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Doggie Biscuit: Mexican Gang Captures Alleged Rapist And Has Pit Bull Chow Down On His Penis

Pit Bull Eats Alleged Rapist Genitals

The last thing in life you ever want to do is piss off a Mexican gang. They don’t play fair, especially when you’re an accused rapist.

According to DailyMail, a gang

What In The Gypsy Rose? Mom Who Put Her Healthy Son Through 13 Unnecessary Surgeries Pleads Guilty

Texas Mom Pleads Guilty After Subjecting Her Son To Unnecessary Surgeries

A mother in Texas mom admitted to putting her healthy son through medical procedures he didn’t actually need, including 13 major surgeries.

35-year-old Kaylene Bowen began bringing her son,

Get Your Life Together: Former School Nurse Admits To Bribing Teen With $2,000 Car Payment After Having Sex

Ex-School Nurse Admits to Sex With Teen After Trying To Bribe Him

A former elementary school nurse–who tried to hush a teen she sexually abused by offering him $2,000 to pay off his car loan–has admitted her guilt.

After being

Truth To Power: Tearful Simone Biles Rips U.S. Gymnastics A New One “You Couldn’t Do ONE Damn Job…Protect Us”

Simone Biles Frustrated With USAG Failure To Protect Gymnasts From Nasser

The sexual abuse that U.S. Olympic gymnasts suffered at the hand of perverted Dr. Larry Nasser has traumatized Simone Biles and scores of other girls.

Simone spoke to reporters

Nasty, Mickiefickie: R. Kelly Charged With 2 Sex Crimes In Minnesota, Allegedly Paid Teen For Sexual Contact

R. Kelly Charged With Two Sex Crimes In Minnesota

The mountain of depravity that bum a$$, *alleged* predator a$$, broke a$$ R. Kelly built over decades is continuing to avalanche down on him.

According to TMZ, Robert is being

SMFH: Sex Offender Arrested For Murder Of African-American History Museum Founder Sadie Roberts-Joseph

Man Arrested For Murder Of Sadie Roberts-Joseph

We were shocked to report that African-American History Museum founder Sadie Roberts-Joseph had been found dead in her car a few days ago. Today, we’re even more shocked at the development we have

Money? Cash? No: R. Kelly’s “Live-In Girlfriends” Joycelyn Savage And Azriel Clary No Longer Getting Paid, Can’t Access Savings

R. Kelly Girls Joycelyn Savage And Azriel Clary Can’t Access Money

R. Kelly’s most recent arrest for federal sex trafficking and child pornography charges will likely be the last shoe to drop in his decades of *alleged* sick, sadistic, and

Contempt: Janky Judge Incredulously Lenient On Teen Rape Suspect From “Good Family” Because He’s “Destined For Good College”

Judge Rules Teen Rape Suspect Won’t Be Tried As Adult Because He’s From “Good Family”

AmeriKKKa hates women. That much is painfully obvious. The following story just reinforces that fact and will likely be used as the impetus for millions

Bye, Bih! Texas Teacher Gets Fired After Requesting Trump ‘Remove The Illegals’ From Her School District

Teacher Fired For Tweeting Trump About Removing “Illegals” From School

Georgia Clark, a high school English teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, has been fired from her position after sending out tweets asking for Donald Trump to help her in

Breakfast Is Cancelled: Tennessee Man Gets 10 Months In Prison For Urinating On A Kellogg’s Assembly Line

Man Sentenced To 10 Months For Urinating On Cereal Conveyer Belt

A man in Tennessee was sentenced to 10 months in prison after he urinated on a Kellogg’s assembly line and uploaded the video to the internet back in 2016,

Parental PRIDE: Marlon Wayans Defends Daughter From Hatin’ Azz Homophobes On IG

Marlon Wayans Responds To Negative Comments On Post About Gay Daughter

It almost goes without saying how much Marlon Wayans loves his kids. The actor/comedian created a whole show “Marlon” about his life as a single dad which ran for

Put On Blast: Ex-R. Kelly Employee Testifies To Grand Jury That He Gave Feds Multiple Underage Sex Videos

R. Kelly’s Former Employee Says He Gave Feds Multiple Underaged Sex Tapes

One of R. Kelly‘s former cronies testified to a grand jury that he had MULTIPLE video recordings of the singer having sex with underaged girls.

According to

Risking It All: Catholic School Principal Resigns After Being Arrested At A Strip Club During Class Field Trip

Catholic School Principal Arrested At A Strip Club While On A Field Trip

A Catholic school principal in Louisiana has resigned from his position after being arrested at a strip club in Washington, DC.

Former Holy Family principal Michael Comeau

Don’t Hit “Send”: 16-Year-Old Girl Convicted Of Child Porn After Sending Own Nudes To Friends

Teen Girl Convicted Prison

You may be asking yourself “Wait, really???”

The answer is “yes.”

According to DailyMail, a 16-year-old girl referred to only as “S.K.” has been convicted of child pornography charges in Maryland after she

Put ‘Em Away! R. Kelly Faces 11 New Felony Sex Crimes That Could See Him Sentenced Up To 30 Years

R. Kelly Charged With Almost Dozen Additional Felony Sex Crimes

R. Kelly is looking at some serious prison time if prosecutors can cross their t’s and do their i’s.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Cook County prosecutors hit Kellz

People Ain’t Isht: Ex-NFL-er Kellen Winslow Jr. Accused Of Raping A Hitchhiker, A Homeless Woman, And 17-Year-Old Girl

Kellen Winslow Jr. Accused Of Raping

Something is TF WRONG with this negro!

Last year, we reported that former NFL tight-end Kellen Winslow Jr. had been arrested for breaking into the homes of a 71-year-old woman and an 86-year-old woman

So Sad: School Lunch Lady Fired For Feeding A Student Who Couldn’t Afford His Meal

Lunch Lady Fired For Feeding Student Without Any Money

Bonnie Kimball served students at Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Canaan, New Hampshire for five years. But according to the New Hampshire Union Leader, she was fired by the

People Ain’t Isht: Dozens Of Women Call Tips Hotline To Brag About Having Sex With Accused Child Rapist R. Kelly

R. Kelly Tip Hotline Flooded With Calls From Women Bragging About Sex With Singer

R. Kelly is a piece of s#!t. Period. But that hasn’t stopped DOZENS of women from calling a hotline meant to help victims to share grocery

Gonna Get Ya: The Feds Are Aggressively Searching For R. Kelly’s Alleged Stash Of Underaged VHS Sex Tapes

R. Kelly’s Alleged Stash Of Sex Tapes Wanted By Feds

R. Kelly’s life is in a state of…transition. Between the criminal sex abuse charges and his inability to pay child support or bills, we think it’s pretty obvious that R.

Florida Crazies: Youth Pastor Forced 15-Year-Old Into Sex By Threatening To Call ICE On Her Family

Florida Youth Pastor Threatens Teen’s Family With ICE To Force Sex

As every Kodak Black Instagram story further proves, people from Florida truly ain’t s#!t.

A story in the NYPost also serves as evidence against the southernmost state in Ameria

SMFH: Chiefs’ Baller Tyreek Hill Suspended Over Audio Threatening Son And Fiancee, “You Need To Be Terrified Of Me Too, B***h”

Tyreek Hill Suspended From Chiefs Over Threatening Audio

ANOTHER star Kansas City Chiefs’ player is once again in big trouble after some disturbing media was made public.

According to TMZ, wide-receiver Tyreek Hill has been suspended from all team

Get It How You Live: R. Kelly’s $22,000 Club Gig Doesn’t Anger Ex-Wife Drea Kelly Because He Has Bills

Drea Kelly Not Upset That R. Kelly Is Still Making Money

R. Kelly‘s recent gig at a nightclub upset many people who want to see the singer completely muted and out of the public eye. Kelly’s ex-wife wasn’t bothered

This Is…Bad: Michael Jackson Seen On 1989 Surveillance Footage Buying Jewelry For Sex Abuse Accuser James Safechuck [Video]

Michael Jackson Seen In Jewelry Store With Sex Abuse Accuser In 1989

The public case against Michael Jackson has taken a turn and this one is going to be hard to ignore.

TMZ has obtained surveillance footage from a store

Sick Soup Cookie: Conservative Congealed Condiment Tucker Carlson Lusts After Miss Teen USA Contestants, Suggests Mario Lopez Slept With One [Audio]

Tucker Carlson Audio Making Sexual Comments About Miss Teen USA

Fox News’ political prolapse Tucker Carlson has had a trough of truly disgusting audio leak where he is heard rhapsodizing about the joys of sex with Miss Teen USA contestants.

Sick Soup Cookie: Conservative Congealed Condiment Tucker Carlson Lusts After Miss Teen USA Contestants, Suggests Mario Lopez Slept With One [Audio]

Tucker Carlson Audio Making Sexual Comments About Miss Teen USA

Fox News’ political prolapse Tucker Carlson has had a trough of truly disgusting audio leak where he is heard rhapsodizing about the joys of sex with Miss Teen USA contestants.

Rest In Heat: Priest Accused Of Child Sex Assault Hell-Bound As Cops Find Him Clapped In His Home

Preist Accused Of Sexual Assault Shot Dead In His Home

Justice for victims and marginalized groups is hard to come by these days. People are tired and some just aren’t willing to wait for the judicial system to mete out

The Panicking Piper: R. Kelly’s Manic Interview With Gayle King Finally Airs And It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine [Video]

R. Kelly CBS This Morning Interview With Gayle King

Yesterday evening Twitter was set ablaze when a teaser trailer to Gayle King’s interview with R. Kelly hit the ‘net. The CBS This Morning host scored the first sit-down with Robert

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