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Gots To Do Better: Kurupt Relapses While Filming “Marriage Bootcamp” And Ends Up Hospitalized

Kurupt Relapses While Filming “Marriage Bootcamp” Ends Up Hospitalized

Kurupt has long been in a battle with alcoholism and trying to overcome that demon. Recently, he was doing better and walking a straight line, even getting cast for the upcoming

GTFOH: Candice Owens Gets MAGA Massacred Across The Revolt Stage By T.I.

Candice Owens Gets Dragged Across The Revolt Stage By TIP

Candace Owens, with all of her “free-thinking,” is still unable to admit that the guy in the White House promotes white supremacy and racism.

That’s all fine and dandy

‘I Will Not Be Doing That Again’: Founder Of Charity Supported By The NFL & Jay-Z Apologizes For Cutting Teenagers’ Locs

Sally Hazelgrove Apologizes For Old Photos Of Her Cutting Off Locs

Jay-Z’s recent actions following his business dealings with the NFL have had fans raising their eyebrows, but nothing was more confusing than finding out one of the charities he

Political Beef: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Warns Ted Cruz To “Keep Our Name Out Of Your Mouth”

The Mayor Of Chicago Has Some Words For Ted Cruz

The hottest topic in politics right now–besides Donald Trump’s fake knowledge of the weather–is most definitely gun control.

In the past 60 days alone, Texas has had two separate mass

Rick Ross Opens Up In Memoir About The Seizure That Forced Him To Sh*t The Sheets

Rick Ross Documents Defecating During Seizure In New Memoir

Rick Ross is lucky to be alive! Maybe that’s why he’s holding nothing back in his new memoir “Hurricanes”. The book describes everything from the time he was the target

Skeet Mode: Fertile Future Named Father By Florida Woman In Not-So-Proud Papa Paternity Lawsuit

Future Named By Florida Woamn In Paternity Lawsuit

Let Eliza Seraphin tell it, Future is the father of her baby…his SEVENTH!

According to TMZ, Future has been named in a paternity lawsuit filed by Seraphin to legally determine if

Jesus Take The Wheel: Seven People Shot At Birthday Party For A Two-Year-Old!

Seven People Injured In Shooting At Maryland Birthday Party For Two-Year-Old

Shootings are bad wherever they happen, but there’s not much worse than multiple people getting shot at a party for a toddler!

According to NBC Washington, seven people were

Get Your Life Together: Former School Nurse Admits To Bribing Teen With $2,000 Car Payment After Having Sex

Ex-School Nurse Admits to Sex With Teen After Trying To Bribe Him

A former elementary school nurse–who tried to hush a teen she sexually abused by offering him $2,000 to pay off his car loan–has admitted her guilt.

After being

Can’t Get Right: Mets Legend Doc Gooden Popped For 2nd DUI In Month, Caught Driving Wrong Way On 1-Way

Doc Gooden Arrested For DUI In New Jersey

Doc Gooden has a long history of struggles with drugs and alcohol and despite years of battling, he just doesn’t seem to be able to get a hold on his demons.


Can’t Get Right: Mets Legend Doc Gooden Popped For 2nd DUI In Month, Caught Driving Wrong Way On 1-Way

Doc Gooden Arrested For DUI In New Jersey

Doc Gooden has a long history of struggles with drugs and alcohol and despite years of battling, he just doesn’t seem to be able to get a hold on his demons.


Get Your Life Together: Florida Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Arrested On Charges Of Sex-Trafficking Minors

Jeffrey Epstein Arrested For Sex Trafficking Minors

Jeffrey Epstein, known for being both a wealthy financier and registered sex offender, was arrested on Saturday on new charges related to accusations that he was involved in sex trafficking dozens of

Be Safe Tho: Baltimore Uber Driver Charged For Allegedly Raping One Of His Passengers

Uber Driver Receives Multiple Charges For Raping Baltimore Woman

With every story that breaks about these ride sharing apps, it becomes more and more difficult to trust these drivers, and here’s another incident that drives home the exact sentiment.


Caught Lackin’: Jets Baller Le’Veon Bell Is Relieved Of Over $500,000 In Jewelry By Two Sticky-Fingered Thotties

Le’Veon Bell Robbed Of Over $500,000 In Jewelry By Two Women

And he…OOP!

We’ll never understand why athletes are so trusting of these women that they deal with, but here we are. New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell

Anthony Joshua Is Getting FLAMED For Losing His 3 Heavyweight Titles After Posting About Breaking The Drake Curse

It Looks Like Anthony Joshua Didn’t Break The Curse After All

By now, we all know that getting a Drake co-sign is like a death-wish in the world of sports–but an even bigger jinx might be getting cocky over thinking

Risking It All: Catholic School Principal Resigns After Being Arrested At A Strip Club During Class Field Trip

Catholic School Principal Arrested At A Strip Club While On A Field Trip

A Catholic school principal in Louisiana has resigned from his position after being arrested at a strip club in Washington, DC.

Former Holy Family principal Michael Comeau

Florida Crazies: Miami Woman Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Burger King Manager Over Some French Fries

Woman Allegedly Assaults Burger King Employee Over Fries

A Florida woman was charged with attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, armed burglary, assault and criminal mischief in a Burger King after being told she couldn’t get free fries.

Police in

O.J. Simpson Allegedly Bragged About A Hot Tub Hook-Up With Kris Jenner In The ’90s, According To Former Manager

Did O.J. Simpson Have A One Night Stand With Kris Jenner?

Though he’s denied any romantic relationship with her in the past, O.J. Simpson’s former manager is claiming that something actually did go down between the disgraced football star and

SMH: Colorado Middle School Teacher Accused Of Cutting Special Needs Student’s Hair Without Parent’s Permission

Middle School Teacher Allegedly Cut 8 Inches Off Student’s Hair

A parent of a special needs student at Redlands Middle School in Grand Junction, Colorado is making allegations that his son’s teacher cut off about eight inches of his hair

Jesus Take The Handlebars: Man Arrested For Fatally Beating An Elderly Woman With His Electric Scooter

Man Arrested After Beating A Woman With An Electric Scooter

A man in California was arrested and charged in the murder of an elderly woman after he allegedly beat her to death with an electric scooter, according to reports from

Sounds About White: Felicity Huffman Breaks Down In Tears As She Pleads Guilty In College Bribery Scandal

Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty In College Bribery Scandal

Felicity Huffman reportedly broke down in tears on Monday as she pleaded guilty to a scheme to boost her daughter’s SAT scores in federal court in Boston.

The former Desperate Housewives star

SMH: Kodak Black Reportedly Facing 10 Years In Prison For Attempting To Illegally Purchase A Firearm

Kodak Black Could Reportedly Be Facing 10 Years In Prison

It was reported this past weekend that Kodak Black was arrested before his scheduled performance at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami–and now, new information about this situation is

Get Your Life Together: Minnesota Teacher On Leave After Calling Her Middle School Students The N-Word

Minnesota Teacher Placed On Leave For Using N-Word Toward Students

A middle school teacher in Minnesota has been placed on leave after a video showing her using a racial slur while speaking to students went viral, according to the district

WTF?! Elderly Couple Accidentally Sign For Package That Has $10 Million Worth Of Meth Inside

Elderly Couple Signs For Package Filled With Meth

An elderly couple in Australia mistakenly signed for a package that was sent to the wrong address, and much to their surprise, it contained a whopping $10 million worth of meth, according

Get Your Life Together: Kodak Black Has Reportedly Been Arrested On Weed And Gun-Related Charges

Kodak Black Reportedly Arrested At The U.S. Border

Kodak Black has reportedly been arrested at the United States border.

TMZ reported that Kodak was still in custody after a canceled Boston show early Thursday morning, claiming the rapper was arrested

Jesus Take The Wheel: Taco Bell Manager Gets Sentenced To Anger Management After Choking Her Pregnant Employee

Manager At Taco Bell Gets Charged For Strangling Her Pregnant Employee

A Taco Bell manager in Portland, Oregon has been sentenced to both anger management and community service after pleading guilty last Friday to charges of fourth-degree assault and strangulation,

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