SMH: Florida Man “Accidentally” Shoots & Kills His Lover During Sex

Florida Man Accidentally Shoots Lover During Sex

According to The NY Post,  a Florida man is facing manslaughter charges after being accused of accidentally and fatally shooting a woman during a sex act.

Andrew Shinault, 23, allegedly shot a

But…? Tyga Grabs For Security’s Gun As He’s Hilariously Hemmed Up And Kicked Out Of Floyd Mayweather’s Party

It seems like every time Tyga wins, he manages to take an L shortly after. On Saturday, the “Taste” rapper got into an argument with someone at Floyd Mayweather‘s 42nd birthday and wound up getting dragged out club by

Look Alive: BlocBoy JB Allegedly Wanted In Tennessee For Multiple Gun, Drug & Theft Charges

BlocBoy JB Wanted on Gun, Drug, and Theft Charges

According to Complex, earlier Saturday, Tennessee authorities reported that they were searching for the 22-year-old up & coming rapper, who is accused of committing several crimes.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s

High-School Basketball Coach Allegedly Shoots His Player’s Complaining Father

Basketball Coach Allegedly Shot Player’s Father After Complaints

According to the New York Post, a Brooklyn high-school basketball coach was arrested for shooting the father of one of his players after the dad complained about their kid’s playing time.

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