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#RHOA’s Peter Thomas Confirms COVID-19 Diagnosis ‘It’s The Most Excruciating Pain’

Prayers are being extended to former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas after he confirmed that he contracted COVID-19.

The Bar One Miami/Sports One Charlotte owner shared in an Instagram video that he was diagnosed with coronavirus after FIVE of his tests came back negative. On the sixth one, Peter apparently got the bad news. According to the entrepreneur, he thinks he contracted it from fans while taking pictures at his establishments and lowering his mask.

Hi Hater: Here’s What Dr. Wendy Thinks About Karen’s ‘Unimpressed’ Shade During The #RHOP Premiere

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly considering it’s reality TV, not everyone was excited to see Wendy. Grand Dame Karen Huger threw shade at Wendy via her confessional where she said she’d met Wendy several times and was “unimpressed.”

Wendy caught wind of the shade and reacted to a fan on Twitter who noted that despite her being “unimpressed” Karen ran up to Wendy to speak with her.

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