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Ooh This Looks Good: Octavia Spencer & Aaron Paul Face Off In Gripping “Truth Be Told” Trailer

“Truth Be Told” First-Look Trailer

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, Emmy-winner Aaron Paul and Emmy-nominated Lizzy Caplan deliver the goods in this gripping first-look trailer for Apple’s upcoming Apple TV+ limited series “Truth Be Told” that looks absolutely amazing (and stressful).

Cut The Crap: Colin Kaepernick & Team Release “Facts” Letter To Clear Up Any Lingering NFL Rumors

Colin Kaepernick & Team Release Fact Check To Clear Up Rumors

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been on a football field since 2016, which feels like forever and a day go at this point. The last time he was on the field,

Hi Hater: Samuel L. Jackson Responds To Martin Scorsese’s Comments About Marvel Movies Not Being Cinema

Samuel L. Jackson Gives His Two Cents On Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Comments

Martin Scorsese’s comments about Marvel films rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way, but MCU star Samuel L. Jackson’s unbotheredness is something we should all aspire to

Things Get Very Spooky, Very Fast In Creepy New “Eli” Trailer

“Eli” Trailer

“Eli” will probably give you nightmares or make you sleep with every light on based on this very spooky and very stressful trailer that you should absolutely watch at your own risk..

“Eli” streams globally on Netflix on

Harley FREAKIN’ Quinn Comes Out To Play In Wacky New “Birds Of Prey” Trailer

“Birds Of Prey” Trailer

The Joker‘s bat-toting ex Harley Quinn and her gang of beautiful bozos come out to PLAY in this color-splashed trailer that looks absolutely BONKERS in the wildest, craziest, most visually delicious way possible.

“Birds Of

#HopperHive: “Stranger Things 4” Is Happening & The Teaser Is Creeeeepy

“Stranger Things 4” Teaser

Something spooky is afoot at Netflix and we’re on the case! First, the Stranger Things Twitter account (NOT Netflix, which usually debuts trailers) drops the teaser–a creepily cryptic teaser without a release date that tells us

Alfre Woodard Delivers Chilling Performance In Smoldering “Clemency” Trailer

“Clemency” Trailer

The always amazing Alfre Woodard delivers a chilling performance as a stoic prison warden dealing with back-to-back executions that put a strain on her marriage, career and convictions.

Whew, it’s heavy and already stirring up Oscar buzz with

¡Coño! Admittedly Racist White Man Berates Latina Woman For Speaking Spanish, “Speak English!”

Racist White Man Fired For Telling Latina Teen “Speak English”

Nothing sets off a racist white person like hearing the beautiful Spanish language. Time and time again we see white folks losing their mayo-lovin’ mind in viral videos when they

Michelle Williams Snaps On Angry Trolls Confusing Her For The Other Michelle Williams

*whispers* they look nothing alike…

Michelle Williams Claps Back At Angry Trolls

Saved and sanctified Destiny’s Child alum Michelle Williams is SICK and TIRED of being confused with award-winning actress Michelle Williams who delivered a beautiful message to sexist Hollywood

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