taylor Swift is causing a ruckus on social media for her impressionable white audience. Earlier this year it was reported that Scooter Braun

Uh-Huh, Ok, Whasup? Shut Up! Trina Puts A White Bish In Check At Walmart For Calling Her N-Word [Video]

Trina Flips On White Woman Who Called Her N-Word

Trina ain’t lettin’ s#!t slip ‘n slide when it comes to white people coming out their mouth with the n-word.

According to TMZ, The Baddest Bi*ch unleased the furious

FraudYE: Trevor Noah Blasts Kanye West For His Hypocrisy Toward The Community That Made Him

Trevor Noah Blast Kanye West For His Hypocrisy

No matter what you’ve read or watched these past few weeks, the constant has been Kanye West being loud and wrong about politics–even going as far as sporting the MAGA hat 2.0

White Tears: “Papa John” Schnatter Writes Whimpering Whining Op-Ed About Not Getting A N-Word Pass

Papa John Schnatter Writes Op-Ed Arguing For N-Word Pass

Hey, “Papa John” Schnatter, STFU already. What done is done.

The pizza impresario is STILL bitc#in’ and moanin’ about the fact that he was ousted from his company (he still

R-E-S-P-E-C-T??? Bernie Sanders Tells Black Student To “Respect” Police Work “So You Don’t Get Shot In The Back Of The Head”

Bernie Sanders Tells Black Student To Respect Police To No Get Shot

Been there. Done that. Got the toe tag to prove it.

Bernie Sanders was on the campaign trail at South Carolina HBCU Benedict College when he was asked

Put On Blast: Trump Bootlicker Kellyanne Conway Threatens To Out Personal Life Of Reporter Who Wrote About Her Marriage [Video]

Audio Of Kellyanne Conway Threatening Reporter Caitlin Yilek

Kellyanne Conway has put herself in the middle of war of words between her boss, 53% of white women’s president Donald Trump, and her MAGA-hating husband George Conway.

That very accurate description

Ho, Stay Seated: Amber Guyger’s Lawyer Announces That She Plans To Appeal Murder Conviction

Amber Guyger Files Court Doc To Appeal Botham Jean Murder Conviction

Amber Guyger cried crocodile tears of “remorse” in the face of Botham Jean’s family and they actually felt bad

Rest Well: Slick-Talkin’ Soup Cookie Rocked To Sleep For Calling Black Woman N-Word At Corner Store [Video]

White Guy Knocked Out For Calling Black Woman N-Word

White people have to understand that there are consequences and repercussions for using the n-word. Consequences come in many shapes and sizes, but the ones you’re about to see fit

Turning Tide: New Poll Shows That 54% Of Americans Are Totally Down With Donald Trump’s Impeachment

New Poll Shows Increased American Support For Trump Impeachment

Donald Trump felt that his sycophants would hold him down in under any circumstances as he now infamously quipped that he could “shoot somebody on 5th avenue” and still have the

In White Folks News: Scam Mommy Felicity Huffman Reports To The Bing To Serve Her 14-Day Sentence

Felicity Huffman Reports To Jail For 14-Day Sentence

Actress Felicity Huffman is officially an inmate.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Huffman took her talents to Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California to sit her scammin’ a$$ down for two

Nut A$$ Jawn: Philly-Area Teacher Caught Going On Racist Rant Toward Parent, “You’re On Welfare Because You’re Black”

Philly Middle School Teacher Goes On Racist Rant Against Parent

A teacher from Drexel Hill Middle School in the outer-Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby has been placed on “administrative leave” after she was caught in a now-viral video going

GTFOHWTBS: Bible-Gifting Judge Tammy Kemp Explains Her Infuriating Empathy To Tamron Hall [Video]

Tamron Hall Explains Why She Gave Bible To Amber Guyger

Judge Tammy Kemp appeared on the Tamron Hall Show in an attempt to explain why the hell she gave a bible to racist killer Amber Guyger after she was sentenced

You Best Take Heed: Lil Kim Gets Gully With Psycho Anti-Fur Protester Before Security Intervenes [Video]

Lil Kim Accosted By Anti-Fur Protester

Things got heated this afternoon when some brave white woman ran down on Lil Kim in protest of the Queen B’s extensive collection of fur coats.

According to TMZ, Kim was outside the

Sista, GTFOHWTBS: Judge Tammy Kemp Plays Race Card To Chide Critics Of Her Headazz Huggin Of Racist Murderer Amber Guyger

Judge Tammy Kemp Defends Decision To Hug Amber Guyger

We’d be a whole lie if we told you that we’re not still hot-under-the-collar behind the disrespectfully light 10-year sentence that Amber Guyger was given for the MURDER of Botham Jean.

Florida Crazies: Human Melanoma Cell Goes On Racist Rant When Black Teen Drops Gum Wrapper

Florda White Woman Calls Black Teen N-Word Over Gum Wrapper

There is a new viral racist making her way up and down social media timelines across the globe.

Despite efforts to curtail the use of nicknames for these white devils

Nope, Naw, HELL NO: Black Judge And Bailiff Get Touchy-Feely With Racist Murderer Amber Guyger At Sentencing

Judge And Bailiff Dote On Amber Guyger At Sentencing

Amber Guyger‘s sentencing brought up some VERY raw emotions yesterday in regard to forgiveness and the way white people are treated when they do heinous and violent acts against Black

Ho Sit Down: Amber Guyger’s Racist Text Messages Read In Court After She Was Convicted Of Botham Jean Murder

Amber Guyger Deleted Racist Text Messages After Murdering Botham Jean

Amber Guyger is going to prison. For how long? We don’t know yet, but we do know that she had no problem telling racist “jokes” about Black people.


Bye, Bish! Shady Ex-Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Found GUILTY Of The MURDER Of Botham Jean

Amber Guyger Found Guilty Of Botham Jean’s Murder

Amber Guyger is a murderer and a jury of her peers found her as such.

According to CNN, Guygyer has been found guilty as hell of the murder of Botham Jean

Arrests: Stacey Dash Popped For Putting Hands On Husband In Nuclear Domestic Violence Incident

Stacey Dash Arrested For Domestic Violence

Stacey Dash took her unbridled anger to an illegal level this weekend and earned herself a pair of stainless steel bracelets courtesy of Pasco County Florida police officers.

According to TMZ, the conservative

Bubbling Jar Of Mayo Threatens To “Murder All Ni**ers”, Outed As ‘Medium’ Wardrobe Staffer

White Woman Screams N-Word And Threatens To Murder Black People

We spoke earlier about white people losing their minds when they hear people speaking Spanish, but the sight of Black skin is just as triggering.

The Becky in the video

#BBWLA: Feby Flips The F**k Out On Jackie Christie For “Acting Like An Animal” At Cancer Charity Event [Video]

BBWLA Beef Between Feby And Jackie Christie

Basketball Wives take what was supposed to be a vacation to Costa Rica, however, the drama follows the ladies like stink on a skunk.

Feby took Jackie Christie to task during dinner

Watch It Wendy! Sharon Osbourne And Sheryl Underwood Address Talk Show Host’s Nasty Attitude Toward Christie Brinkley [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams Accuses Christie Brinkley Of Faking Dancing With The Stars Injury, The Talk Hosts Clap Back

In case you missed it, Christie Brinkley is being replaced on “Dancing With The Stars” by her model daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook after

Greedy Much? Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Wants More Money Despite Getting $15.3 Million And $18,000 Per Month

Micahael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Jean Wants More Money For Child Support

Michael Strahan is going THROUGH it with his ex-wife Jean Muggli and she’s pocket-watchin’ worse than a OnlyFans girl on NBA draft night.

According to TMZ, the former couple

#BlackInkCompton: Alana Corny Azz Tries To Slut-Shame Vudu By Leaking Freaky Flicks, But When You Do Clownery…[Video]

Black Ink Compton’s Alanna Tries To Slut Shame Vudu During Photoshoot

Black Ink Crew Compton had to deal with some high-key hatin’ in their dancerie on the most recent episode.

A lame-a$$ Alanna overheard Vudu having a conversation about sloppy

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